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At work, scanning postcards of Monticello. I'm listening to Colin Murray from last night, and he's been sharing his thoughts on some of the Eurovision contestants. He says Russia's song was "So depressing it makes 'Mad World' sound like 'The Venga Bus.'" Was that the one where they aged the singers face on the video screen? Cause that was freaky.

I took the Metro to work this morning, for the first time in quite awhile. I really do prefer taking Metro to driving, because instead of being tense because of the stupid traffic, I can just sit and read a book. Too bad it takes so long and is so expensive, cause I don't like driving 50+ miles by myself each day. It's wasteful.

Tonight I'm meeting some friends, and some of their friends, for an end of the semester dinner/happy hour. (That's why the car got left at home today.) SAM already had an end of the year party on Saturday, but you really can't celebrate often enough after a semester like this has been. I've now completed three semesters of my MLS... and have three more to go. Part of that is because I transferred, and part is because I'm switching to part time starting now.

Is anybody else planning to watch Glee? I read an article about it this morning in the NYTimes and saw the trailer, and it looks kinda fun. I wasn't in show choir in high school (my HS didn't even have one), but I did do band and drama... they're all the similar types of dorkitude.
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I am such an Olympics junkie. (It's such a bummer that a lot of the live events are on overnight. At some point I have to force myself to stop watching and go to sleep). I could never do any of this, and half of these sports I hardly understand, but it's just so much fun to watch. I especially love when someone unexpected wins an event, because they're just so shocked and happy! What am I going to do on Thursday when I have to spend the day in the car instead of watching swimming? (How do they swim so fast? They make swimming 100 meters in less than a minute look fun and easy. They are secretly FISH PEOPLE.)

Today I met one of my college friends for lunch, which was a lot of fun. We met sophomore year when we had two classes--in two different departments--together. We had lots more classes together after that, so we were long time study buddies. We used to meet for lunch before Italian classes and watch the Oval preacher (which was always good free entertainment), so today was just like old times... except that since then we've both graduated, started grad school, and dropped out of grad school. : )

I'm getting more stuff replaced on my car--spark plugs and some other stuff I can't remember--before I move. Hopefully this is really the end of the car work for awhile. Except I think I still need to get my brakes worked on soon. But those aren't all that important, right? I'll just coast to a stop. Yep. I can haz metro nao?

I don't know what I was thinking, but since I've been in Columbus, I've checked out nine books from the library. In what universe did I think I was going to read nine books in a week and a half? (I think I read ten in the entire month of July, and that was more than usual.) So sadly, they all have to go back tomorrow. I finished a good one last night--The Monsters of Templeton--so I'll try to write up a quick review if I get a chance tomorrow.

One more day and then I'll officially live in Virginia! And I won't have to move again for another two years. Yay!!! And now... GYMNASTICS!
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Here's what's going on today in handy list format:

1) I have my car back! The coolant now stays in the radiator.

2) The Library of Congress has selected the new United States poet laureate. Her name is Kay Ryan, and she "has a distinctive and widely imitated style that involves steep enjambment, carefully positioned but irregular rhymes and a kind of off-kilter aphoristic wisdom." Definitely a writer I'll be looking into.

3) David Duchovny has a blog, and it's kind of amusing. There are at least a couple X-Files fans among my friends who may appreciate random comments like this: "patrick stewart was the first internet sex symbol with hair but pileggi always thought it was him."

4) We have cable! I think we're supposed to only have about 20 channels, but we've actually got 74. Way cool! This means I can watch the Food Network again. Right now they're making pie. I want a pie.

5) I've recently watched "The Ambassadors of Death," "Inferno," and "Terror of the Autons." I'm really digging the Pertwee era and the whole UNIT family. All three of these were good stories, and "Inferno" is especially enjoyable. (It has an alternate universe with Evil!Brig. He has an eyepatch. Awesome.) Jumping to the future, "The Creature from the Pit" has plenty of cheese, but is still pretty darned entertaining.

6) [ profile] d4ni thinks I should be packing--or should have done so two days ago--but my flight's not for another thirteen whole hours. I say, what's the rush?
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I'm getting good mileage out of my "cars are stupid" tag this week! (Alexis's LJ, now with 100% more rubbish automotive puns!)

What I thought yesterday was only a small leak turned out to be a BIG FRAKKING HOLE in my radiator. When I got off work today, much to my delight, all the coolant was on the floor of the parking garage rather than in the radiator where it belongs. (Alexis's immediate reaction: "Shiiiit.") Luckily I work with nice people who helped me fill it back up with water, and one of my coworkers and I had lunch while I got my car inspected at a garage just up the street. They wanted to charge me an arm and a leg to replace the radiator, but, lucky me again, my coworker called her mechanic friend who could do it for almost $200 less. (My car guru also looked up the parts online and decided I was being ripped off for being a woman with out of state plates. Boo!) So we drove out to Grandview, Missouri to drop off my car, and she drove me back home. (How nice is that? What a lifesaver!)

I'm not happy about having to repair my car again, especially since I'm still paying for the work I had done in January, but at least this whole situation is being worked out much better than it could have been. Since I don't know this city well, I would've been seriously freaking out if I were on my own. So I'm not getting ripped off and I've been spared the nervous breakdown, my car will get fixed, and I'll be all set for driving to Ohio in two weeks.

