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  • I haven't complained about school much recently, so I should do that. It's totally getting in the way! I'm now supervising three student assistants and a volunteer at work, which is complicated since I'm still part time.
  • Today in the department of crazy coincidences, I was talking to my sister on the phone, and we discovered that we both got North by Northwest from Netflix today. She didn't believe me at first and kept shouting "Are you shitting me?" at the phone.
  • I bought myself a couple CDs as an early birthday present—Mumford and Sons' Sigh No More and Lady Gaga's The Fame Monster. I hope Amazon's recommendation thing is at least a tiny bit confused.
  • There was new Chuck this week! It helps me get over the loss of curling. )
  • One more week until spring break!
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... went to the library. Moving meant I had no books checked out from any library anywhere, and that could not be allowed to continue.

I put Breaking Dawn on reserve a couple weeks ago, but right now I'm still number four hundred something on the waiting list. I doubt it'll come in anytime in the next two weeks, so I'll probably have to put it on hold again once I get a library card in Virginia. Boo! (I can't just buy the book because I'm anal about series books matching, and I have Twilight in paperback. Paperbacks are better anyway because they're not so heavy.)

I feel really awful for my brother today. Last night someone stole his laptop, as well as his roommate's TV. He'd only had the computer for a few months, and unfortunately he doesn't have renter's insurance. Poor guy. He already had other things to worry about and didn't need this on top of it. :(

And moving away from that down note... welcome to all my new friends! :D Maybe tomorrow I'll try to do a proper introductory type post.

ETA: There may also be a super-amazing travel diary/I-70 picspam coming this week. Because I am a super-safe driver that doesn't take pictures on the interstate. Nope. (It was 670 miles. I GOT BORED!)
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Sooo... I'm really tired. But I am having a pretty good time in Columbus.

My flight yesterday was way too early, but otherwise not bad. Everything was on time, and I pretty much just sat and watched Green Wing. Mom and I had lunch at DaVinci's and took Murray for a walk in the Park of Roses (on a hot day, getting hit by the sprinklers feels pretty good). After that I came home and crashed.

I think I might be turning my mom into a Doctor Who fan. I was watching "Turn Left" on SciFi last night (they cut out the bit with Wilf and the saluting!), and Mom came in and asked what it was. She said she thought Doctor Who was an old show (I think she saw some Tom Baker episodes on PBS at one point), so I explained the basics of the show. Then we watched "Rose" and "The End of the World" since I conveniently had the DVD in my computer.

Today was the big family party out in West Jeff. Dad's entire extended family is in town for the weekend (this is including cousins and even some second cousins and their children). I got to explain the whole yes I'm living in Kansas but I'm moving to Virginia in four weeks thing many times over. I had too much food and too much rum punch and got in a swimming pool squirt gun fight with my cousins. Yes, we're all dignified adults and stuff. My brother and I were talking on the way home about how weird the huge family stuff must be for our cousins spouses. We're used to the various, um, quirks of our relatives, but it could definitely be overwhelming if you didn't know everybody. Tomorrow we're all going out to dinner, which should be crazy.

Mom just got her cable reinstalled last week, and I've just discovered that we apparently have a DVR. I can fast forward through the commercials!
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I hate shopping by myself. I don't like to spend lots of money, and I'm incapable of making decisions. Nevertheless, with the hot weather we've had the past few weeks, I decided I needed to expand my summer wardrobe beyond the one skirt I'd been wearing almost every day. I really shouldn't shop by myself though. I dawdle, get frustrated and end up going in stores I never would normally. (Could they possibly spray more cologne inside Abercrombie & Fitch? Or play the music louder? You think sensory overload will convince me to buy expensive bermuda shorts?)

Thank God for my sister, or I'd have spent two and half hours shopping with nothing to show for it! I sent her picture messages of the things I tried on so that I could get a second opinion. I ended up with an olive-ish khaki skirt, a denim mini, navy shorts, a pink patterned top, and a plaid canvas bag--just because. After middle school, I swore I'd never wear navy shorts again, but since it's been nine years, and these were much cuter than my old uniform shorts and were the only pair of shorts I tried on all day that fit properly, I think I can make an exception! :D And--I'm so proud of myself--I bought stuff from stores other than the Gap. Go me!

