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First weekend of no homework! Woooooo! And did y'all here that Chuck got renewed? Woooooo!! I've been lazing around my apartment all day. One of my friends is in town from California, and she stayed here last night and we watched Bones and a good time was had by all. She left this morning and I did a little bit of work before deciding to just watch Whip It instead. Fuuuun.

Unrelated item now, which I've been meaning to share all week. Despite the fact that I'm not that into sports, I am actually one of those cheesy people who's really proud of their alma mater. Also, I really enjoy Glee. Combine those two and you get this video from the flash mob at the brand new Ohio Union:

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Still waiting for "The Waters of Mars"... if it doesn't finish soon I'll have to wait until tomorrow to watch. Which would be horrifying, I know.

I think I've reached a new Zen state wherein I've stopped worrying about my various stressors, choosing instead to eat chocolate, watch Spooks, reads novels, and, of course, laugh at myself. This was especially effective yesterday when I discovered a) that I left a jam jar in my backpack, which had then leaked onto my laptop power cord and my neglected day planner and b) that I completely forgot about an assignment due two days earlier, a whole new standard in slacking off for me. Normally, either of these things would make me freak out. Not so yesterday.

Ohio State is going to Rose Bowl! I kind of wish I could go, but it's probably uber-expensive. I'm jealous of my younger band friends, even though I hate long parades and don't fancy learning Nickerson turns. Cause it's the freaking Rose Bowl.


That is all.
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It cost more than I'd really like, even on sale, but I did at least get a discount on a DVD player for buying it at the same time. Now I can sit on the couch, watch Bones reruns, and type this on my laptop! It's multi-task time wasting. :) I was going to buy a TV stand too, but when I went to Ikea I discovered the box was too big to fit in my little car! Boo. For now, the coffee table gets to stand in.

This means I can watch Ohio State play Navy tomorrow! At some point earlier in the summer I decided I wasn't going to march in the alumni band, which I am now kind of regretting. It makes sense, since I've already been to Columbus twice in the last two months, and at the time I though it wasn't a great idea to leave again right as the semester started... but I've been having major nostalgia for Columbus, OSU, and TBDBITL the last few weeks and I just wish I could be there. One of my rookies (who's a fourth year now!) texted me just a bit ago to see if I'd be there.

Watching on my shiny new TV will have to be the next best thing to being at the Shoe. I can also look forward to the homecoming game, to which I now have tickets, courtesy of my dad's girlfriend. Hurrah!
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The Buckeyes and the Nittany Lions are tied 3-3 at the half. This game is crazy tense!

Not gonna lie, watching the game and hearing the band in background is making me a bit nostalgic. This'd be a great night to be there in the Shoe.
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Things are not looking good for my Buckeyes. :(

On the upside, I just had really fantastic Mexican food for dinner. We went to a place in Arlington that was recommended in Washingtonian as a best bargain restaurant. I had enchiladas de pollo con mole, and they were delicious.

Ugh... USC just got another touchdown. It might be time for me to be done with this game.
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We're one week into the New Year, which I think means it's about time I started formulating a plan for the the portion of my life. As enjoyable as it is to spend my hiatus from school to lounge around the house reading books or watching TV, I can't realistically keep that up for the next nine months. Even if I didn't need an income, I get bored when I have no purpose. I'd love it if I could find a library job, specifically as a library assistant, or reference assistant, or whatever a particular system calls the position. (Really, I want to be employed in a Hemingway novel, but with less angst. It's not the sparse prose I want either; I really just want the "job" of living in Europe and doing, well, nothing.)

I'm not usually one for resolutions, but with the New Year and this new page of my life in mind, I decided I should set some goals for myself. There's nothing Earth-shaking about these, but here goes. This year I'd like to:
- travel somewhere new (see above, re: Europe)
- read some non-fiction (novels are great, but so is branching out)
- become more organized (I'm starting with my room, but I'd like to be more organized in general, particularly with my time)
- brush up on Spanish (languages are good)
- eat vegetables (I adore bread, but it's not brimful of vitamins and minerals)
- sleep more, and go to bed earlier (1am doesn't count as "early)

I'd also like to try what [profile] d4ni is doing and record all the books I read this year. I'm curious to see what the tally is. And of course, I want to get back into grad school so I can finish my MLIS.

