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Woo! The Washington Post has the winners of this years Peep Show marshmallow peep diorama contest. They're lots of fun, as usual. I particularly like the cute Goodnight Moon one.
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I got up at the dack of crawn this morning to catch my flight to Baltimore. I did not get stuck in the airport for hours like I did the week before, but I left my cell phone there. My sister is going to send me one of her old phones tomorrow, so even if it doesn't turn up in lost and found (I already called the airline, but airport lost in found is closed on Sunday) I'll have a phone to use withing a few days. I'm still irritated with myself though.

I wanted to nap all afternoon, but I dragged myself out of the apartment to Trader Joe's. I hate going to Bethesda because it's hard to park and I always seem to narrowly avoid traffic accidents, but it was worth the trip. I'm going to be really busy this week, so I got some easy frozen stuff (mmm... tamales) and didn't spend that much money. Yay!

I go back to work/school tomorrow. I still have a that term paper proposal to write by Wednesday. And two more jobs to apply for. And I'm tutoring tomorrow. And I have a bunch of meetings. And I probably have something for that other class that I pretend doesn't exist. Bleargh.

Yeah, so basically I am crabby. I need to find a good book to read (to inspire happy thoughts). I started reading A Local Habitation but I had to leave it, since I suspect the library wants me not to steal it. Or I could just read COPL.

OMG WHAT IF I HAD LEFT COPL AT THE AIRPORT. Big sigh of relief there, guys! ;)
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My mom told me (again) last night that when I finish grad school, I really ought to write a collection of stories about my experiences with public transit. Over the past year and a half I've had my fair share of transit mishaps and misadventures, that's for sure, although I somehow doubt the outside world's interest in my inability to catch a train on time.

This evening I'm fresh from class and for the first time in recent memory, I've left the classroom still thinking about the course. I'm disappointed because there were avenues of discussion that we weren't able to explore and points that I wasn't able to raise. (Luckily, we have a course blog, so I'll be able to talk about those things later!) This really shouldn't be a novel experience for me--I like school, and pretty much always have. Unfortunately, library school pretty much sucks all the joy out of learning, so right now I am ecstatic about the fact that I am once again engaged by learning. Now I remember why I wanted to go to grad school--this is what it's supposed to be like. It actually makes me reconsider the idea of returning to grad school yet again for a subject masters degree. Not right away, but maybe someday.

Read more... )
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I saw this deli ad which parodies other food marketing tactics on Boing Boing and thought it was really funny. This is exactly the type of things I'm trying not to eat anymore...


snowed in

Dec. 19th, 2009 10:53 pm
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Instead of stocking up on milk last night, like the rest of this city did, I ventured out to meet my aunt to see An Education at the E Street Cinema. If it's showing somewhere near you, I highly recommend it. Carey Mulligan stars (Sally Sparrow to Doctor Who fans) as Jenny, a 1960s school girl who falls for a charming older man. She's fantastic in the role, and completely deserves all the awards and nominations. The supporting cast, including Olivia Williams, Emma Thompson, Alfred Molina, and Dominic Cooper, were very strong as well. I'd really like to read the memoir the film was based on, but unfortunately it hasn't been published in the US.

I'm glad I went out last night because today the snow predictions actually came true. Over the last 24 hours we've had almost two feet of snow. That's almost unheard of in this region, and it was enough to shut down most of the city, including almost the entire public transit system. I had intended to some have friends over for a holiday party tonight, but that fell through, so I've had the apartment to myself all day. (One of my roommates is in India for a month, the other left for Rockville as soon as she got up this morning, before the roads became nearly impassable. She asked me for snow driving tips, and I sent her out with a dustpan and broom since she had no ice scraper.) It's been a bit lonely, but I've kept myself pretty busy. I'm all stocked up on baking supplies (I braved the long lines at Giant last night for eggs and cream of tartar... wouldn't want to be caught without if the store was closed today) so I mixed two cookie batters. I baked one variety (and hardly burnt any of them) but the other has to refrigerate overnight first.

Tomorrow I'm doing more baking... hopefully with an assistant. An old friend (from elementary school) is up from Williamsburg and wants to help, but she couldn't get out of the city today. Metro had better be running again tomorrow, cause it'd be fun to see her again.
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Today has turned out much better than expected. :D (Don't you love it when that happens?)