My weeks of procrastination paid off too. By now, summer stuff is going on sale. Nevermind that summer "officially" began one week ago, in the retail world, it's almost time for fall. So yeah, that was my intention the whole time. Uh-huh. ;)
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My late birthday presents came from Amazon yesterday! Dad gave me cash, so I ordered Doctor Who Series 1 on DVD and Duffy's new album Rockferry. :D

Five day weekend coming up! Mom is moving back from Phoenix, and since she's coming through KC on the way, I decided to go home with her. Monday is Memorial Day and I'm taking Tuesday and Wednesday off to spend in Columbus. I haven't seen any of my family since I moved here in February, so I'm pretty excited.

David Brooks writes today about the cultural cachet of geekdom. He says, "in a relatively short period of time, the social structure has flipped. For as it is written, the last shall be first and the geek shall inherit the earth."

This morning I discovered GraphJam, thanks to a post at The Park Bench. The graphs there are more fun than anything that I remember from math classes. (Calculus, if I recall, was all about a man walking away from a lamppost.) Tears for Fears as a Pie Chart )

Sadly, there is no Battlestar Galactica or Doctor Who tonight, and no more Moonlight ever! Whatever shall I do? There is that Bollywood movie from Netflix though... :)
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Last night my mom sent me her new favorite fairy tale:

Once upon a time, a guy asked a girl 'Will you marry me?' The girl said: 'NO!' And the girl lived happily ever after and went shopping, dancing, camping, drank martinis, ate chocolate, always had a clean house, never had to cook, did whatever the hell she wanted, never argued, didn't get fat, traveled more, had many lovers, didn't save money, and had all the hot water to herself. She went to the theater, never watched sports, never wore friggin' lacy lingerie that went up her ass, had high self esteem, never cried or yelled, felt and looked fabulous in sweat pants and was pleasant all the time. The End.

Not bad, eh? My only quibble is that I'd rather have margaritas than martinis. :D
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I originally didn't think that coming home for Thanksgiving would fit into my plans for the semester, mostly because flights from Montreal to Columbus are pretty expensive, and partly because I'd have to miss several days of class. But at the last minute, I decided to do it anyway!

I was quite proud of myself for successfully navigating the public transit system to make it out to the airport (one metro train and two buses), which saved me the 40 dollar cab fare. I could've done without, er, lugging my luggage up and down the stairs at the metro, but I lived through it.  My flights were on time and unextraordinary, which is just the way I like it. Rachel came to pick me up from the airport, and she brought Murray! He was a little bit more interested in sticking his head out the window than in me, but oh well. He's a dog, he can't resist an open car window.

Yesterday Rachel and I made pecan pies, and I tried to make pie crust. I say tried because my crust was a dismal failure. I've only made pie crust once, one year ago, and I was supervised. I think I also used  a different recipe, because last year I used a food processor, but this time I used a mixer. At any rate, the crust was all crumbly. I finally was able to roll it out, but then it just fell apart again when I tried to put it in the pie plate. Oh well. One of these days I'll get better at baking. At least the pie filling turned out right! Pecan pie is great. Almost all the ingredients are some kind of sugar. Mmmm...

I can never talk about pecan pie without thinking of the movie When Harry Met Sally. "Waiter, there is too much pepper in my paprikash, but I would be proud to partake of you pecan pie!" It cracks me up and drive Rachel nuts. So basically, a win-win situation. For me.

Thanksgiving dinner was delicious, of course. Grandma, predictably, kept trying to get us to eat more food. Haven't had potatoes? You should have some potatoes! Do you need another roll? Have you had any vegetables yet? Fortunately, eating lots of food isn't a problem when all the food tastes great.

After dinner we visited with family, then I went with Rachel to her boyfriend's house. We all played Goldeneye on N64 on Phil's gigantic TV (it's seriously the biggest TV I've ever seen--Phil said it's 63 inches). I'm awful at video games. I think I lost almost every single round, but I did manage to kill Bond (Phil) once by slapping him. Who needs weapons?

It's so good to be back here. Dad asked me on Wednesday night whether it was weird being here, and I was a little bit surprised to find that it's not. It feels... normal. Which is strange, since I haven't actually lived here at any point in the last four years. Which is nothing against where I'm living now, because I really like it there too. I'm here until Monday, so I've got the rest of the weekend to relax a bit and maybe even do some shopping. School? What's that?
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Regrettably, yesterday’s game aired on the Big Ten Network, which, oddly enough, is not included in Montreal cable. Instead of watching on TV, I kept track of the game via live updates on Basically, it gives updates on each play, shows the current drive and field position, and has stats for both teams. It’s not nearly as good as watching on TV, and nothing at all like being there in person.

My little sister was at the game, and she sent me several text messages. Since I was sitting in a school computer lab while she was in Ohio Stadium, I was a little jealous.
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