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Blargh technology! I consider myself reasonably technologically proficient, but as it turns out I just do not get audio/video stuff. Mainly, why can't they just pick a standard and stick to it?

What I'd like to do: hook my four year old laptop* up to my schmancy TV, the back of which is covered in various audio/video inputs. I went digging through my box full of cables and dug out what I've identified, with the help of the internet as mini-DVI to DVI, mini-DVI to s-video, s-video to composite, and DVI to VGA apapters. (Just for fun, the mini-DVI to DVI and DVI to VGA adapters won't work together, though they should.) One of these actual helps me connect the video (no audio!) to the TV. Oy.

Can't there just be one easy, magical cable that just works, so I don't have to dig through a pile of old crap that doesn't even work with anything anymore? Also, wouldn't it be nice if the adapters were actually labeled so I could tell what they are and how to use them without Wikipedia?

*My laptop is showing it's age. I recently replaced both RAM cards, and now I've maxed out my hard disk space... again. I found out the other day that the soon to be retired iPod "classic" has the same amount of storage as my poor laptop. I guess now I take on replacing that too? At least it's less expensive than buying a new computer.
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Strangely, sitting here in front of two laptops does not make me accomplish twice as much work. (Although it does make me look like a nerd. My old PowerBook seems huge now.) I'm supposed to be writing a paper for my archives class--the prof calls it a lit review, but three articles does not a lit review make--and I've been avoiding it all day. I spent five hours cleaning the house (the kitchen was disgusting, and apparently no one else that lives here cares), and now I'm just dawdling and periodically making snacks. I do at least have one of the articles open now (on the other computer) so I can learn all about archiving blogs.

And now for something completely different... Everyone go read this article about train travel from tomorrow's New York Times. (Tomorrow's paper! It's magic!) It really makes me want to go on a cross-country train trip. Plus, I'd just like to go to San Francisco and New York anyway, so it'd be a good excuse. :)
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I feel like I've been so incredibly lazy today. Usually I spend most of my weekend cleaning and doing schoolwork, but I just don't have the motivation. Well, I did do some reading for two of my classes, but I don't feel like I've done enough.

About the only other useful thing I've done is change the security settings in Firefox and installing some handy add-ons. I have to train it now to allow cookies, scripts, and whatever else in the places that I want, which means right now I've got lots of windows popping up asking me what I want to do. I never realized just how many people are out there trying to either track you or throw ads in your face. But now they can't do either! Hah!

And now, some thoughts on last night's Battlestar Galactica, "Someone to Watch Over Me." Why are there only three episodes left? )
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This morning at work we were imagining an Extreme Library Makeover and decided to go poking around in one of the (nearly) empty file cabinets behind the circ desk, and we found...


It came with two sets of floppy disks, 5.25 inches and 3.5 inches, for the people who have really hi tech systems. Yeah. 1988.

Why do we have this when not one of our computers can load it? I have no idea... It's just further proof that no one there ever gets rid of anything.
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Eeeeeeeeeeee!! I have a new computer!!!!

I am now the proud owner of a brand new MacBook laptop, on which I am typing this entry. I got the snazzy black one, both because it had a few more bells and whistles than the two white models, and because it's snazzy and black. The white one's are snazzy two, but I use my laptop a lot, and I'm sure the gorgeous white would soon become a not so lovely shade of brown.

My old laptop (a PowerBook G4, age 4 and a half) has been dying a slow death for awhile now, and I've been looking forward to buying a new computer for months. My new laptop has a faster processor, a new operating system, more memory, better graphics and video cards, and much more hard drive space. Basically, it's superior in every way. (Isn't it amazing how far technology has come in four years? My old laptop is not bad at all. If it weren't worn down with age, it'd still serve me quite well. Now I've got better, stronger, faster... the perfect fun, new toy!)

