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I pretty much fail at life. In a strange moment of motivation guilt, I thought I should do something active since it's a nice sunny day and I'm trying to be healthier and all. I pulled my bike out from the shed and went on a ride that was very nice until I conveniently forgot that out is downhill and back is uphill. I got a bad leg cramp on the way back, but I survived.

Then I got back to house and discovered I was locked out! I only meant to be gone for half an hour, and didn't think my roommate would be gone by then. I couldn't call anyone because my phone was locked in the house with my keys. Brrnt.

Lucky for me I found one window unlocked in the back of the house and was able to pry it open, jump up onto the windowsill, then move the shelf blocking the window out just far enough to get down. I felt like an idiot doing that, and probably almost knocked the shelf down, but at least I didn't have to sit out on the porch for three hours waiting for someone else to come home.

And now I must eat dinner. My health kick also inspired me to buy the entire produce section at Giant yesterday, and when you're eating mostly vegetables, you really do need to eat MORE!
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First off, we have this gem from last week's Washington Post on how today's college students aren't reading the beat poets, and are therefore idiots. Basically. I think it's just yet another round of "kids these days" BS. Today's young adults aren't less involved in radical politics because they like the Twilight books; there are loads of other societal factors effecting that.
What you see at the next revolution is far more likely to be a well-designed Web site than a radical novel or a poem. Not to be a drag, but that's so uncool. For those of us who care about literature and think it still has a lot to offer, it's time to start chanting, "Hell, no! We won't go!"

Well, yes, literature does have plenty to author. But just cause I don't really care for Kerouac doesn't make me dumb. You have your classics, we have ours. Okay?

In better news, the New York Times reports that book sales are up in Europe thanks to the recession. Books make for inexpensive but high quality entertainment. (Even French translations of Twilight. If you couldn't tell, I don't like being judgey about what people read. Even if Twilight is kinda lulzy.)

And in the Guardian, "Librarians are necessarily heroes and warriors - albeit in disguise." I would so love to work at the British Library, even if they have misplaced some of their books. And can I just say that the Guardian has a much better books section than most U.S. papers? (Actually, many U.S. papers are ditching books all together. Sad.)


This has nothing to do with books, but the SciFi Channel rebrand? EPIC FAIL. SyFy? Seriously? I like io9's assement: "I mean, it's the same name! Just spelled stupidly!" Do they think people won't notice? For current science fiction fans, it's insulting. And for non-fans, well, what exactly has changed? I like some of the alternate options on io9, like "The Why Isn't Battlestar Galactica On Anymore Channel" or "The Look, Just Fuck Off Geeks, We Don't Want Your Kind Round Here Network."
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I am usually not a violent person, but the self checkout machines at the grocery store make me really want to hurt something. My experience today went something like this:

Checkout machine: Please place the item in the bag.
Me: *places in bag*
Checkout machine: Please place the item in the bag.
Me: It's in the bag!
Checkout machine: Please place the item in the bag.
Me: It's in the fucking bag!

That's way more frustration than a box of Cinnamon Life and some calcium-enriched orange juice is worth.

In better news, I just picked up Breaking Dawn from the library. Finally. Not that I have time for fun reading now anyway. Next up, information ethics!
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I got eskimo snowed today in my "Organization of Information" class. *headdesk* Also, we got all that bs about how people can only differentiate between colors that they have unique words for. Gah!!! I had already pointed out several times that she was wrong about cataloging rules, but I forced myself to hold it in that she was wrong about the linguistics stuff. (Yes, linguistics makes me ranty. Don't these people read Language Log?! That class is so frustrating... which is why I spent most of it today reading the Huffington Post.

Also, I got an e-mail that started with "There are three kinds of people in the world: those who can count, and those who can't." This is always a lame joke, but I think [ profile] zankhamun and [ profile] lib_chick42 will have a special appreciation for it's lameness.

My computer problems at work were fixed, then returned, then were fixed again. Now I can actually use Photoshop. That is to say, I can do my job.

I watched House tonight. Well, kind of, cause I was chopping vegetables in the kitchen to make a Turkish chopped salad for dinner, so for the first half I was mostly just listening to House. Whatever. This is what happens when I miss a few episodes. )

Tomorrow is my day off! Yay! I'll be spending most of it working on projects though. Were did all my time go, guys?
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Last night around 2 am I engaged in epic battle with a bug. The problem was it kept buzzing really loud. Then it landed right near me and turned out to be pretty big. And I could just see it there. Watching me. Being creepy. Waiting for the opportune moment to strike.

