Apr. 10th, 2010 10:18 pm
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500) I just noticed that I made my 500th entry yesterday. Predictably, I was babbling about a TV show! Apparently my paid time has run out, and I'm feeling to cheap to pay for it right now... so thank goodness I already uploaded a Kahlan icon. (Bad ass Mother Confessor, baby!) Not that I probably won't cave in about a week anyway.

1) The other day a dug out an old purse and found a flash drive I thought I lost back in Kansas. It's only 1GB, but this is still super news because my newer, shinier 8GB one got a little bent and stopped working.

08) I still enjoy the reactions I get when I tell people here in D.C. that I moved here from Kansas. I person recently actually knew the city and asked what area I lived in, but more often people think I'm kidding. Yes, there is life beyond the Eastern seaboard!

42) Today I met up with a friend and her husband and went to the roller derby! Today was the D.C. Rollergirls league championship bout between the D.C. Demoncats and Scare Force One. I'd never been before, but it's so much fun! The three of us were trying to come up with fun derby names—all the derby girls have fun aliases, like "Condoleeza Slice" and "Sookie Slaughterhouse." We're already planning to go back for the next bout in May.

87) I heard Bulletproof on the local Top 40 station today (twice!) and I got to have a music snob "I bought that almost a year ago n00bs" moment. Yeah.

6) New Doctor Who and Legend of the Seeker today... so you know where I'll be for the rest of the night!
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From today's New York Times:

Orders for "Aretha's Hat" Flood Detroit Milliner

How cool is it that there are still milliners? Few people wear cool hats anymore; I certainly don't have any. There were a couple of old lady's at my church who had Easter hats last year.

Sadly, there was another article about the death of newspapers. If there are no newspapers, how will I learn about the latest crazes in millinery?

Also, can we bring back haberdashery, just so I can say the word? Fun fact: before he was president, Harry Truman (yes, there were presidents before Barack Obama) was a Kansas City haberdasher. I learned that at the Truman Library, which is actually really cool. If you're every in Independence, Missouri, you should go. :)

ETA: Another one. It's pretty odd that crazy book news from Ohio ends up in a UK national paper, but I'll take it. For the record, I have both been to Kelley's Island and read To Kill a Mockingbird. It's an amazing book, but I wouldn't want to eat it.
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Today was my last day of work. It was pretty uneventful. After that I came home intending to finish packing, but I got distracted, i.e., I fell asleep for almost three hours. Whoops. But I had some pizza and watched some Firefly and packed up the car, so now I'm mostly ready to go. I'm thinking I'll probably go ahead and leave tomorrow, because otherwise I'll get really antsy sitting around all day. I guess that makes today my last day in Kansas. Ack!

Okay, back to Doctor Who, then maybe I'll go to bed early. My life is so exciting. :D
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Getting ready to leave a place is an odd experience. I don't feel like the reality of the situation ever sets in until I'm actually on the road, and I realize I'm actually going away and not coming back (for good or at least not for awhile). I've now got only week left in Kansas, and as usual, my imminent departure has somehow snuck up on me.

I'm meant to be reworking my resume and writing a cover let right now, but I lost interest after I typed about two sentences. I'm really, really bad at praising myself. Why should they hire me? Because I'm a poor grad student who needs a job and actually does have quite a bit of library experience and is really much more amusing in person than in this stiff and formal sounding letter. I think I dislike formal correspondence because it feels so fake.

I flaked out on a potential day trip to Omaha today so I could get things done, like buying bananas and doing my laundry and writing that pesky letter. Not going made me feel guiltily anti-social, but I've actually had a very nice day. I went to St. Michael's this morning, and in a nice bit of symmetry, the same girl who welcomed me on my first Sunday there, was sitting in the pew right behind me, so we got to talk a little bit after Mass. There was also a 20s and 30s group brunch this afternoon, which I was (quite easily) persuaded to attend. See, I can be social. I even met some new people. If I were staying here longer, I would definitely try to know some of them better, because they're just a really nice group. By some strange coincidence, one of them is also moving to Washington, D.C. in August so he can start seminary, so we exchanged phone numbers. So that's one D.C. acquaintance, and I haven't even moved yet!

The last of my laundry is in the dryer and I've finished the book I was reading and two radio programs. I think it's time for me to put together some dinner then finally finish this job application. Where does all my time go?
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Someone whistled at me from a car when I was walking to the park this evening. I pretended I didn't hear (iPod = plausible deniability) cause stuff like that makes me uncomfortable. I feel like I'm being laughed at, even if I'm likely not. *is paranoid*

I've come up with a new exercise plan for myself now that my free gym pass is expired. I'll just walk to the library and return my books... one at a time. Today I walked in the park for an hour, but it's a small park and I get kind of bored without a destination. Walking to the library once a day will be about the same distance as I walked to class every day in Montreal, and I lost weight despite frequent trips to Timmy's and my newfound appreciation of poutine.

