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Oh hey, so I hear there are some new shows on TV this week?

Yeah, I'm pretty excited to have new episodes again. I'm most excited about Chuck and Bones, but I intend to keep up with Glee for now, and of course 30 Rock and The Office. I don't have the time or the inclination to keep up with every new show (okay, let's face it, at this moment I don't have plans to watch any new pilots) so if there's something out there that's amazing, let me know about it.

I was talking to one of my friends the other night and said I wish you could get a DVR even if you only had broadcast channels. We have a VCR here, but I'm not sure if it plays well with the cable box... so until then, Hulu!

In other news, I went over to my boyfriend's house last night after work, and we discovered the gas from the stove had been running all day. Thankfully the burner wasn't lit, but it's still lucky the pilot didn't ignite the whole place. Kinda scary. He thought that maybe we should wait a few minutes after that until making dinner, I opted for, no, some restaurant is making our food, and my professional consultant (mother) agreed. The joys of graduate student living.

Actually important/stressful things are going on in life, but apparently all I want to take about is television and not dying in fires. Woo! Off to work...


Apr. 10th, 2010 10:18 pm
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500) I just noticed that I made my 500th entry yesterday. Predictably, I was babbling about a TV show! Apparently my paid time has run out, and I'm feeling to cheap to pay for it right now... so thank goodness I already uploaded a Kahlan icon. (Bad ass Mother Confessor, baby!) Not that I probably won't cave in about a week anyway.

1) The other day a dug out an old purse and found a flash drive I thought I lost back in Kansas. It's only 1GB, but this is still super news because my newer, shinier 8GB one got a little bent and stopped working.

08) I still enjoy the reactions I get when I tell people here in D.C. that I moved here from Kansas. I person recently actually knew the city and asked what area I lived in, but more often people think I'm kidding. Yes, there is life beyond the Eastern seaboard!

42) Today I met up with a friend and her husband and went to the roller derby! Today was the D.C. Rollergirls league championship bout between the D.C. Demoncats and Scare Force One. I'd never been before, but it's so much fun! The three of us were trying to come up with fun derby names—all the derby girls have fun aliases, like "Condoleeza Slice" and "Sookie Slaughterhouse." We're already planning to go back for the next bout in May.

87) I heard Bulletproof on the local Top 40 station today (twice!) and I got to have a music snob "I bought that almost a year ago n00bs" moment. Yeah.

6) New Doctor Who and Legend of the Seeker today... so you know where I'll be for the rest of the night!
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I've started watching NCIS, mostly because it's on all the frakking time and it's something my roommate and I can agree on. Conveniently, it's the type of thing I can selectively block out if I'm supposed to be studying but need some visual noise. But I noticed recently that I've seen enough episodes now that I actually do have a sense of who the characters are, which has resulted in me being irritated that USA plays the episodes in an apparently completely random order. Make the re-runs conform to my wishes, dammit!

I just watched an episode from this season with my mom, and now I'm even more confused. Something with Ziva being a Mossad agent and being on a boat? I was trying to finish an assignment for my giant waste of time class, so I couldn't completely pay attention. Yeah. So confused.
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Class ended today! Now I can post about frivolous things with no guilt.

Glee )

Bones )

Dollhouse )

Monk )

Also watching: The Office, 30 Rock, old Spooks (MI-5) on Netflix

Shows I'm abandoning: FlashForward, Stargate Universe, V
I gave these a chance at the beginning of the season, but I'm just not pulled in enough to keep going. If you're watching and understand the secret awesome, please let me know.

Shows I need to catch up on: Fringe, The Sarah Jane Adventures, Merlin, How I Met Your Mother... all of Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Fringe runs against The Office and 30 Rock, and on Thursday nights I need some laughs. (It's the one night a week I watch network TV instead of Hulu.) The others are simply lack of time!

*Right now we have free HBO. (We have for awhile now, not that I usually have time to watch.) On Sunday I caught the end of The Land Before Time, which I really loved as a kid, and ended up crying at the end. Watching cartoon dinosaurs. Because that is the type of sap I am.
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We're heading into the second week of November, and it's 75 degrees here! (That's like, I dunno, 24 or something for Canadians and Brits out there.) I'm wearing shorts because it was so hot in my room earlier when the sun was streaming straight in the window. I guess this is what it'd be like if I moved to Texas, or some other warm all the time climate. Of course, Target is decorated with Christmas trees and snowflakes, like it could totally start snowing in just a moment here. I don't buy it!

