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So we went to see Get Smart, and it was pretty funny. I appreciate a movie with a running into a doorframe gag. (Not that I do that in real life or anything.) :D

There was a scene in the movie that was totally shot on McGill's campus. I think the Redpath Museum was standing in for a Smithsonian building. I was excited cause omgiknowwherethatis! Montreal mostly doesn't look like Washington, D.C. though.


Dec. 3rd, 2007 06:07 pm
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It was still snowing softly when I walked home from the library this evening. The snow is really beautiful once the sun goes down because light from the street lamps reflect off the snow and make it sparkle. Ideally, I'd love for all the snow to stay untouched. It makes the city look so clean. Of course, realistically, people have to get around, so icky brown slush is inevitable.

In Columbus the amount of snow we had today would have brought the city to a near complete stand still. (I think there's somewhere in the vicinity of 8-10 inches on the ground.) Jym Ganahl would be simply ecstatic as he reported on the Snow Emergency level. My favorite is Level 3, the level at which you get arrested for driving. I've always wondered how the cops manage to catch you for that. Are the Level 3 Snow Emergency Police chases that I've been missing out on all my life?

Seriously though, I hate driving in the snow. I remember one snowy afternoon last year it took me an hour to drive the three miles home from campus. I probably could have walked it faster--if there were sidewalks. One of the nice things about Montreal is that there, of course, are sidewalks and quite a lot of people using them. It really is possible to get around in the snow without a car, and you don't have to deal with the traffic.

I still think it would be a great idea to get a toboggan and sled down the hill to class. I should've picked one up at Canadian Tire yesterday! Missed opportunity.
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Ever since I decided that I needed to adjust myself to temperatures in degrees Celsius, I have been living in a mystery climate. I wake up in the morning, and it's 15º. Sounds cold. Maybe it's a nice, sunny day, and it gets up to 28º in the afternoon. Still sounds cold. If I dressed for my perception of the weather, I'd be wearing sweaters and winter coats every day because no matter what, it always sounds cold!

Montreal isn't that far North, people!

I do know that 0º is freezing, and I know that anything over 30º is pretty hot. In between, it's all kind of a mystery. So try as I may, I still find myself having to switch back to degrees Fahrenheit. Every time I do it, I feel like I'm cheating... then again, I don't want to wear a parka when I should be wearing a t-shirt.

I wonder how cold it'll be tomorrow?
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aka Why I got nothing done this week.

Many of the shows I used to follow aren't on anymore. Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars ended last season; The West Wing ended the year before that, and Bravo stopped showing reruns all the time. ER is still on, but I stopped caring after the cast changed yet again. So this week I decided to find some new shows to watch because that just seemed like a lot more fun than reading about cataloging.

Watching TV here is a challenging experience. More of the channels are in French than in English, and I haven't completely figured out which ones are which yet. Since I don't understand French, those are usually out, unless there's nothing else on. I have caught the tail end of a few episodes of Doctor Who (which I've been told is addictive) in French, and the other day I watched some Alias en française while I ate my lunch. Neither of those made any sense.

When the channels are in English, it's still difficult to figure out what's on. We have 5 4.5 American stations: ABC, CBS, and NBC, as well as a channel that is something FOX and sometimes the CW. Then there are two Canadian networks, Global and CTV, which show many of the popular American prime time shows, but not always on the same night or same time. That means that sometimes, the same show is on two channels at once, and sometimes the same show is on two different channels at different times (for instance, ER is on at 7pm and at 10pm). In the case of CSI: Miami, it's on three stations at the same time: twice in English, and once in French. Horatio and his sunglasses are just as strange dubbed in French. And some of the shows we just can't find (when do we have FOX? when do we have CW? who knows!) Comedy Central doesn't exist, but The Daily Show and The Colbert Report are on CTV at midnight. Unfortunately, that's not so compatible with my morning classes.

Here's the rundown of what I did manage to see this week:

Also, we have a DVD player now! I've really been wanting to watch some West Wing episodes, but the DVD drive on my laptop is broken. Hooray for the DVD player!