Intellectually, I'm okay with the idea that there are insects all around. Out of sight, out of mind and all that. But then large beetle thing appears and I'm really freaked out by it. I think it's partly the fault of those Scary Stories books that we read in elementary school, particularly one where the spider lays eggs in someone's face. I don't want bugs near me right before I go to sleep, cause what if that actually happened? I'm sure it also didn't help that it was late and I was tired or that I was the only one at home.

Which is how I end up chasing a beetle around the room at 2 am. Just when I thought it was going to leave me alone it had the nerve to come and land on me. Shortly after that, it met defeat. I was not eaten by insects in my sleep.
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Gah... tonight is not going well. My mother called me to tell me I need to mail something to Ohio by yesterday. That would have been easy enough had I know this, say, last week (or if I had a TARDIS), but even Express Mail can't move back in time. I went to the one post office that's open late, then I thought I'd stop at Giant on the way home and by some orange juice. Oh, how I miss a good street grid! I got lost because the street that was going east turned south, unbeknownst to me, and though I found the store, it was purely by accident. Then I came home and bashed my thumbnail on my drying rack while I was trying to fold laundry. Thanks for the bloody thumb, bad depth perception.

Anyway... in other business, since [ profile] d4ni no longer has the benefit of my amazing musical taste (i.e. she hears fewer songs that elicit a "What the hell is that?" reaction) I've compiled a little list of some new songs I've enjoyed. Links will either take you to somewhere where you can either download or stream for free. (Or, failing that, YouTube.)

Clubbing )

And now bed. I've gotta wake up and drive to Dulles at five. Yuck.
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Do not touch jalapeño seeds, then touch nose.


I need remedial cooking lessons.

ETA: Use caution while washing brand new blender. Do not cut self on blades.

It's not a proper meal until I'm bleeding.

ETA2: Do not pick up chicken from the grill with fingers.

It's also not a proper meal until I burn myself.
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Last week I was watching CNN at the gym, and I was amazed to discover that they were still talking about Barack Obama and flag lapel pins. The economy seems to be going to hell in a hula hoop, and this is what the electorate cares about? Really?

I was incredibly pleased to read Roland Martin's commentary on the issue on Here's a taste of what he has to say:

Since it is clear that our nation is paralyzed and so not able to close our borders, feed the homeless, develop businesses in the inner cities and save people from having their homes taken by foreclosure due to ruthless mortgage companies, all because some folks don't wear a flag lapel pin, we need to lead a national movement to demand that Congress and the states make requiring officeholders to wear a flag lapel pin the 28th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

See, if it is so important, then take it all the way. Don't make it optional. Don't leave it up to someone to choose to wear a flag lapel pin. Let's really show those politicians that nothing is more important to us than seeing them with the U.S. flag on our chest.

That's what zealots do. They take something so simple, so personal, so voluntary, and absolutely lose their mind, trying to force someone else to do as them, and everyone else be damned.

Yes, yes, and yes. There's nothing wrong with a politician choosing to wear a flag pin, but they certainly shouldn't be required to. There are so many other ways--better ways--to measure their strengths as a candidate. It doesn't matter who the candidate is, I care much more about their policies than what they're wearing on their lapel.


May. 7th, 2008 12:16 pm
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This morning I woke up late (again). I tried to stave off exhaustion with some caffeine, then spilled tea on my leg on the way to the car (I am a klutz). Not a very auspicious start to the morning (also, someone tried to crash into me on the way to work, which I did not appreciate).

I actually turned on the TV last night (adjusted the antenna and everything), but the CBS news is too early here for elections returns. So instead I played with the delegate calculator on After Barack Obama’s win in North Carolina it looks pretty much impossible for Hillary Clinton to win the nomination. Yet she is still campaigning. She’s fought a good fight, but I think there’s something to be said for knowing when to call it quits.

I’m just over halfway through Bleak House (see, I do stuff other than watch Doctor Who… sometimes) right now. I’m enjoying it, even though the many characters and subplots get a little confusing sometimes. I need a character flowchart so I can work out who’s involved in each scene.

Here’s what I do at work (when I’m not fixing paper jams):
Patron: I looked for this book, but it’s not there.
Alexis: Are you sure you looked in the 2000s, not the 200s?
Patron: Yeah, I looked there, but it wasn’t on the shelf.
Alexis finds book exactly where it’s supposed to be.
Patron: (surprised) Oh, where was it?
Alexis: *facepalm*

ETA: I got home from work and there is a giant frakking hole in the parking lot. I may go hide away from the construction at the public library.
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I've just started Steven Pinker's latest book The Stuff of Thought. Thus far, I'm really enjoying it, and thought I'd share an amusing passage I read this morning:

"The paradox of identifying taboo words without using them has always infected attempts to regulate speech about sexuality. In several states, the drafters of the statute against bestiality could not bring themselves to name it and therefor outlawed 'the abominable and detestable crime against nature,' until the statues were challenged for being void for vagueness. To avoid this trap, a New Jersey obscenity statue stipulated exactly which kinds of words and images would be deemed obscene. But the wording of the statue was so pornographic that some law libraries tore the page out of every copy of the statute books." (19-20)

People are really dumb sometimes, eh?

