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First weekend of no homework! Woooooo! And did y'all here that Chuck got renewed? Woooooo!! I've been lazing around my apartment all day. One of my friends is in town from California, and she stayed here last night and we watched Bones and a good time was had by all. She left this morning and I did a little bit of work before deciding to just watch Whip It instead. Fuuuun.

Unrelated item now, which I've been meaning to share all week. Despite the fact that I'm not that into sports, I am actually one of those cheesy people who's really proud of their alma mater. Also, I really enjoy Glee. Combine those two and you get this video from the flash mob at the brand new Ohio Union:

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If you hadn't heard, Oklahoma is poised to make "Do You Realize" by The Flaming Lips the official state rock song. The citizens of Oklahoma voted for it, but some lawmakers are up in arms about communism and cussing. Yeah... I think it's a good song, so I'm all for it!

As you may already know, two other states already have official rock songs: Washington and Ohio. The resolution naming "Hang on Sloopy" the official rock song of the state of Ohio is the most amusing piece of legislation maybe ever, so you should check it out.

One of the good things about being an alumnus, is I can actually like Sloopy again. When I was in the OSUMB, it got to be a little "Not that again!"

I'm in there somewhere! (Okay, I know perfectly well where, but unless I get one of those fancy ESPN draw on the teevee things, I can't show you.)
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From today's New York Times:

Orders for "Aretha's Hat" Flood Detroit Milliner

How cool is it that there are still milliners? Few people wear cool hats anymore; I certainly don't have any. There were a couple of old lady's at my church who had Easter hats last year.

Sadly, there was another article about the death of newspapers. If there are no newspapers, how will I learn about the latest crazes in millinery?

Also, can we bring back haberdashery, just so I can say the word? Fun fact: before he was president, Harry Truman (yes, there were presidents before Barack Obama) was a Kansas City haberdasher. I learned that at the Truman Library, which is actually really cool. If you're every in Independence, Missouri, you should go. :)

ETA: Another one. It's pretty odd that crazy book news from Ohio ends up in a UK national paper, but I'll take it. For the record, I have both been to Kelley's Island and read To Kill a Mockingbird. It's an amazing book, but I wouldn't want to eat it.
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The past week I've mostly been reading news articles that have left me frustrated or angry, so today I've got some other stuff I found interesting in the Sunday papers.

I know some of my f-listers may be interested in the Billie Piper interview in The Observer today. She talks both about her pregnancy and the upcoming series of Secret Diary of a Call Girl, which begins this week.

This is from last week, but I didn't finish last Sunday's Washington Post until I went to throw it in the recycling yesterday. (It's such a good thing we don't get the paper delivered every day. We'd never finish anything!) Anyway, there was a nice feature editorial about Ohio and being a Midwest transplant to D.C. written by Emily Langer. She writes:
I miss Ohio most when I hear other transplanted Midwesterners belittle their parents for being intimidated by subways that they have no occasion to ride, or mock the suburbs that seemed pretty great when they were running through sprinklers in their big backyards, or dump on cornfields and cows, especially when most of them spent their childhoods not on tractors but in minivans. But of course, I too have sinned by leaving Ohio, and there are days when I feel downright traitorous for having done so.

I don't think she mentioned in the article, but Ohio has a major problem keeping college graduates in the state. I know Governor Strickland is doing some work to reverse that trend, so it'll be interesting to see how successful that is in the coming years. (Says the Ohioan turned nomad.)

And for those who like to go to Magnolia and mack on some cupcakes, Jennifer 8. Lee asks Will Cupcakes Be the Next Krispy Kreme?. We had some pretty darn good cupcakes in Montreal, but I can't remember the name of the shop. Forget Krispy Kreme, though: why is there no Timmy's near me?
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Yesterday I neglected to mention some very important backyard residents. We have baby birds on our deck! My mom found the birds' nest when she was moving some vines off the roof (they were starting to grow down the drainpipe, which is not good), so we propped them up over the deck with a tree branch so the nest wouldn't fall. The babies are adorable, so naturally I had to take some pictures.

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Sooo... I'm really tired. But I am having a pretty good time in Columbus.

My flight yesterday was way too early, but otherwise not bad. Everything was on time, and I pretty much just sat and watched Green Wing. Mom and I had lunch at DaVinci's and took Murray for a walk in the Park of Roses (on a hot day, getting hit by the sprinklers feels pretty good). After that I came home and crashed.

I think I might be turning my mom into a Doctor Who fan. I was watching "Turn Left" on SciFi last night (they cut out the bit with Wilf and the saluting!), and Mom came in and asked what it was. She said she thought Doctor Who was an old show (I think she saw some Tom Baker episodes on PBS at one point), so I explained the basics of the show. Then we watched "Rose" and "The End of the World" since I conveniently had the DVD in my computer.