When I haven't been watching Torchwood or Blackpool or Battlestar Galactica or... way too much TV this week, I've been listening to bits of CD101's Top 2008 Countdown. CD101 is my favorite Columbus radio station, and each year they begin the year by playing the top requests since the station's inception. It's a great week to hear old favorites that you haven't heard for a long time, or discover new favorites. For anyone interested, the entire list can be found at the CD101 website. Completely separate from the list, there are three songs that've been running around in my head the past few days:
"Relax, Take it Easy" by Mika - Like, "Grace Kelly," which was one of my favorites last year, it's a song that I heard once and immediately wanted to listen to again. Plus, relaxing is a pretty good idea for me right now.
"I Can't Decide" by The Scissor Sisters - The melody seems much too happy for the lyrics, which I think is part of the appeal. I'm not that familiar with the band, but this song at least reminds me a bit of Abba. I mean that in a good way, too, because I used to really enjoy listening to my mom's old Abba albums. Oh, shut up.
"Love Song" by Sara Bareilles - Yes, it's a Top 40 type pop song. An infectiously catchy one. I have a particular weakness for pop songs with piano, and Sara Bareilles has a nice voice. Apparently I'm currently going for catchy tunes and upbeat rhythms. Nothing wrong with that, though.

ETA: Wouldn't want to forget, the National Championship game is tonight! OSU-LSU in New Orleans. Go Bucks!


Nov. 17th, 2007 03:29 pm
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The Buckeyes just beat M*ch*gan at the Big House for the Big 10 title and a trip to the Rose Bowl! Time to start scrounging up money for tickets to the game!

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Regrettably, yesterday’s game aired on the Big Ten Network, which, oddly enough, is not included in Montreal cable. Instead of watching on TV, I kept track of the game via live updates on Basically, it gives updates on each play, shows the current drive and field position, and has stats for both teams. It’s not nearly as good as watching on TV, and nothing at all like being there in person.

My little sister was at the game, and she sent me several text messages. Since I was sitting in a school computer lab while she was in Ohio Stadium, I was a little jealous.
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Pretty damn awesome.

On Saturday, the Bucks won 37-17 in a nationally televised match-up against the Nittany Lions. The victory places Ohio State at #1 for another week, which is exciting in itself because this year was supposed to be a "rebuilding" year. But what makes this game really special? It's vindication for the horrible loss in Happy Valley two years ago. I was at the 2005 game as a member of TBDBITL, and boy was it miserable! Watching the Bucks take down the Lions was incredibly satisfying, even though I only got to see the second half. (My roommates had tons of people over, and since I'm such an obliging gal, I let two of the guys watch the end of a hockey game, even though I live here and they don't. The guests though my football jersey was a Halloween costume.)

And here's what makes the Buckeyes ever more awesome: they dedicated the game to the band. Kirk Barton, senior offensive tackle for the Bucks, told a reporter "Real quick before I go on, I just want to say we dedicated this to our band, well, that's something I came up with because they couldn't come back after they had like piss bombs and blood balls thrown at them last year, so this is for our band... It's not all Penn State fans, it only takes a couple, but it spoils the whole experience of college football for our band. Just let them know we're thinking about them." As if that weren't good enough, to top it off, after the game the team went to the section of the stands where the OSU fans were seated and sang Carmen Ohio!

To me, that highlights one of the great aspects of TBDBITL. During my four years, I always appreciated the amount of respect that we received from Tressel and the team. It was always clear that, to them, the band was an important part of the OSU football tradition. As I member of the 2005 band, I was both proud of the team victory and touched by their dedication.

How firm thy friendship... O-HI-O.