Usually there's a point in the semester when I start obsessively watching TV or anime episodes. It tends to be during the last few weeks of class, leading into finals. It seems this year I've hit that point early. Over the past two weeks I've watched the first three seasons of The Office then finished off series 2 of Spooks. Priorities, what?

Don't get me wrong, I've also written a few assignments, gave presentation in class, and accomplished a bunch at work. This week I've taught my student assistants about Depeche Mode, Top Gun, and, um... metadata. No amusing videos for that one.

Because it has nothing to do with anything, I really like the new Weezer single (If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To much better than their previous couple of singles.

Also, new Doctor Who in a week. I've decided I really don't like this whole spread out specials deal. I'm kind of out of the fandom loop right now. I do at least have a few Whovian friends in the area to geek out with.

ETA: I want some new icons, but I am lazy. Suggestions are very welcome for fun icons posts for Bones, Doctor Who, Dollhouse, PGSM, Harry Potter, Star Wars, 30 Rock, BSG... anything awesome, basically.
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I just read that Joss Whedon is going to direct an episode of Glee. Awesomeness collision! I'm not sure if I've said, but I love Glee. It's my favorite of this season's new shows. It's energetic and over the top, and since it airs on Wednesday, it serves as the perfect mid-week pick-me-up.

And now it's time for me to retreat back under my rock. I think I'm finally ready for my group presentation tomorrow, but I still have make lunch for the rest of the week, and get started on another assignment.

ETA: Changed my layout again. I started using a new browser (OmniWeb, if you Mac people are interested) and was reminded that the current one only worked properly in Firefox. I still need to fiddle some, but I like the new one. It is pretty and pink and Palatino. (Yes, the font was an influence here, even though I could totally change it myself if I wanted.) This is me, wasting time.
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  • Yesterday I went to the National Book Festival, which was a lot of fun. Last year, you may recall, I spent most of the day waiting in line for Neil Gaiman's signature. This year I skipped the autograph lines and got to see many more authors.

    First I wandered a little, then settled in at the back of a tent to listen to Jeannette Walls, whose book The Glass Castle has been on my "oh I should read that" radar for awhile. I picked up some free stuff (a shopping bag from Target and some posters for my office!) then met my aunt at the Metro station. Next we listened to poet Jane Hirschfield read (I had never heard of her, but she was good) and checked out some cool digital exhibits at the Library of Congress tent.

    Then we met up with [ profile] sagacious_c, at which point it started raining. Luckily, we were able to get a spot inside the tent (barely!) to see Sharon Creech, who is a favorite of mine. If you haven't read Walk Two Moons, what are you waiting for? We ended the afternoon by checking out the bookstore tent and seeing Marilynne Robinson read. There were other authors I would've like to see, including Rick Riordan and Judy Blume, but luckily LOC records all the talks and will be posting the videos online!

  • Once again, the festival coincided with the beginning of Banned Books Week. As usual you can check out the ALA website for details on frequently challenged books, which last year included The Kite Runner and the Gossip Girl series.

  • I had a big time "I'm turning into my mother" moment today. I look a lot like her anyway, but today it struck me at one point that my outfit (jeans, white t-shirt, black cardigan) could have been pulled straight from her closet. My sister and I often tease her for owning few clothes that are not white, black, or beige.

  • I'm still having trouble focusing on school. Instead I've read several novels and watched way more TV than I have time for. I'm sure some things will be sacrificed soon, but for now I'm enjoying premiere season. Glee is by far my favorite new show, and the first episode of Flash Forward seems promising. Bones, How I Met Your Mother, Dollhouse, and Fringe are back I pretty much enjoy them in that order. New Merlin has also started, and though there are so many problems with that show I enjoy it anyway.

  • I kind of want to see the new remake of Fame. DON'T JUDGE ME!

    Sadly it probably doesn't have this:

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It cost more than I'd really like, even on sale, but I did at least get a discount on a DVD player for buying it at the same time. Now I can sit on the couch, watch Bones reruns, and type this on my laptop! It's multi-task time wasting. :) I was going to buy a TV stand too, but when I went to Ikea I discovered the box was too big to fit in my little car! Boo. For now, the coffee table gets to stand in.