I sincerely hope that libraries are no longer tearing "obscene" pages out of law books, both because I'm strongly opposed to censorship in libraries, and because that's ridiculous to bother writing down a law if the record of it is automatically destroyed. Of course, there still are plenty of laws about what words can and cannot be used during television and radio broadcasts. For instance, it's still not advisable to air Ginsberg's "Howl". Alas, we're so uptight.

Anyway, The Stuff of Thought looks to be an enjoyable and thought provoking read!
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I went to pick up a book from the library today and found, much to my dismay, that the library had been temporarily shut down because of something to do with student protesters. (My French reading skills lack any ability with nuance.) Since people we're saying it was for the rest of the day, I just turned around and got back on the Metro to come home.

According to the Montreal Gazette student strikers are protesting a tuition hike of... wait for it... 100 dollars. Seriously? As part of the strike, protesters wanted to stage a sit-in at the Grande Bibliothèque, hence the closure. Maybe it's just me, but that's just absurd. First off, you can strike from school? I thought there was another name for that? Oh, right. Cutting class. (I wish I would've done so this morning, but that's a different story. As much as I don't enjoy my classes, I'm glad that McGill students are basically staying out of this. I don't care to be on strike, thanks.)

From what I've read, CEGEP and University tuition in Quebec has been frozen for the past decade, so they haven't had an increase recently. Perhaps it's simply a matter of perspective, but a 100 dollar increase after ten years seems pretty reasonable--it's probably not even keeping up with inflation. Also, it's not as if the tuition is that expensive to begin with; that's part of the reason I'm here. Even state universities in the US are much, much more expensive, and many have tuition or fee increases ever year. Do Quebec students seriously not understand how good they've got it here? I think they should go back to class and pay the 100 bucks. It's really not a huge deal.
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Ever since I decided that I needed to adjust myself to temperatures in degrees Celsius, I have been living in a mystery climate. I wake up in the morning, and it's 15º. Sounds cold. Maybe it's a nice, sunny day, and it gets up to 28º in the afternoon. Still sounds cold. If I dressed for my perception of the weather, I'd be wearing sweaters and winter coats every day because no matter what, it always sounds cold!

Montreal isn't that far North, people!

I do know that 0º is freezing, and I know that anything over 30º is pretty hot. In between, it's all kind of a mystery. So try as I may, I still find myself having to switch back to degrees Fahrenheit. Every time I do it, I feel like I'm cheating... then again, I don't want to wear a parka when I should be wearing a t-shirt.

I wonder how cold it'll be tomorrow?
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Really, I don't. I do miss my iPod though. I asked my sister to ship it to me, but I think maybe she thought I was joking. A couple days after I got here, I went to take my iPod out of my purse, and realized that all I had was the headphones. I left the iPod in my car, which I left in grandma's garage. Once again, I am an idiot. At least, of all the things I could choose to leave in Ohio, at least an iPod is small and easy to ship.

Earlier today I was craving some Chipotle, I think because my sister mentioned burritos in a post on Facebook. Anyone wanna buy me a chicken burrito with black beans? Or some chicken tacos? Yum! Unfortunately, I expect a burrito would be a bit harder to ship than an iPod. Plus the whole customs thing. They'd probably confiscate my lunch.

I still haven't found any TV stations that show any US college football. NFL football, yes, but I don't care about that. I want to see the Buckeyes, but it looks like maybe it's not meant to be. Not that there aren't plenty of interesting things to watch on TV here. Earlier, I caught the end of an episode of Doctor Who, which I've heard good stuff about, but never watched. Well... it certainly was strange. Lots of pig-face people running around in some cave like place. It was in French, and I couldn't understand the dialogue at all, so who knows if it was actually good.
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Today I burnt my hand on one of the heating coils in my oven, which had apparently come loose and was hanging down ominously, just waiting for some hungry, unsuspecting (klutzy) young woman to make her dinner. Skin doesn't like to be baked at 400º. It kinda hurts. I am an idiot.

But my pasta was yummy with the sauce I made yesterday and some cheese melted on the top. Oh, and it seems that all I do in this journal is talk about food. I think I just like food a lot.
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