May. 7th, 2012 08:23 pm
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I have now seen The Avengers TWICE because I thought it was a really fantastic idea to go again with some friends on a school last night. I'm pretty tired today, but I REGRET NOTHING.

(You have to understand here how unusual it is that I would go see a movie twice in a theater, let alone twice in the same weekend. I hardly ever see things, ever, to the point where I'm constantly having conversations explaining that I haven't seen Movie X that everybody knows. Most recently the entire Batman and Alien franchises. I actually started this whole Marvel journey when I admitted to [livejournal.com profile] bookwench31 and [livejournal.com profile] jumperkid that I had never seen Iron Man and they decided we need to watch it RFN. But I digress.)

I'm not really sure where to start except that I thought it was fantastic, which should really be no surprise considering: a) Joss Whedon and b) THIS CAST.
Spoilers after this point, so if you haven't seen the movie, don't read. And go see the movie instead. )
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I still don't really get Tumblr, which is why I don't have one. But I must admit the Tony/Steve Tumblr is pretty kick-ass, because it has things like this.

Oh, fandom.

I will likely start reading the comics soon, because there's not a ton of great fic in the movieverse, so I need to get my fix somehow! (Have read very few American comics, it's kind of daunting, really. All these characters have been around for decades! It's very different from manga series, where even the most sprawling that I've read eventually end)

For good measure, the comic is referencing the teaser trailer for the movie. Which looks awesome! (P.S. Joss make more TV shows! P.P.S. Fox don't cancel them!)

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Well I'm still watching Stargate Atlantis—in fact, I'm almost finished with it—and it is still alternately fabulous and ridiculous. (Potentially spoilery to the end of paragraph, if you care.) For example, gate team goodness if fabulous, Rodney suddenly fancying himself in love with Keller is ridiculous. Because clearly he is in love with John. Anyway... Aside from the writers constant inability to acknowledge the slashy not-so-sub-text, I though Sam Carter's abrupt departure at the beginning of season 5 was weird. I assume she left to go to Sanctuary, but it still would have been nice if she didn't just lose her job suddenly (especially since based on the reasoning Elizabeth should've lost her job a bunch of times).

Other shows that are, you know, not already over yet? Well I recently mainlined the entire run of Eureka just in time to watch the last three episodes of this season live. (TV! When it actually comes on! With weird breaks for people to sell me things!) I started watching Eureka on Netflix when I finished Buffy, and it only took me a couple episodes to be completely hooked. I love that it celebrates being smart and creative (including showing over and over again that's there more than one type of intelligence) and has great relationships between the main and supporting cast members. If you've never seen Eureka, it's basically all about smart people teaming up to fix wacky problems caused by scientists at the top-secret research facility in town, with a side of personal problems and Jack's talking house. (And sometimes Jack's talking house has her own personal problems.) The romantic relationships on the show are generally well done, but it's some of the non-romantic relationships that impress me the most. In particular, I always enjoy scenes with Jack and Jo. They've really come a long way from butting heads when Jack first became sheriff to being close friends and adopted family by the current season (Jack is basically Jo's big brother).

(Slightly spoilery paragraph again... forewarned!) I friend had told me how not cool it was that this season was basically a reset... but it's really not that at all. Yes, the timeline changed, and some very essential things are different, but I think it's been really interesting seeing how the main cast copes with the changes. Everyone's had some good and bad. Take Fargo: he lost his girlfriend, but got an awesome job, except he doen't feel ready for it, and everybody hates him. He really matures grows into the position though. (And the addition of Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day to the supporting cast give him great people to play off of.) And again, Jo. Guh. Her life really sucks and she's pretty much floundering, but she gets to mess up sometimes without being portrayed as this awful person. I do really hope things get better for her next season.

A.D. Skinner, he is in everything. Specifically this episode of SGA that I'm watching, and one of the recent episodes of Leverage, which I just caught up with the other day. Another awesome team show. (I guess that's my thing right now?) I always especially enjoy Parker and her joy in crazy things like jumping off buildings and Elliot's gruff demeanor and his very distinctive... everything. But it's on hiatus now, which is sad. :(

Oh, but actual fall TV? The only thing I'm currently watching/listening to at work is The Sing-Off. It's a music competition that's actually about music. Yay! Some of the groups are seriously good, even if you're not normally an acapella fan. This season there are more groups in the competition, which means more episodes. Woot!