Sep. 24th, 2007 01:05 am
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Still "church shopping." I'm looking for the right fit. This morning I went to the Anglican Cathedral. It's at University and Ste-Catherine, so it's actually pretty close to my house.

I was quite pleased with my choice. The service was a little longer than I'm used to, but that was partly because we sang every verse of every song, and there were both a choir and a pipe organ. That makes me ridiculously happy. I love liturgical music.
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Especially when you're a grad student with only $10 Canadian to your name.

Yesterday the Post-Graduate Student Society had a free wine and cheese night for first year grad students. It was held, of course, at Thomson House, the house reserved for McGill graduate students. We have our own restaurant and bar there. Because we are awesome.

Today the Education Graduate Student Society had a free lunch. Pizza, chips, and soda aren't as fancy as wine and cheese, but, hey, I'll take it. I like pizza. (I need to find a good pizza place around here. And a good place to get a cheeseburger.)

After the free lunch I headed to the bank to open up a new account. Since I'm a student I can actually get a free checking chequing account. Usually, chequing accounts have a monthly fee here. Because I was opening a new account, I also could waive the annual fee for a student VISA card, which apparently has a rewards program, so that's pretty cool. The woman who helped me open my account was really nice and gave me extra free checks so I would have enough for my rent checks without having to buy checks just yet. I also got a free pen and a free t-shirt. All the free stuff is good though, because I still won't have any money for 15 days. Since all the money I had to deposit in my account was in US dollars, I have to wait for the checks to clear. Until then I can have 100 bucks.

Which brings me to textbooks... I don't think the $100 I can withdraw and the $10 in my wallet are going to do it. So tonight I schlepped over to the library to take advantage of the textbooks on three hour reserve. The library is always free! There's even a copy of the course pack for one of the classes, which I'm not sure lots of people know is there, since she didn't mention it in class or write it on the syllabus. Maybe I just won't bother buying it, even when I'm not broke.
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Yesterday a group of us walked down the street to Mount Royal Park to check out the Sunday Tam-Tams. The Tam-Tams are a weekly event through the summer. An informal group of drummers plays through the afternoon, and lots of others come to dance along or to simply relax and enjoy. While we were there, several of the roomies got palm readings. I'm pretty skeptical about that type of thing, but I'll admit that it was highly entertaining.

Another fun thing about Montreal: you can get your groceries delivered. For a dollar! That's really exciting if you don't have a car because you're not limited to lightweight items. So now I have important things like Tide. And Snack-packs. Mmm... pudding. To top it all off, Provigo gives 10% off to students every Monday! I know what day I'll be doing all my grocery shopping from now on!

Except I actually do have to go back tomorrow. This evening when I was making my Kraft Dinner (a.k.a. Macaroni & Cheese in the US) I discovered that my milk was curdled. That was a) pretty annoying, and b) really disgusting 'cause I just ate that milk on my cereal this morning. Gross! When I go tomorrow to buy milk, I think I'll go ahead and carry it back myself.
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Let's leave today! Or Friday, as it were. I'm all settled in my new place in Montreal, and I've met most of my housemates. So now I'm on to important business like starting classes starting a LiveJournal (because I need to spend more time on the internet, clearly). Classes officially start tomorrow, but apparently in SIS we do our own thing and don't start classes until Friday. You won't catch me complaining. Before classes begin, we have two days of orientation and copious amounts of free food, which I never turn down. I'm looking forward to meeting some more of the library folks.

In other news, the Buckeyes beat the Penguins! I was in the car on the way from Syracuse to Montreal on Saturday, so I didn't see or hear any of the game, which was weird for me. It was the first OSU home game I've missed in four years. I kept thinking stuff like, "If I were at OSU, I'd be marching into Skull Session right now." I wish I could've been in the volunteer band, but, alas, it was not to be. Time and change, folks. At least the Buckeyes were victorious.

Oh, and Michigan lost. Ha!
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