This means I can watch Ohio State play Navy tomorrow! At some point earlier in the summer I decided I wasn't going to march in the alumni band, which I am now kind of regretting. It makes sense, since I've already been to Columbus twice in the last two months, and at the time I though it wasn't a great idea to leave again right as the semester started... but I've been having major nostalgia for Columbus, OSU, and TBDBITL the last few weeks and I just wish I could be there. One of my rookies (who's a fourth year now!) texted me just a bit ago to see if I'd be there.

Watching on my shiny new TV will have to be the next best thing to being at the Shoe. I can also look forward to the homecoming game, to which I now have tickets, courtesy of my dad's girlfriend. Hurrah!
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I was going to watch another episode of Fringe, but I got distracted when I discovered there are Sesame Street clips on Hulu now. (I love Hulu more and more all the time, and this is why.) I watched a ton of PBS and have many fond memories of Sesame Street. My mom and I still have Sesame Street lines that we quote at each other (because we are dorks like that!) It's pretty much the best children's television show ever made.

And with that, good night everybody!
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Tonight in class we watched this documentary called Farewell, Etaoin Shrdlu about the last night of hot metal typesetting at the New York Times. (It was in 1978; after that they started using computers.) We've all heard how print newspapers are dying, which I think is a shame, so I thought it was pretty cool learning how the type was produced and put together to print the pages of the paper. Yeah, I'm a big nerd. I know it.

"etaoin shrdlu" is a pre-qwerty character string from the keyboard on a linotype machine. Apparently there is an operational one at a museum in Baltimore that they'll let you play with if they're not busy. I kinda want to go there.

Photo by splorp on Flickr.

In other news, I've been in the new apartment for a week and things are going well. We got internet (and cable) hooked up and it's sooo much faster than the DSL I had before. To celebrate I've been watching lots of 30 Rock and Merlin when I should actually be working on my final paper for History of the Book. I'm sure it'll come together though. These things always do. Now if only this cold/sinus/allergy thing I've got would go away!

Also, new layout! I liked the old one, except the text was too small and too light, and I got tired of trying to fix it. I'm debating changing the color scheme, and maybe the font, but I don't know.
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I finally saw Star Trek this morning, and it was just as awesome as everyone says! (Plus, cheap tickets for morning movies! Yay!) I've actually never seen any of the Original Series, so now I'm feeling a bit inspired to watch some. (And it's streaming on Netflix!) You know, go back and learn some of the history. I've been watching Fringe for my Sci-Fi fix, but it is not in space. And as [ profile] d4ni likes to point out, everything is better in space!

And as for Fringe, I'm almost halfway through the first season now, and I'm enjoying it. It's like all the creepy monster-of-the-week episodes of The X-Files jammed together, with a pinch of mytharc. One complaint though: it seems like every time Olivia discovers something new, her boss takes her aside and tells her "there's something we haven't told you about The Pattern." So why doesn't he just tell her about The Pattern instead of letting her stumble around in the dark? Just a thought.

I watched the Stargate movie a couple days ago and thought it was underwhelming. They spent a lot of time on majestic vistas with soaring music cues, and not enough on plot or character development. I went ahead and watched the first episode of SG-1 though, and it seems to have better pacing.

BSG is still over. :( But I watched The Scarlet Pimpernel on Netflix. Jamie Bamber and James Callis both get killed in it.

I realize it now sounds like all I do is watch TV, but I swear I do other stuff too! (There was much biking, cleaning, reading, and even some experimental cooking this weekend!) Anyway, I'm flying through season 4 of How I Met Your Mother. How can it stay so consistently awesome?
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Ah, summer vacation. I love it. Finally, I can do whatever I want, whenever I want, with no guilt. Not that I didn't still have an agenda for my day, it just doesn't involve school things!
  • I went on a bike ride this afternoon, and when I got into town I discovered there's some sort of festival going on this weekend. Now that's fun and all, but it also meant that part of the bike trail was blocked, and the rest was very crowded with families and young children. My last big bike crash was caused by little kids veering left of center on a bike trail, so this was worrisome for me. There was one near miss when a kid swerved out in front of me, but I made it home okay. (And for once, I wasn't totally drained because I actually followed my own advice not to push myself past my limits.)