At the park today: two birthday parties, lots of people fishing, dog walkers, joggers, a basketball game, volleyball players, LARPers, and three tennis games, one without an actual court. Every time I see people playing tennis I kind of wish I had stuck it out longer with tennis lessons. (A long time ago my mom signed me up for tennis lessons because she thought I should sometimes do activities with people instead of sitting around the house reading. She says after my first set of classes ended I asked, "Can I be done with this now?") I wasn't bound for tennis stardom by any means, but I was reasonably competent. I wouldn't win any Grand Slams, but I could at least play in the park!

And now it's already after nine o'clock! Seriously, where does the time go? I really have to stop sleeping in the afternoon. It eats all my time!


Jun. 13th, 2008 10:46 am
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Last night we had a)a tornado watch and b)more thunderstorms. So, you know, pretty much the same as every night. The tornado sirens were going off a lot, so naturally I decided to go outside and see what all the fuss was about. You know what I discovered? We have neighbors! Two of the other women from our building also came out to watch the storm, so we stood around chatting for a little bit, until it started raining on us. We didn't see any funnel clouds, but there was some awesome lightning. And we have neighbors who are also 20-ish and seem like nice people.

The power only went out briefly once, and luckily I was not in the shower that time. Yay!

I'm ready to be done with the rain now. Thunderstorms do not make good pool weather.
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Last night we saw Margot & the Nuclear So and So's, [livejournal.com profile] d4ni's favorite band. The show was at a smallish bar in Lawrence, the local college town about forty minutes west of home. Normally I don't make a habit of going out on Wednesday nights, but it was so worth the resulting lack of sleep!

I don't go to many concerts (at least not ones I'm not playing in) but I do really love live music. The two opening acts were both good, and Margot was fabulous! If you haven't heard of Margot & the Nuclear So and So's (and you probably haven't), they're an indie orchestral rock band (kind of like The Arcade Fire). They've got guitars, keyboard, violin, trumpet, horn, cello, and plenty of interesting percussion. Watching the percussion guy dance was one of the most amusing parts of the night. You have never seen a tambourine played with such enthusiasm and abandon!

Margot & the Nuclear So and So's 4

As you probably tell from the picture, we were standing very close to the stage (the beauty of seeing an indie band at a small venue!) so everything was good and loud, and I could see well when flaily-dancing guy in front of me wasn't, well, flailing too much. They'd played some new songs from their upcoming album and some lovely old stuff. My personal favorites are "Skeleton Key", which is just all around amazing, and "Paper Kitten Nightmare" because it has meowing. 'Nuff said.

There are more pictures at my Flickr account and some videos here. :D
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Yesterday I got lost on the way home from work. Slightly embarassing, I know, but what can I saw? I'm not from around here!

The Kansas interstate highways are pothole breeding grounds, and normally I approve of the state's efforts to patch them up. (My taxes put to practical use! Hooray!) I'll even allow that midday, when there's less traffic, is an ideal time for repairs... just not, you know, on the interchange I need, yeah?

Thwarted by pothole patchers, I exited the highway the next opportunity I had, and inconveniently landed myself on one of the few streets in this city that isn't on the grid. (Curse you, Santa Fe Trail Drive!) Usually I have a decent sense of direction, but the diagonal street threw me off, and I ended up spending some quality time driving in circles around Lenexa.

What was I thinking the whole time? I wasn't worried about finding my way home. I may not know the city very well, but I do know that numbered streets run East-West. If all else fails, I can always count my way home. No, the whole time I kept thinking "I am wasting so much gas!" Over the weekend, regular gas hit $3.50 a gallon here, which is enough to make me not want to drive anywhere. Getting lost is expensive.

Yesterday I read that both Hillary Clinton and John McCain favor a summer gasoline tax holiday. They would like to temporarily suspend the 18.4 cent tax between Memorial Day and Labor Day. I don't know much about economics, but my immediate reaction was that it sounded like a bad idea. Don't get me wrong, I don't like paying lots of money for gas. Since I started driving, the price per gallon has gone up about 250%, and I gripe about it every time. But part of me also believes that the expensive gas is good. Like I said, it makes me want to drive less. And driving less is a very good thing. (I'd walk to work if it wouldn't take 2.5 hours and involve leaving at 5 am. I miss public transit.)

This morning I read Thomas L. Friedman's column, which confirmed that I'm not the only one thinking this way. He writes:
If you are going to use tax policy to shape energy strategy then you want to raise taxes on the things you want to discourage — gasoline consumption and gas-guzzling cars — and you want to lower taxes on the things you want to encourage — new, renewable energy technologies. We are doing just the opposite.
The rising gas prices are inconvenient, but this hardly seems like the time to give a temporary break and encourage people to drive more. Americans drive way too much as it is.

Plus, we need the tax money to fix the potholes.
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Last night I made barbeque for dinner, because this is Kansas City, so it's pretty much a requirement. [livejournal.com profile] d4ni told me you can tell it's spring when you start eating barbeque more than once a week. I only kind of knew what I was doing, so I looked up a recipe on the internet (thanks Rachel Ray!) and proceeded to half follow it. I learned random experimentation from my mom, and I pretty much only follow recipes faithfully when I'm baking. It's more fun that way! The chicken turned out delicious in spite of (or because of!) my modifications. That's another great addition to my culinary repertoire.