I woke up feeling kinda crappy, so I lazed around for awhile and caught up on my RSS feeds and the latest episodes of The Guild. But eventually I had to get up and cook... because today was Potluck Day!

One of the cool things about my program is that quite a few of the students are changing careers, and thus they a little bit older and have actual houses. (Craziness!) One such classmate and her husband (also a librarian) hosted us for a potluck. I made a pepper bean salad (three kinds of beans and three kinds of peppers and lots of delicious) that my Mom made the last time I was home, which was a hit.

There was lots of food and drink and socializing. (Yay, I have friends!) Also, I played Nintendo Wii for the very first time tonight. One of the professors came with his family, and his daughters, who were a hoot, taught me how to play tennis. And laughed when despite my intense concentration I missed the ball and spun around in circles, which unfortunately happened a lot. Later, I scored two home runs in baseball, proving that I am, in fact, awesome.

And Ohio State beat Wisconsin today. Go Bucks!
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I met up with my aunt tonight and we went to see Julie & Julia, which I really enjoyed. Both stories were fun, and Meryl Streep is excellent as Julia Child.

After the movie (all that cooking and eating!) we had a late dinner at Jaleo. It's the end of DC restaurant week, we decided why not live it up and go for the prix fixe menu. We had a whole feast of tapas accompanied by yummy sangria. I think my favorite was chicken with garlic that was really tender and juicy, but everything I tried was delicious. To top it off their was flan for dessert! It was a bit of a splurge for me, but, hey, it's the end of summer, and now I've had the restaurant week experience.

Since tomorrow is my last day of summer, I want to find something fun to do, rather than just spending the whole day sitting on the sofa. (We have a sofa and a coffee table now, yay! Now I just need to buy a TV.) One week off between classes isn't long enough!
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The world's largest cupcake?

Now, as cute as the whole things is, I'm confused. A cupcake is a small cake baked in a cup-shaped mold. The miniature version of a cake. If you blow up a cupcake to giant size, it's no longer small, nor is it baked in a cup, so basically it's just a giant cake. Layering a bunch of sheet cakes together to make a giant cupcake shaped cake just lacks that essential cupcakeyness.

I guess maybe if you found a large enough mold to make 150kg, and a ginormous paper baking cup, then it'd be an actual world's largest cupcake.

Not that I'd ever reject cake. I am a sugar fiend, after all.


Jul. 17th, 2009 05:48 pm
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I've not been feeling well all week, so it's quite a relief that we've hit the weekend. Today was one of those days I probably shouldn't have been driving at all because I'm so completely exhausted, but I had to get home somehow, and I made it without getting injured, so yay.

I am feeling somewhat better now that I'm at home eating chips, though. I've got these olive flavor tortilla chips (yes, there are actual bits of olives in the chips) which are absolutely delicious. FoodShouldTasteGood chips are my new favorite. I've also had the multi-grain and sweet potato flavors, which are good, and I want to try the chocolate chips.

Anyway, enough about chips. I think tonight calls for vegging out with Netflix and Hulu. Maybe even some ice cream if I'm motivated. (I've recently discovered that's there a Coldstone--and a Chipotle!--in town, which I never knew. Probably a good thing for my waistline.)
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Chocolate covered pretzels are one of the best foods ever invented. Crunchy, salty, and sweet all in one. You just can't go wrong!

I'm back from Toronto (more about my trip later) which means no more mini-vacations for awhile and more getting up early in the morning (at least for the remainder of this week). I'm aiming to get to sleep early tonight since I need the rest, but in the next few days I'll be answering comments and catching up on my flist.
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Ah, summer vacation. I love it. Finally, I can do whatever I want, whenever I want, with no guilt. Not that I didn't still have an agenda for my day, it just doesn't involve school things!
  • I went on a bike ride this afternoon, and when I got into town I discovered there's some sort of festival going on this weekend. Now that's fun and all, but it also meant that part of the bike trail was blocked, and the rest was very crowded with families and young children. My last big bike crash was caused by little kids veering left of center on a bike trail, so this was worrisome for me. There was one near miss when a kid swerved out in front of me, but I made it home okay. (And for once, I wasn't totally drained because I actually followed my own advice not to push myself past my limits.)