So, wise flist, is there anything in the new crop of fall shows that I should be paying attention to? I have been meaning to try out Ringer, since it's Sarah Michelle Gellar, and I hear Jason Dohring's supposed to appear.
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I made an amazing discovery today: Comcast lets me watch Torchwood on the internet for free! (Not really for free, cause we're paying them for cable. But, hey, Comcast not sucking!) Mostly not that spoilery spoiler for episode one of Miracle Day )

Torchwood aside, it's been a mostly quiet weekend. I spent the bulk of yesterday cleaning and organizing my room, which was slightly boring, but also way overdue. Eight months after moving in, I finally hung some pictures on the wall! I figure since I just signed a new lease to the end of the year, it's about time. I've gotta admit, cleaning is much easier when I can get some SGA on my laptop at the same time. What did I ever do before Netflix? (Also, oh this show! <3 Rodney and his "I'm stuck here at Area 51, so I'm gonna call John all the time cause I miss him and his silly hair, and fly over to have dinner with him" thing, and John's whole "Ewww, emotions, lemme play with planes then hang up on you. Cause I care" response. Also, Jack O'Neill is full of snark and I may have to watch SG-1 after all.)

Today I helped a friend and her husband move into their new apartment, and later had an impromptu dinner with moving crew. I throw together some mean grilled chicken. :) I still find it much more fun to cook for other people than just myself.

Monday it's back to work and it's going to be ELEVENTY BILLION DEGREES. I've been trying to dress more professionally, but that's really hard when nearly 100 degrees. Why can't it just be spring all the time?

snowed in

Dec. 19th, 2009 10:53 pm
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Instead of stocking up on milk last night, like the rest of this city did, I ventured out to meet my aunt to see An Education at the E Street Cinema. If it's showing somewhere near you, I highly recommend it. Carey Mulligan stars (Sally Sparrow to Doctor Who fans) as Jenny, a 1960s school girl who falls for a charming older man. She's fantastic in the role, and completely deserves all the awards and nominations. The supporting cast, including Olivia Williams, Emma Thompson, Alfred Molina, and Dominic Cooper, were very strong as well. I'd really like to read the memoir the film was based on, but unfortunately it hasn't been published in the US.

I'm glad I went out last night because today the snow predictions actually came true. Over the last 24 hours we've had almost two feet of snow. That's almost unheard of in this region, and it was enough to shut down most of the city, including almost the entire public transit system. I had intended to some have friends over for a holiday party tonight, but that fell through, so I've had the apartment to myself all day. (One of my roommates is in India for a month, the other left for Rockville as soon as she got up this morning, before the roads became nearly impassable. She asked me for snow driving tips, and I sent her out with a dustpan and broom since she had no ice scraper.) It's been a bit lonely, but I've kept myself pretty busy. I'm all stocked up on baking supplies (I braved the long lines at Giant last night for eggs and cream of tartar... wouldn't want to be caught without if the store was closed today) so I mixed two cookie batters. I baked one variety (and hardly burnt any of them) but the other has to refrigerate overnight first.

Tomorrow I'm doing more baking... hopefully with an assistant. An old friend (from elementary school) is up from Williamsburg and wants to help, but she couldn't get out of the city today. Metro had better be running again tomorrow, cause it'd be fun to see her again.
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Today has turned out much better than expected. :D (Don't you love it when that happens?)

I woke up feeling kinda crappy, so I lazed around for awhile and caught up on my RSS feeds and the latest episodes of The Guild. But eventually I had to get up and cook... because today was Potluck Day!

One of the cool things about my program is that quite a few of the students are changing careers, and thus they a little bit older and have actual houses. (Craziness!) One such classmate and her husband (also a librarian) hosted us for a potluck. I made a pepper bean salad (three kinds of beans and three kinds of peppers and lots of delicious) that my Mom made the last time I was home, which was a hit.