On the upside, my dad's extended family is all in town this weekend, so I'm flying home on Friday to get in on all the partying. The "real" party is on Saturday, but there's also the pre-party party on Friday and the post-party party on Sunday. And I won't have to drive anywhere!! Well, except to the airport at too-early o'clock on Friday. But it's a free ticket, so I'll deal.
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Weeeell... not quite. But I think my car's going to blow up any time something goes wrong. Thankfully, my mom's boyfriend is very good with cars, so he was able to talk me through it on the phone. Apparently my radiator was completely out of coolant, so [ profile] d4ni and I went and bought some and filled it back up. Which sounds super simple, but I'm pretty stupid when it comes to car stuff. Just getting the hood up was a challenge, and then I had to find the right parts based on crappy diagrams in the manual.

So I really hope there's not something seriously wrong. I don't particularly want to spend lots of money fixing my car again, but I'm just about to move across the country again, so I'd have to. Cars really are too much trouble. Public transit please!

WTF... The Mole is on again? No wonder I don't watch TV these days. I can't wait for the Olympics to start so I can watch cool stuff like synchronized swimming, white water kayak, trampoline, or skeet shooting. (I'll be at home enjoying my mom's fancy cable.) Anyone else thinks the IOC should resurrect Olympic croquet? Anyone for some tug of war?
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Ugh... five hours of sleep followed by eleven hours in the car do not agree with me. I felt pretty crappy this morning, but luckily that wore off. It would be a drag to spend my entire mini vacation feeling ill.

The drive yesterday was fairly uneventful. I only drove for about two minutes, in a parking lot somewhere outside St. Louis. Mom thought she was too tired to drive, but when I stalled at a stop sign, she decided me driving would scare her too much. I really must have some one teach me to drive stick properly. (I can make the car go, but I always stall when I try to stop. And I have issues with third gear.) So I was the navigator, which I'm actually good at. Not that it's hard, when the entire trip is on I-70.

Sadly, we could not stop at the Blue Springs Cafe for "mile high pie" again, because we drove through Pierron an hour before opening. Boo. We tried again in Vandalia after seeing signs about a historic statehouse and Abraham Lincoln, but the only restaurant we can find in town was completely burned out. (Bummer, that.) I did get some pictures of Lincoln's face painted on a wall and a "Madonna of the trail," but I haven't uploaded them yet.

My dad's cable no longer has BBC America. It makes me saaaad. :( Not that I'm actually here to watch the cable, but it's a fun novelty.

This afternoon I went for a short bike ride. I did a meandering loop around the old neighborhood, which I guestimated was about five miles. Last summer I went on fifteen mile rides about three times a week, but I'm too out of shape for that yet. Biking is one of the very few exercise activities I actually enjoy, so it's too bad I don't have my bike in Kansas.

The Doctor Who TV movie is hands down the worst Who story I have ever seen. I could go on for a really long time about how many things were terrible about it, but I'm sure many others have done so before, so I won't. I really do want to know why the Master had glowy green eyes and kept sliming people, though. WTF! Too make up for that, I'm watching "The Sea Devils" which has Three and Jo and the Master (sans glowy green eyes, avec rubbish beard) and is infinitely more fun.

And a note for the DW fans on my f-list: Apparently there are spoilers/rumors going around about the Moffat two-parter, but I'd rather not know, kay? I'm happy with my trailer-squee, and I'd like to stay that way and be surprised by what's to come. So please don't tell me anything. :)
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Yesterday I got lost on the way home from work. Slightly embarassing, I know, but what can I saw? I'm not from around here!

The Kansas interstate highways are pothole breeding grounds, and normally I approve of the state's efforts to patch them up. (My taxes put to practical use! Hooray!) I'll even allow that midday, when there's less traffic, is an ideal time for repairs... just not, you know, on the interchange I need, yeah?

Thwarted by pothole patchers, I exited the highway the next opportunity I had, and inconveniently landed myself on one of the few streets in this city that isn't on the grid. (Curse you, Santa Fe Trail Drive!) Usually I have a decent sense of direction, but the diagonal street threw me off, and I ended up spending some quality time driving in circles around Lenexa.

What was I thinking the whole time? I wasn't worried about finding my way home. I may not know the city very well, but I do know that numbered streets run East-West. If all else fails, I can always count my way home. No, the whole time I kept thinking "I am wasting so much gas!" Over the weekend, regular gas hit $3.50 a gallon here, which is enough to make me not want to drive anywhere. Getting lost is expensive.

Yesterday I read that both Hillary Clinton and John McCain favor a summer gasoline tax holiday. They would like to temporarily suspend the 18.4 cent tax between Memorial Day and Labor Day. I don't know much about economics, but my immediate reaction was that it sounded like a bad idea. Don't get me wrong, I don't like paying lots of money for gas. Since I started driving, the price per gallon has gone up about 250%, and I gripe about it every time. But part of me also believes that the expensive gas is good. Like I said, it makes me want to drive less. And driving less is a very good thing. (I'd walk to work if it wouldn't take 2.5 hours and involve leaving at 5 am. I miss public transit.)

This morning I read Thomas L. Friedman's column, which confirmed that I'm not the only one thinking this way. He writes:
If you are going to use tax policy to shape energy strategy then you want to raise taxes on the things you want to discourage — gasoline consumption and gas-guzzling cars — and you want to lower taxes on the things you want to encourage — new, renewable energy technologies. We are doing just the opposite.
The rising gas prices are inconvenient, but this hardly seems like the time to give a temporary break and encourage people to drive more. Americans drive way too much as it is.

Plus, we need the tax money to fix the potholes.
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