(Oh, and if someone has guests over during the M*ch*g*n game, I'm not playing nice. No watching hockey games, no playing the stereo so loud I can't hear the commentators' idiotic comments, no standing in front of the television. Definitely no making fun of Tressel's sweater vest. That kind of nonsense just won't be tolerated.)
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After three straight days of non-stop group project work (ugh), the LIS 5 a 7 at Thompson House was a welcome relief. Yay for the grad student bar, pitchers of beer, and yummy nachos. Later, I accompanied some friends to a "Grade 7 Minutes in Heaven" themed party. Basically, the idea was to wear outdated clothes (what you would have worn in Grade 7) or just something ridiculously ugly. I wore my matching Adidas track suit, which my sister expressly forbid me to ever wear as a complete set, but I figure this was a special case. We had a really, really awful bottle of wine, so luckily we met some nice francophone guys who took pity on us and shared their beer. They claimed that my French sounded just fine, and laughed when I used one of my stock phrases and offered them each a grapefruit. :D

Saturday and Sunday were somewhat less fun. Saturday I headed in to the computer lab to take screen shots of my database project, but didn't have time to do the write up that's supposed to go with them because for some reason the lab has ridiculously short hours on the weekend. If we're not out on time, the doors get locked, so the only way out is through a fire door that sets off an alarm and summons security. Not good. Sunday was even more of the same. I was back at the library by 11 am to work on my database project again, then work on my other project (making a poster feels so 3rd grade), then a break for Timmy's, then cataloging exam review, then dinner break, then more cataloging studying. Tomorrow I'm due back at the library by 9am to return my closed reserve textbooks, then I've got a full schedule of more studying and project work! (Time to make friends with the Anglo-American Catologuing Rules.) Of course, there's a second midterm for Rico Suave's class on Friday, but I won't have time to start studying for that until Wednesday, once the projects are turned in and the cataloging exam is over.

Thank goodness we have a study break next week. I need it to restore my sanity. And to clean up my room. Cause yikes, it looks like a small tornado hit in here.

In better news: I watched the latest episode of The Office, which was, as usual, amazingly good. I think The Office is my new favorite show. (Sorry, Danielle, I know the people on The Bionic Woman are hawt and all, but The Office is on a whole different plain of awesome.) It's consistently funny, and it's such a welcome break from all my boring studying. Unlike other shows I watch *cough*Grey's Anatomy*cough* it doesn't make me want to go hurt the writers.
The Ohio State took down Kent State on Saturday, and after more losses by top-ranked teams, the Buckeyes are ranked #1 in the first BCS rankings of the year. This football season has been crazy! How come all the other ranked teams keep losing? Why is the rest of the Big 10 completely lackluster? And what was it again that I didn't stay for my fifth year? Anyone?
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The Buckeyes are currently leading the Boilermakers 23-0 in the fourth quarter! What makes that even better? The game is nationally televised on ABC, so for the time this season, I can watch the Buckeyes in action! (Finally!) The commentators have started talking about the potential of another National Championship appearance for OSU. After saying that, they remarked that hundreds of fans in Columbus are hurrying to book tickets to New Orleans in January. It's funny because it's true...

The past week I've been feeling particularly nostalgic about Ohio State, specifically about marching band. The OSUMB was such a huge part of my life for the past four years, so it's very strange to realize I'm done for good. My freshman year, my first friends were in M Row and in my rookie class. On a night like tonight, we would have gathered together at someone's house to watch the game. We'd have a couple Buckeye pizzas from Adriatico's, plenty of chips and dip, and, of course, beer. After the game we'd probably head over to the Spot to hang out with H Row. That first year, the vets made sure that we freshman never sat around alone in our dorm rooms. Sitting here alone in my living room in my very quiet house (most of my roommates are home for Thanksgiving) is pretty weird.

Sure, there're plenty of things I won't miss about the band, but mostly I remember the good things. And the good things are mostly the people. I miss meal plan dinners, crazy bus trips, stupid inside jokes, parties in Piqua, pre-game sleepovers, basically, the camaraderie that comes from spending every day for four months with the same group of people.