There was lots of food and drink and socializing. (Yay, I have friends!) Also, I played Nintendo Wii for the very first time tonight. One of the professors came with his family, and his daughters, who were a hoot, taught me how to play tennis. And laughed when despite my intense concentration I missed the ball and spun around in circles, which unfortunately happened a lot. Later, I scored two home runs in baseball, proving that I am, in fact, awesome.

And Ohio State beat Wisconsin today. Go Bucks!
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Doctor Who fandom is going batshit today, but at least it's not Torchwood wank! (I don't usually read [livejournal.com profile] fandomsecrets [because it is a wretched hive of scum and villainy I don't care about your thoughts on yaoi] but yesterday's was basically the all Torchwood special wangsting edition.) Moving right along...

The Doctor has a new outfit! And a new companion!

I don't really consider a picture of their outfits is spoilery, especially once released by the BBC. If you do, don't click, and just stop reading now, kay? I really had no expectations for Matt Smith's attire (I figure if you build up this image of "OMG the eleventh Doctor must wear a dickie" then you're just setting yourself up for disappointment.) but I think I quite like this. The bow tie is awesome and sort of old school. Apparently there are also suspenders/braces, which is also fun. (It is my opinion that suspenders are superior in functionality to belts, but suspenders on females seems to be limited mostly to those who are either strippers or genderqueer, of which I am neither, or marching band members, which I'm not anymore.) Anyway. The only thing I'm not so sure about are the rolled up trousers. Is that a permanent thing, or did he just get off his bike and was trying to keep his trousers out of the chain?

Also, I want Karen Gillan's magenta/maroon/whatever Converse. I think it's been well over a year since I bought a new color, so it's totally time, right?

Spoiler cut for that casting thing that's got fandom's collective knickers in a twist )
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Strangely, sitting here in front of two laptops does not make me accomplish twice as much work. (Although it does make me look like a nerd. My old PowerBook seems huge now.) I'm supposed to be writing a paper for my archives class--the prof calls it a lit review, but three articles does not a lit review make--and I've been avoiding it all day. I spent five hours cleaning the house (the kitchen was disgusting, and apparently no one else that lives here cares), and now I'm just dawdling and periodically making snacks. I do at least have one of the articles open now (on the other computer) so I can learn all about archiving blogs.

And now for something completely different... Everyone go read this article about train travel from tomorrow's New York Times. (Tomorrow's paper! It's magic!) It really makes me want to go on a cross-country train trip. Plus, I'd just like to go to San Francisco and New York anyway, so it'd be a good excuse. :)
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I am such an Olympics junkie. (It's such a bummer that a lot of the live events are on overnight. At some point I have to force myself to stop watching and go to sleep). I could never do any of this, and half of these sports I hardly understand, but it's just so much fun to watch. I especially love when someone unexpected wins an event, because they're just so shocked and happy! What am I going to do on Thursday when I have to spend the day in the car instead of watching swimming? (How do they swim so fast? They make swimming 100 meters in less than a minute look fun and easy. They are secretly FISH PEOPLE.)

Today I met one of my college friends for lunch, which was a lot of fun. We met sophomore year when we had two classes--in two different departments--together. We had lots more classes together after that, so we were long time study buddies. We used to meet for lunch before Italian classes and watch the Oval preacher (which was always good free entertainment), so today was just like old times... except that since then we've both graduated, started grad school, and dropped out of grad school. : )

I'm getting more stuff replaced on my car--spark plugs and some other stuff I can't remember--before I move. Hopefully this is really the end of the car work for awhile. Except I think I still need to get my brakes worked on soon. But those aren't all that important, right? I'll just coast to a stop. Yep. I can haz metro nao?

I don't know what I was thinking, but since I've been in Columbus, I've checked out nine books from the library. In what universe did I think I was going to read nine books in a week and a half? (I think I read ten in the entire month of July, and that was more than usual.) So sadly, they all have to go back tomorrow. I finished a good one last night--The Monsters of Templeton--so I'll try to write up a quick review if I get a chance tomorrow.

