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It's not Friday, but whatever. This is hardly a regular weekly feature, and anyway, I run this show.

Hamilton. I reluctantly accept the fact that I'm very unlikely to actually see the show on Broadway, so I'll just have to pray that they really do film a performance sometime. On the other hand, I can listen to the cast album as often as I want, which right now is ALWAYS, because it really is THAT GONE. Catchy, funny, earnest, heartbreaking. There are so many parts of it that are ZOMG MY FAVORITE. Right this moment it's "don't modulate the key and not debate with me!" If only real life presented me with an opportunity to throw that at someone XD

Carry On. Rainbow Rowell wrote a whole book about Simon and Baz from the fake Simon Snow series in Fangirl, and it's excellent. I posted a full review on Goodreads, which I rarely do, so I'll link to that instead of re-stating the same thing. What I didn't mention there is how well Rowell addresses many fan concerns about the Harry Potter series, like the lack of diversity in the Wizarding World and lack of strong character arcs for Ginny Weasley and Draco Malfoy. (For the record, I was never a big Draco fan, or a Draco/Harry shipper, but getting being Harry's paranoia about him could've been interesting. On the other hand, I love Ginny Weasley, and was disappointed that she ended up on the sidelines in Deathly Hallows.) Anyway, you should read it.

. I just caught up on the series through Issue #17. I feel like the book keeps getting better, and has so many examples of how indie comics are innovating in ways that DC and Marvel aren't keeping up with. And since we're talking Lumberjanes, I don't mean that it's dark or gritty. I mean that good storytelling goes hand-in-hand with supportive friendships and positivity about differences in gender, sexuality, and race. I know Noelle Stevenson is moving on to other projects, so I hope the quality stays so high with the new team.
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