I got to work this morning and discovered that there was an earthquake early this morning. According to The Kansas City Star it had a magnitude of 5.2 and is one of the strongest earthquakes ever recorded in the region. Craziness! I thought this was supposed to be tornado country. I did wake up around 4:30 this morning, so maybe that's why. What's really weird is that we were talking about earthquakes in Missouri at dinner a few nights ago, and someone wondered if there could be an earthquake in the area again. Weird!
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Thursday afternoon it hailed (just what my poor car needs, more hail spots) and now it's 30-something and snowing! Apparently it was just wishful thinking on my part when I packed up most of my sweaters last weekend. It's mid-April, can't we just have spring weather yet? I mean, if I'd wanted a lots of winter weather, I would've stayed in Montreal. (Actually, I kind of did want to stay in Montreal, though not necessarily cause of the weather, and, anyway, that's besides the point.)

I guess if nothing else, at least it's a good day to hang out at home and read, which is what I've been doing. Silver linings and all that.
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And it's in a library! I'm starting tomorrow at the dack of crawn. Hoorary for finally being employed!
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It's 70 degrees in Kansas City today! The sun seems to have vanished temporarily, but it was very bright this morning. To celebrate the spring-like weather I broke out a short sleeved shirt and drove with the windows down (which led to a piece of paper on the back seat getting whipped out the window by the strong winds :D ). It's too bad Murray's not here with me, because this is the perfect weather to take him out for a walk. Unfortunately, tomorrow it's supposed to drop down back down to 30 degrees, and it's supposed to snow. The lovely weekend will be officially over; winter, however, will not.

Yesterday, [profile] d4ni and I went to the first week's installment in the Kansas City Chinese Film Festival. The film this week was Malu Tianshi (Street Angel), which was made in 1937. I don't know a lot about old films or Chinese films, so it was pretty different than a lot of movies that I've seen before. One synopsis we read on Friday night compared the film to Italian neorealism, and there were some definite similarities. The film is set in the Shanghai slums in 1935 and focuses on the hardships of life there. Though generally bleak, the film also has many comic moments, which makes for an interesting mix. It was something new, and it was free! After the movie, we continued with the Asian them and had Japanese for lunch. I had teriyaki chicken, which was delicious, and even tried a piece of sushi. Usually I don't like the vinegar on the rice, but it wasn't as strong at this restaurant, so maybe when we go again I'll try some more of their sushi.

This morning I went to a nearby Episcopal Church, St. Michael and All Angels, and I was really please with the experience. The service was very traditional (much more so than either of the Catholic churches I went to the past two Sundays). There was great organ music, which I love, and a nice choir, and the sermon was relevant and interesting. The woman I sat next to, who's only several years older than me, was incredibly welcoming. She recognized that I was new to the church and introduced herself, and afterwards she gave me a tour of the church and introduced me to some parishioners and priests. We even went up in the choir loft, where I got to see the organ pipes up close and got a great view of the whole church. It was a pleasant surprise for me to have someone go out of her way to make me feel comfortable and welcome on my first visit there.

Unfortunately, my absentee ballot still hasn't come yet. The Franklin County Board of Elections is too slow, so now I won't get to vote. Ballots have to be received by 7:30 pm on Tuesday, so I needed it by Saturday in order to fill it out and send it in on time. I'm kinda ticked that I don't get to vote, especially since Ohio is, as I mentioned before, kind of a big deal. :(


Feb. 12th, 2008 10:37 pm
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I did it! I actually picked up and moved to Kansas City, which still seems a bit unreal.

I left Columbus just before 8:30 on Sunday morning and drove for a really, really long time. Prior to this, the farthest I've driven was to Ada, Ohio, and I thought that was pretty darn boring. Trekking all the way across the Midwest definitely tops that. At a rest stop somewhere in Indiana I took the time to crack open the car manual and learn how to operate cruise control. Cruise control is awesome, even though it's kinda weird at first that the car seems to pretty much be driving itself. My iPod was a wonderfully useful traveling companion; without it I would have gone crazy listening to that goofy Santana song over and over on Top 40 radio stations, and I never could have survived the horrible four hours between St. Louis and Kansas City. (The problem is once you get to St. Louis, you feel you must be almost there, but, unfortunately, all the rest of the state of Missouri lies in between.)

I've now had two full days here, most of which have been devoted to finding my bearings in a completely new place and looking for a job. (And trying to prevent [livejournal.com profile] d4ni's cats from eating my stuff.) I successfully located the grocery store (food!), the bank (money!), and the library (books!) in a single outing, so now I'm pretty much set. Today I filled out several job applications, and I've got more for tomorrow. Also, I went to IHOP for the first time ever and ate free pancakes for National Pancake Day. ([livejournal.com profile] d4ni and [livejournal.com profile] exodyus both seemed to think it was practically criminal that I had never been.) See, Kansas is already full of crazy new adventures!
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