One more day and then I'll officially live in Virginia! And I won't have to move again for another two years. Yay!!! And now... GYMNASTICS!
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Today was a bad day to be a spider at my house. I'm hardly the cleanest person around, so it kind of says a lot about the state of our front porch that I assigned myself the task of cleaning it this afternoon. It was icky and gross with lots of cobwebs in the corners (and even on the mailbox) and dirt and leaves on the floor. After some fun with a broom and a garden hose, it looks much, much better. After that I was feeling so inspired that I cleared off the deck and swept the sidewalk around the garage too.

Sci-Fi had a Doctor Who marathon today, and despite my best intentions to be productive, I did get sucked in a couple times. I ended up seeing "The Girl in the Fireplace" and "Army of Ghosts" and snatches of a couple others. (My brother came over for awhile while I was still working on the deck. He though the Absorbaloff in "Love and Monsters" was pretty funny.) I think I've probably seen "Army of Ghosts" more than any other episode. Every time there's a marathon, I always seem to catch that one, but then I don't see "Doomsday" because I have to go away and do things... like take the dog for a walk, return library books, or wash the car. (All of which, incidentally, I did this afternoon. Gosh, I feel so accomplished.)

This evening I watched the Olympic opening ceremony (on 12 hour tape delay for prime time) in it's entirety. I don't usually watch sports, but I do enjoy the Olympics. I remember back when I was eight years old I taped a lot of the events at the Lillehammer games because the prime time coverage didn't even start until my bedtime. (Looking back, I'm kind of amazed that I knew how to program the VCR when I was eight years old. Go me!) I really enjoyed the first part of the opening ceremony, which had some very cool performances. During the second half, the American commentators got pretty annoying. (I kind of wanted to go smack them every time they mentioned the "intersection of sports and politics" or they told us that the small African/Pacific Island nation had never won an Olympic medal. You mean countries with lots of moneys and 500 member teams win more medals than poor countries with 5 athletes? YOU DON'T SAY! Oh, wait. Yes you do. Repeatedly.) There were some fun and some crazy outfits though, and I did get a good laugh out of a bored looking George W. Bush tapping a mini US flag against his leg. How very dignified.

It's getting very late, but it's not as if I have a real schedule for tomorrow. For now, I can relish being a night owl, if only for a few days.
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I'm getting good mileage out of my "cars are stupid" tag this week! (Alexis's LJ, now with 100% more rubbish automotive puns!)

What I thought yesterday was only a small leak turned out to be a BIG FRAKKING HOLE in my radiator. When I got off work today, much to my delight, all the coolant was on the floor of the parking garage rather than in the radiator where it belongs. (Alexis's immediate reaction: "Shiiiit.") Luckily I work with nice people who helped me fill it back up with water, and one of my coworkers and I had lunch while I got my car inspected at a garage just up the street. They wanted to charge me an arm and a leg to replace the radiator, but, lucky me again, my coworker called her mechanic friend who could do it for almost $200 less. (My car guru also looked up the parts online and decided I was being ripped off for being a woman with out of state plates. Boo!) So we drove out to Grandview, Missouri to drop off my car, and she drove me back home. (How nice is that? What a lifesaver!)

I'm not happy about having to repair my car again, especially since I'm still paying for the work I had done in January, but at least this whole situation is being worked out much better than it could have been. Since I don't know this city well, I would've been seriously freaking out if I were on my own. So I'm not getting ripped off and I've been spared the nervous breakdown, my car will get fixed, and I'll be all set for driving to Ohio in two weeks.

On the upside, my dad's extended family is all in town this weekend, so I'm flying home on Friday to get in on all the partying. The "real" party is on Saturday, but there's also the pre-party party on Friday and the post-party party on Sunday. And I won't have to drive anywhere!! Well, except to the airport at too-early o'clock on Friday. But it's a free ticket, so I'll deal.


May. 16th, 2008 11:37 am
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It feels like this has been an extrememly long week for some reason. Maybe because I haven't been sleeping enough, but you'll have that. The weekend is finally (almost) here, though (not quite, cause I'm at work for another hour), and I've got plenty of reasons to be excited (other than being easily excitable).

