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[ profile] d4ni kept bugging me with fic ideas, until I finally caved and wrote something. So I made her beta it. (It's only fair, right?) This is nothing but plotless fluff.

Title: The Moral of the Backstory
Author: [ profile] alexscat  ([personal profile] alexiscartwheel)
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski
Wordcount: 2338
Rating: Teen
Summary: Stiles knows all about the messy tragedy that is Derek's past, but somehow he didn't know that Derek went to college. (And graduated!)

Read at AO3
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If you've been looking for some great Harry Potter fic to read this Sunday afternoon, look no further my friends! The lovely [ profile] sea_thoughts wrote me a Harry/Ginny fic for my birthday, which is posted here at her journal.

Go! Read! :D
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... here's a completely unrelated drabble. Heh. Actually, it is about Neville, but not specifically Neville/Hannah. (Yes, Luna also appears, but not because of any personal Neville/Luna leanings.) Again, this was originally posted on the SQ drabble thread in response to the prompt "baby."

OMG cute Potter babies! )

I've got the week off from classes, so maybe I'll take some to write something a little longer. Who knows, maybe I can even finish something by the SQ submission date.
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Last night, J.K. Rowling had her book tour stop at Carnegie Hall, and she answered some pretty interesting questions about the Harry Potter series. Of course, the two biggies are ships!

First off, Neville/Hannah!! I'm really excited that it's canon. Before I discovered Neville/Hannah, I couldn't really ship Neville with anyone because none of the more popular pairing seemed quite right. If you haven't been introduced to the joys of the Neville/Hannah pairing, go read Asking for Roses by Dogstar. She really understands Neville, and picked up on all the little hints of Hannah's personality that make her a great match for Neville.

Second, Dumbledore/Grindelwald! LOL. It's canon too! That should make the slashers happy, eh? I always like Dumbledore, but I think DH just gave him so much more depth. He wasn't the perfect figure that many readers seem to have wanted him to be, but I think it's much more interesting that his wisdom was gained through experience, that he had to re-evaluate his values and goals.

There's also a new SQodcast today, so as fandom days go, today's been pretty fun!
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Okay, since [profile] d4ni asked nicely for me to share so she wouldn't be the only one posting random fic to her LJ. This was originally posted in the Sugar Quill forums in response to the drabble prompt "library." And no, it's actually not about Hermione.

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