Later I'll start the scintillating process of migrating my important files to my new laptop, but for now I'm just going to enjoy it's beauty and newness and lightning fast speeds!
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Today was Mighty Ducks day! We gathered the LIS crowd together for a marathon of all three Mighty Ducks movies. We laughed, we cried (okay, not really), we made fun of Emilio's hair. There was also plenty of hot chocolate and Bailey's, eggnog, Captain and Coke, and enough chips to feed a small army.

What's we learn? Well, ducks fly together! And blonde people are evil. All the "bad" teams in the Mighty Ducks series are rich, blonde, WASPy types. Also, all movies should end with Queen's "We Are the Champions." These are important life lessons! Next week if class is really dumb, we're just going to quack at the professor. (Quack! Quack! Quack!) We really need an Emilio Estevez cut-out, like the one in D2 to bring to class with us.

This is really the first time I've had people over here, and it was a lot of fun. My LIS friends are a great group, and I love that we can all chill together and enjoy some classic 90s cheese! I'm a fan of low key entertainment.

Other than the Ducks, I really got nothing done today, but I expected that, so I got some work out of the way last night. I did one load of laundry... does that count as productivity? And some tragic news: another key popped off my keyboard today. The volume down key now joins the number 4 in the key graveyard. (They actually do pop back on, but for some reason volume down seems permanently crooked now.) Come on laptop, hold yourself together! Only one more month!
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The cataloging exam is over! I don't think I've ever waffled back and forth about punctuation on any exam I've ever taken. We got to use our books and our notes, but for some questions I think I actually found conflicting examples, which doesn't help and makes my brain hurt even more. And why was it necessary to have lecture and lab after the exam? I'm already in full out zombie mode due to the last week of studying.

For lunch we had truly awful pizza. Why is it that pizza and middle eastern food are served in the same restaurants in this city? I don't get it. The good thing about the pizza was the price, a mere $1.50 for a generous slice. I didn't pack a lunch today since all I had was instant oatmeal, oranges, and a box of Kraft Dinner, so it was better than nothing. One of my friends told me about a free vegan lunch that's served in the student union building; apparently you bring your own tupperware and fork and get rice, veggies and some sort of dessert. I'm not a vegan, but I'm curious about free food of any sort.

I miss Giant Eagle. Provigo is so inadequate in comparison. I'm still upset with them for not having any yams for my Thanksgiving dinner! But now at least I have bread again. And Tostitos, which in the moment seemed quite essential. And on a semi-related topic, I like I may have lost a few pounds, judged solely on the fact that I had my belt as tight as it would go this morning, and my pants were still completely falling down. (I was told it's because "all [I] eat is peanut butter and jelly sandwiches." What can I say? PB is cheap.)

This afternoon I watched and episode of Law and Order: SVU in French. I had to concentrate really hard and still only understood a few phrases. Ice T's dubbed voice freaked me out a little. I also started reading The Emperor's Children. Even though the McGill library does not buy "fiction" they have plenty of "literature." I've yet to get to a public library, so I'm glad to have a new source of reading material. I only read the first few chapters because, well, I couldn't stay awake any longer, even though it was only 3pm. See above, "zombie mode."

I got an e-mail from Apple today about the new version of OS X that's being released at the end of the month! I'm psyched because after the new release, I'm buying a new computer! I was considering an iMac, but I'm now leaning back towards a new laptop. The only question is: black or white?

School's In

Sep. 9th, 2007 12:21 am
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On Friday I had my very first class as a McGill grad student. We talked about the history of computers (starting with the abacus) then moved on to computer hardware. Normally I'm not crazy about the standard Power Point lectures, but we got to watch videos! That automatically makes class better! My favorite was this one, featuring John Cleese, a PC, and a dead fish:

If you're looking for a powerful portable computer that doesn't smell... )

In the afternoon we had lab, but all we did was learn how to log in to WebCT, which isn't exactly rocket surgery. Next week the real fun starts. Our first project is to build a database. I foresee spending lots of hours in the computer lab. Unfortunately, the software we're using is Windows only, so I can't work on it at home. I am pondering buying a new computer, but I'm sticking with Apple. I was thinking about another laptop, but the new iMacs look pretty spiffy.
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