Tonight is the season finale of Moonlight, and there's a new episode of Battlestar Galactica for my Kara and Laura fix. Afterwards, I'm going to see Prince Caspian with friends. The Narnia books are some of my all time favorites, and the movie looks awesome.

Tomorrow is the Turkey Creek Festival. [livejournal.com profile] d4ni and I have no idea what it is, but it's at the park a couple blocks from our apartment. We know there is a parade involved. Basically, it promises to be amusing (either amusingly lame or legitimately fun, though probably the former). And Saturday night there's new Doctor Who!

Today is the end of finals week, so there have hardly been any people in the libary all morning. It's eerily quiet. I did some shelving (which was actually okay, cause it was the lit section, so the books aren't ten pounds each and actually look interesting), then spent a quality hour cleaning all the keyboards. YUCK! I now never want to use public computers ever again and have thouroughly rid my hands of all forms of bacteria. Sweet. At least I got paid today, so it (kind of) makes up for it.

In this morning's news, the International Association of Athletics Federations has ruled that double amputee sprinter Oscar Pistorius is eligible to run in the Olympic Games. I'm impressed by anyone who can run that fast, let alone a man with two prosthetic legs, so I'm glad they're letting him compete. (Also, I think discrimination against the disabled justified by science is still discrimination.) I honestly don't think runners are going to start amputating limbs to get prosthetic ones, and I think critics who cite that as a potential problem are vastly underestimating the stigma attached to disability that would prevent people from doing so.

Elsewhere in the world of sports, Speedo is involved in a monopoly suit. Supposedly their new full body suit could monopolize the competitive swimwear market. Now, I don't care if full body swim suits can shave off a few seconds of time, I'm still against them. Why? Swimmers have some of the fittest bodies ever and it's significantly less fun to watch men's swimming if they're completely covered up.


May. 7th, 2008 12:16 pm
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This morning I woke up late (again). I tried to stave off exhaustion with some caffeine, then spilled tea on my leg on the way to the car (I am a klutz). Not a very auspicious start to the morning (also, someone tried to crash into me on the way to work, which I did not appreciate).

I actually turned on the TV last night (adjusted the antenna and everything), but the CBS news is too early here for elections returns. So instead I played with the delegate calculator on CNN.com. After Barack Obama’s win in North Carolina it looks pretty much impossible for Hillary Clinton to win the nomination. Yet she is still campaigning. She’s fought a good fight, but I think there’s something to be said for knowing when to call it quits.

I’m just over halfway through Bleak House (see, I do stuff other than watch Doctor Who… sometimes) right now. I’m enjoying it, even though the many characters and subplots get a little confusing sometimes. I need a character flowchart so I can work out who’s involved in each scene.

Here’s what I do at work (when I’m not fixing paper jams):
Patron: I looked for this book, but it’s not there.
Alexis: Are you sure you looked in the 2000s, not the 200s?
Patron: Yeah, I looked there, but it wasn’t on the shelf.
Alexis finds book exactly where it’s supposed to be.
Patron: (surprised) Oh, where was it?
Alexis: *facepalm*

ETA: I got home from work and there is a giant frakking hole in the parking lot. I may go hide away from the construction at the public library.
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This afternoon I finally decided to upgrade my LJ account. I've been considering it for months, but told myself I had to wait until after I got a job. (I'm so responsible or whatever.) So now I can have more icons (yay!). Also, in celebration I've changed my layout (cause I was bored with it), and you should all be glad I spared you the scary one with a smiling piece of toast. (I saw it and started laughing uncontrollably. Insane smiling toast? WTF!)

Yesterday I bought a new cell phone, since I've been eligible to upgrade since January, but again didn't want to spend money when I wasn't making any. I got one of the snazzy ones that flips open with a full keyboard on the inside. For the first time ever I bought myself a ringtone (Duffy's "Mercy") instead of finding the most ridiculous of the pre-loaded ones as I usually do. It's like I'm having my own little Christmas in April this week!