Today was the big family party out in West Jeff. Dad's entire extended family is in town for the weekend (this is including cousins and even some second cousins and their children). I got to explain the whole yes I'm living in Kansas but I'm moving to Virginia in four weeks thing many times over. I had too much food and too much rum punch and got in a swimming pool squirt gun fight with my cousins. Yes, we're all dignified adults and stuff. My brother and I were talking on the way home about how weird the huge family stuff must be for our cousins spouses. We're used to the various, um, quirks of our relatives, but it could definitely be overwhelming if you didn't know everybody. Tomorrow we're all going out to dinner, which should be crazy.

Mom just got her cable reinstalled last week, and I've just discovered that we apparently have a DVR. I can fast forward through the commercials!
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The week of Memorial Day, I spent a day on I-70 and another for in Columbus, Ohio. I helped my mom move home, and I visited with my dad and both my siblings. I also got to do lots of important stuff like eat grilled food every night, get my haircut (I am too lazy to find a new salon), bike in the old neighborhood, buy cat food, drop by my high school, and play with my dog. Actually, the dog came with us pretty much everywhere for two days. Mom and I took turns walking him around Grandview while we got haircuts, and we picked a place to meet the sibs for lunch based on who had outdoor seating.

Anyway, I took some pictures along the way. Below the cut to save your f-list. )
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I think it's a shame that the Ohio primary suddenly gained the spotlight right as I left the state. I'm missing out on all the fun! It's been all over the news how Clinton needs victories in Ohio and Texas on March 4 in order to secure the nomination. With less than two weeks to go, both campaigns are out in full force in Ohio. I think it would be fun to go to some campaign events--something I've never done before--but, alas, Kansas already voted. Clinton spoke at Columbus State yesterday, and I think Obama is a Columbus today. Oh well. Maybe I can at least watch the debate on Tuesday. Anyone know what network it's on?

The week before I left Columbus, the Dispatch published this poll. At the time, Clinton led by 23 points. In yesterday's Rasmussen poll her lead had narrowed to eight points. The race is only getting closer, so I'm excited to see how it turns out.

I've decided that even though I'm still irritated that Ohio won't let Independents vote in party primaries, I'm going to register as a Democrat anyway. The rules aren't likely to change anytime soon, and at least this way I'll have a chance of getting my two cents in there. (Seriously though, Independents should be able to vote either way. Get with it, Ohio. :-P ) I've still got to send in my absentee ballot application, but if I do it this afternoon, that should hopefully give me plenty of time.

With all the voting machine controversy, I think absentee voters may actually have a bit of an advantage in this election. Because the touch screen machines have been deemed too susceptible to tampering, precincts must also offer paper ballots to all voters that request them, and some election officials fear there may be a ballot shortage. Union County appealed the paper ballot decision to the Ohio Supreme Court, and the ACLU sued the Ohio Secretary of State for infringing on Ohioans voting rights. Recently, Ohio made it much easier to obtain an absentee ballot--you no longer need to justify your application--so I expect many voters will take advantage of that, if only to avoid the confusion.

One last link: a New York Times Magazine article from January about the flaws and foibles of various voting systems. It's kind of longish, but interesting considering the recent controversies about voting in several states.
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Dad and I left Montreal yesterday around 6pm and stopped for the night in Watertown, New York. The folks at the Weather Channel and the local meteorologists were all going on about the blizzard due to hit Saturday night and continue through the day on Sunday, so we were a bit worried that we might get snowed in at Watertown. Luckily, it seemed relatively clear this morning, so we decided to go for it. The hotel was nice and comfy, but I still didn't want to laze around their all day.

Along the way home I we experienced almost all the possible forms of precipitation (just no hail), but the snow didn't get too bad until we hit Pennsylvania. The driving didn't get to bad until we hit Ohio, where it was still snowing just as much, but the interstate wasn't plowed. Instead of clearing the snow, in Ohio we just freak out and drive like idiots. And, inevitably, spin off the road. At the same time, the Cleveland Browns were playing a football game against the Buffalo Bills. According to the radio commentators, the field was covered in several inches of snow. Gotta love the lake effect.

During the drive I finished reading Starlight and Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, and started re-reading Eclipse, which Dad had grabbed off the top of my pile of library books for me. I didn't get very far into Eclipse before it was too dark to read. Edward and Bella's conversation in the first chapter about Wuthering Heights got me thinking, and I spent some time composing a mental essay of sorts. Which means, sometime this week you can likely expect to hear about my thoughts on Wuthering Heights, Eclipse, and my general dislike of love triangles in fiction. Unfortunately, before I can do that, I've got a much less interesting review of literature to write for one of my classes. :(

We did get back to Columbus safe and sound, though slightly later than we had hoped. For the last few hours of the drive I was suffering from severe radio ADD. I'm sure Dad probably thought I was crazy, but there's only so many times in one day that I can listen to the same songs over and over. Elvis singing Blue Christmas was okay the first time, but by play number four I wasn't as amused. Anyway... it was just a long day. I'm not even going to attempt unpacking tonight; I'll wait until tomorrow when I've had some sleep and the sister/organizational guru can help me.
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