Ugh... they're talking about the Penn State game two years ago. Bad memories. The national championship loss last year was perhaps more humiliating, but Penn State was completely miserable. Losing is bad enough, but losing on the road on a cold, rainy night while being constantly harassed and shoved around by rude fans is worse. At least I had a really awesome homestay on that trip; others were not so lucky.

I think I made the right choice to start grad school right away and move on with my life, rather than staying in Columbus just so I could have a fifth year in the band, but I still sometimes think of what might have been. I've got my OSU jersey on and my bowl of orange slice (though I feel like they should be Swedish Fish or Swiss Cake Rolls) and the Buckeyes are going to win! It would just be even better if I had my friends here with me.

Bucks Win!

Sep. 22nd, 2007 07:57 pm
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Today I made a wonderful discovery! The US networks on our cable (NBC, ABC, and CBS) do actually show college football games on Saturdays! Today there were two Big 10 games, not OSU, unfortunately, but it gives me hope. At lest two of the games are scheduled to be on ABC, and hopefully the OSU/Michigan game will also be on ABC.

This afternoon I made a trip to Wal-Mart with two friends, and before I left, OSU was leading Northwestern by three touchdowns in the first quarter. I didn't think I'd get to hear or see anything else of the game before I got home. Wal-Mart, as it turns out closes at 5pm on Saturdays. Everything shuts down early on the weekends here, but we figured, it's Wal-Mart, they've gotta be open later. Not so. Instead we went to dinner at Boston Pizza. (Incidentally, they don't just have pizza. And there isn't a secret variety of Boston style pizza I'd never heard of before.) We were seated by the bar, and much to my surprise, the OSU/Northwestern game was on one of the TVs! They were leading 52-0 at halftime--which made me laugh--at which point they switched over to American gladiators.

But hey, even getting to watch a little bit of OSU football was fun, especially when the offense was bringing it and the defense was putting Northwestern to shame. Go Bucks!
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Really, I don't. I do miss my iPod though. I asked my sister to ship it to me, but I think maybe she thought I was joking. A couple days after I got here, I went to take my iPod out of my purse, and realized that all I had was the headphones. I left the iPod in my car, which I left in grandma's garage. Once again, I am an idiot. At least, of all the things I could choose to leave in Ohio, at least an iPod is small and easy to ship.

Earlier today I was craving some Chipotle, I think because my sister mentioned burritos in a post on Facebook. Anyone wanna buy me a chicken burrito with black beans? Or some chicken tacos? Yum! Unfortunately, I expect a burrito would be a bit harder to ship than an iPod. Plus the whole customs thing. They'd probably confiscate my lunch.

I still haven't found any TV stations that show any US college football. NFL football, yes, but I don't care about that. I want to see the Buckeyes, but it looks like maybe it's not meant to be. Not that there aren't plenty of interesting things to watch on TV here. Earlier, I caught the end of an episode of Doctor Who, which I've heard good stuff about, but never watched. Well... it certainly was strange. Lots of pig-face people running around in some cave like place. It was in French, and I couldn't understand the dialogue at all, so who knows if it was actually good.
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Let's leave today! Or Friday, as it were. I'm all settled in my new place in Montreal, and I've met most of my housemates. So now I'm on to important business like starting classes starting a LiveJournal (because I need to spend more time on the internet, clearly). Classes officially start tomorrow, but apparently in SIS we do our own thing and don't start classes until Friday. You won't catch me complaining. Before classes begin, we have two days of orientation and copious amounts of free food, which I never turn down. I'm looking forward to meeting some more of the library folks.

In other news, the Buckeyes beat the Penguins! I was in the car on the way from Syracuse to Montreal on Saturday, so I didn't see or hear any of the game, which was weird for me. It was the first OSU home game I've missed in four years. I kept thinking stuff like, "If I were at OSU, I'd be marching into Skull Session right now." I wish I could've been in the volunteer band, but, alas, it was not to be. Time and change, folks. At least the Buckeyes were victorious.

Oh, and Michigan lost. Ha!
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