  • We now have an official chore sheet at home, not that it makes much of a difference. Derelict housemate selected cleaning the bathroom from the list, but apparently his idea of "cleaning" means wiping down the countertop two days after making a mess cutting his hair. I decided I've had enough, so I spent some quality time scrubbing the floor, and basically anything else in sight, with bleach. It was a bit labor intensive, but there really is something satisfying about accomplishing a physical task.

  • I need to stop watching Fringe while I'm eating, cause it grosses me out. Also, in the department of "Eeewwww," I am very lucky that I don't have a particularly sensitive stomach. Yesterday I decided to risk the sour smelling milk cause I was in a hurry and had already poured the Cheerios in the bowl... today I dumped out the rest and it was kinda chunky. Blech. I discovered earlier this week that the temperature in the fridge wasn't low enough, so at least now I know why everything has been going bad.

  • I have time to read again! I went to the library (I had to hurry to get there before they closed for the weekend!) and checked out a stack of books, including a couple recs from friends before we got shooed out by some John Philip Sousa (there's some holiday spirit for ya!). I had my usual reaction of "Hey, I've played this!" And on more than one instrument, no less.

  • There's an article about zambonis in the New York Times! :D

I made it!

May. 18th, 2009 06:17 pm
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I can finally crawl out from that rock I've been living under! What have I been up to the last week?

  1. Writing final exams. By the end of the semester, I felt like I was just writing non-stop, and I had so much to do that I pretty much ceased to care about quality, as long as all my assignments and exams got done. And they did. I suspect some were rather crap, but whatever.

  2. Eating all the free food I could find. Up until this Saturday, I hadn't been grocery shopping for two weeks. The end of the semester is a great time for free barbecues, pizza parties, and the like! And at work, we went to a fancy luncheon hosted by the university president's wife.

  3. Watching TV! It's so nice to have free time again. I'm most of the way through How I Met Your Mother season 3, I'm catching up with Fringe and keeping up with Ashes to Ashes. I'm feeling kind of "need more sci-fi" since BSG ended, so I think Stargate gets bumped up to the Netflix queue, because I feel like I should watch the movie first. Or maybe I should go with Babylon 5? Or some Trek?

  4. Apartment hunting. I'm going to go see an apartment and meet a potential roommate on Thursday evening. Hopefully it will go well, because new housing headaches seem to develop all the time.

  5. Reading. The last book I finished was rather meh. The idea was promising, but the characters were "OMG QUIRKY" without enough depth to feel real. I'm not sure what I want to start next. Any awesome book suggestions from the f-list?

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This weekend was very busy. I read some articles, wrote a paper, read some more articles, looked up articles online, read those too...

Saturday afternoon I took a break from school things and headed over to the Home Despot. Strangely enough it was quite busy on a sunny Saturday afternoon in April. Who'd have thunk it? I went there in search of a new mailbox. The plastic flag had long since fallen off before I moved here, and this week the door broke, so every time the mail is delivered it falls off. It was definitely time for a new one, but I almost changed my mind when I saw the huge $70 ones for sale. Who pays that much for a mailbox? Luckily they had the small, plain $15 variety tucked away down the aisle.

So I thought to myself, "How hard can putting up a mailbox really be?" I unscrewed the old mailbox successfully, then discovered that the new one was smaller and wouldn't fit on the base. So I'd need a saw. Or four. Amateur carpentry time! )

Also, I tested out my new-old waffle iron this morning. I will be eating chocolate chip waffles for breakfast for the next few days because I made way too many for one person. Yum! There's also some Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream I picked up at Trader Joe's last night that's calling to me. End of semester stress requires lots of comfort food.
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Normally, I'm not a big online quiz person, but last night in Digital Preservation I stumbled upon this site Recipe Star, which is a new site with... recipes, duh. Their "What would you taste like to a cannibal?" quiz was too bizarre to pass up.

What would you taste like to a cannibal?

Created by Recipe Star

Mmmm... chicken. I also found out from another quiz that I could survive for 7 hours inside a freezer.

So, flist, what do you taste like? Maybe we can have an LJ block party pot luck!


Feb. 8th, 2009 11:56 am
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I felt better about my apparent weakness when my roommate the personal trainer, who is much stronger than me, also could not open my jam jar. Of course, his inability to open it didn't help me with the continuing PB&J problem, sooo... I tried again.