And finally, huge achievement for me: I've started running regularly AND it's not making me break out in hives! (OMG! It's like I'm a normal person or something!) [livejournal.com profile] d4ni got a free guest pass for 90 days from her gym, so I've been going with her three times a week. I started out just walking, but now I'm trying to run a little bit each time, and twice I've made it through a whole mile. :D Maybe if I keep it up the freaky allergy-fest of yore will just go away? I hope so.
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1) On Saturday we went on a big trip to Missouri to go to the antique mall. I made one very important silly but amusing purchase: a 1953 Girl Scout Handbook. It includes many useful bits of information, including an organizational diagram, tips on the proper positioning of a reading lamp, and the procedures for ice rescue ("If the victim is helpless, go to him... When close to the hole, lie down and crawl.")

2) There was an oboist playing in church this week! I was invited to go to the 20s and 30s brunch afterwards, and I decided to be social for once and go. There was plenty of good food and conversation, so I was glad I went. Who knew I could actually have a fun time with three strangers and a priest? :D But the people at St. Michael's all seem really nice (people keep noticing I'm new and introducing themselves), so I guess it shouldn't be a huge surprise.

3) Yesterday my boss presented me with a stack of overdue notices and a stack of envelopes and asked me "Can you...?" and then did some jazz hands in their general direction. Um, what? In better work news, I got my first paycheck!

4) I finally filed my income taxes. I filled out all the forms way back at the beginning of February in a last minute rush before I moved, but then never bothered to mail them. But hey, two weeks before the deadline isn't bad! Maybe this year the IRS will finally figure out that my name isn't Alexander. (A girl can dream.)

5) [livejournal.com profile] d4ni are re-watching some of our favorite Battlestar Galactica episodes from seasons 1-3. Re-watching season 1 is interesting, and not just because all the characters look like babies! Everything was a lot more mysterious back then. Sure, "anyone" could be the final cylon, but it's easy to reasonably rule some people out. In season 1, we didn't even know how many cylons there were, so they really could be anyone. Also, Billy wasn't dead yet (Billy > Tory), Lee actually smiles every so often, and Roslin (and everyone else) didn't hate Baltar's guts yet.

6) Seasons 4!!! Battlestar Galactica on Friday and Doctor Who on Saturday! Best TV week ever? Quite possibly. (And is "Seasons 4" not the most awkward plural ever?)
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So the recent Battlestar Galactica promo shots are pretty awesome, and they've inspired a spout of ludicrous season four predictions on my part, which I've decided to post daily-ish (i.e. as they occur to me). They're not spoilery, but just in case people haven't seen season three, I'll be nice and cut them. (And if you haven't seen the series at all, you really should.)

It begins... )
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Oh, how I need a Laura Roslin icon. Alas, I already have six, and I decided that I can only upgrade my LJ account once I find a job. So the amazing Laura Roslin will just have to wait.

For the unenlightened, Laura Roslin is the President of 12 Colonies on Battlestar Galactica, and she's pretty kick-ass. A lot of colonists are skeptical about having the former Secretary of Education as the new President, but she performs admirably under incredibly harsh circumstances. It seems like most of her government's decisions have life or death consequences. That's pretty heady stuff for a woman who never expected to suddenly become a wartime President. Plus, she's the fulfillment of a religious prophecy! Who doesn't love that? (Too bad she's dying of cancer. Her death is even part of the scripture. That's a major downer. Lead your people to safety, but you don't get to stick around to enjoy it.)

In real life, if the President started believing that she was some sort of prophet, I'd be more than a bit worried. Although it makes for an entertaining story on BSG, I think that politicians should try to separate their political decisions from their religious beliefs. Not in the sense that politicians should be amoral, but in the sense that politicians should not try to force others to live according to their personal religious views. I think the best TV example of this is the episode "Take this Sabbath Day" from the first season of The West Wing. President Bartlet, a Catholic, decides not to stay an execution because, although he thinks capital punishment is wrong, he also feels a responsibility to carry out the laws of his country. It's a beautiful episode, and my tiny summary doesn't do it justice at all.

Which brings me to the current election season...

High Minded Political Debate )

Apparently I'm a Liberal. Surprise! )

Seriously though, don't mess with President Roslin. She'll throw you out the airlock.
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