Rubber band thing did not work, so then I tried hot water, but then the jar was all slippery. I dried it off, set it on top of one rubber glove and used another for the lid AND I TWISTED IT OFF!

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For two days, a jam jar has stood between me and my lunch. Yesterday morning I had to abandon hope and leave my half-constructed sandwich in the fridge, or else be late for work. (Yeah, I left a plate in my fridge with two slices of bread, one spread with peanut butter. Pathetic.)

Today I thought I could conquer the jar, but it was not to be. Now I still can't have my PB&J and my arm hurts. Is this a particularly evil jar? Or is my grip getting that much worse?

Oh, jam jar, why do you hate me so? Now you force me to be all healthy and eat salad.
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I hope everyone's enjoyed their first day of 2009. :)

Mine's been pretty slow. Last night I went to a party, so I slept in the morning. Then I spent the rest of the day doing important things like reading Georgette Heyer and switching out most of my LJ icons. My dad made stuffed shells for dinner, which were much yummier than sauerkraut.

CD101, my favorite Columbus radio station, has started their annual countdown of the most requested songs in the station's history. If you like alternative rock, I highly recommend it for the unique mix of songs. I always hear something amazing and unexpected. If you don't live in Columbus, never fear! You can listen live online.

Tomorrow it my last day of vacation, and there's so much to do. Clothes to pack, errands to run, "The Mind of Evil" to finish. And right now I think I need more Christmas cookies.

ETA: Guys, I have an important question. In addition to the books I've read list that's been chilling on my desktop all year, I've got a to-read list. Should I start that over for 2009 as well? I'm torn. On one hand, I want to read all the books ever, so I'll never actually finish the list if I don't purge it once in awhile. On the other hand, I made the list so I can remember titles, and if I purge the list I'll... forget. I can't decide!

ETA 2: Kit asked to see the list. Here it is. )
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Things are not looking good for my Buckeyes. :(

On the upside, I just had really fantastic Mexican food for dinner. We went to a place in Arlington that was recommended in Washingtonian as a best bargain restaurant. I had enchiladas de pollo con mole, and they were delicious.

Ugh... USC just got another touchdown. It might be time for me to be done with this game.
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The past week I've mostly been reading news articles that have left me frustrated or angry, so today I've got some other stuff I found interesting in the Sunday papers.

I know some of my f-listers may be interested in the Billie Piper interview in The Observer today. She talks both about her pregnancy and the upcoming series of Secret Diary of a Call Girl, which begins this week.

This is from last week, but I didn't finish last Sunday's Washington Post until I went to throw it in the recycling yesterday. (It's such a good thing we don't get the paper delivered every day. We'd never finish anything!) Anyway, there was a nice feature editorial about Ohio and being a Midwest transplant to D.C. written by Emily Langer. She writes:
I miss Ohio most when I hear other transplanted Midwesterners belittle their parents for being intimidated by subways that they have no occasion to ride, or mock the suburbs that seemed pretty great when they were running through sprinklers in their big backyards, or dump on cornfields and cows, especially when most of them spent their childhoods not on tractors but in minivans. But of course, I too have sinned by leaving Ohio, and there are days when I feel downright traitorous for having done so.

I don't think she mentioned in the article, but Ohio has a major problem keeping college graduates in the state. I know Governor Strickland is doing some work to reverse that trend, so it'll be interesting to see how successful that is in the coming years. (Says the Ohioan turned nomad.)

And for those who like to go to Magnolia and mack on some cupcakes, Jennifer 8. Lee asks Will Cupcakes Be the Next Krispy Kreme?. We had some pretty darn good cupcakes in Montreal, but I can't remember the name of the shop. Forget Krispy Kreme, though: why is there no Timmy's near me?
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It's easy to do. Just eat everything. Then have some more.

Seriously. 12,000 calories a day. I can't even imagine. Of course, I don't spend my whole day swimming and working out. Michael Phelps is not normal.

"This man is in a very, very different place to the rest of us. He's 6ft 4in and 192lb of pure joy. From a female perspective, obviously. Though I probably shouldn't say that."


ETA: Also, I moved today. It is more stressful with my mother along trying to organize things. But I am here now and am trying to relax.
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