  • We now have an official chore sheet at home, not that it makes much of a difference. Derelict housemate selected cleaning the bathroom from the list, but apparently his idea of "cleaning" means wiping down the countertop two days after making a mess cutting his hair. I decided I've had enough, so I spent some quality time scrubbing the floor, and basically anything else in sight, with bleach. It was a bit labor intensive, but there really is something satisfying about accomplishing a physical task.

  • I need to stop watching Fringe while I'm eating, cause it grosses me out. Also, in the department of "Eeewwww," I am very lucky that I don't have a particularly sensitive stomach. Yesterday I decided to risk the sour smelling milk cause I was in a hurry and had already poured the Cheerios in the bowl... today I dumped out the rest and it was kinda chunky. Blech. I discovered earlier this week that the temperature in the fridge wasn't low enough, so at least now I know why everything has been going bad.

  • I have time to read again! I went to the library (I had to hurry to get there before they closed for the weekend!) and checked out a stack of books, including a couple recs from friends before we got shooed out by some John Philip Sousa (there's some holiday spirit for ya!). I had my usual reaction of "Hey, I've played this!" And on more than one instrument, no less.

  • There's an article about zambonis in the New York Times! :D

Geek time!

May. 22nd, 2009 08:47 am
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Today's xkcd is about Mathnet! You know, the crime segment in Square One? The awesomest math show ever to hit PBS?

(Shut up, [ profile] d4ni, PBS is cool, and I totally did not have a lame childhood.)


May. 20th, 2009 09:25 pm
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I really, really liked it!

Okay, yes, it's kinda cheesy, but I think it owns that. The characters were fun, and though some were obvious types, they're still interesting to watch. I think it'd be easy to either laugh at the characters expense or pity them, but luckily they don't go that way. I thought the music was great, especially the last song. The a capella incidental music is also quite cool. And it's set in Ohio! Heh.

The verdict = Glee is good, dorky fun, and they've hooked me to come back and watch in the fall.
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At work, scanning postcards of Monticello. I'm listening to Colin Murray from last night, and he's been sharing his thoughts on some of the Eurovision contestants. He says Russia's song was "So depressing it makes 'Mad World' sound like 'The Venga Bus.'" Was that the one where they aged the singers face on the video screen? Cause that was freaky.

I took the Metro to work this morning, for the first time in quite awhile. I really do prefer taking Metro to driving, because instead of being tense because of the stupid traffic, I can just sit and read a book. Too bad it takes so long and is so expensive, cause I don't like driving 50+ miles by myself each day. It's wasteful.

Tonight I'm meeting some friends, and some of their friends, for an end of the semester dinner/happy hour. (That's why the car got left at home today.) SAM already had an end of the year party on Saturday, but you really can't celebrate often enough after a semester like this has been. I've now completed three semesters of my MLS... and have three more to go. Part of that is because I transferred, and part is because I'm switching to part time starting now.

Is anybody else planning to watch Glee? I read an article about it this morning in the NYTimes and saw the trailer, and it looks kinda fun. I wasn't in show choir in high school (my HS didn't even have one), but I did do band and drama... they're all the similar types of dorkitude.

I made it!

May. 18th, 2009 06:17 pm
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I can finally crawl out from that rock I've been living under! What have I been up to the last week?

  1. Writing final exams. By the end of the semester, I felt like I was just writing non-stop, and I had so much to do that I pretty much ceased to care about quality, as long as all my assignments and exams got done. And they did. I suspect some were rather crap, but whatever.

  2. Eating all the free food I could find. Up until this Saturday, I hadn't been grocery shopping for two weeks. The end of the semester is a great time for free barbecues, pizza parties, and the like! And at work, we went to a fancy luncheon hosted by the university president's wife.

  3. Watching TV! It's so nice to have free time again. I'm most of the way through How I Met Your Mother season 3, I'm catching up with Fringe and keeping up with Ashes to Ashes. I'm feeling kind of "need more sci-fi" since BSG ended, so I think Stargate gets bumped up to the Netflix queue, because I feel like I should watch the movie first. Or maybe I should go with Babylon 5? Or some Trek?

  4. Apartment hunting. I'm going to go see an apartment and meet a potential roommate on Thursday evening. Hopefully it will go well, because new housing headaches seem to develop all the time.

  5. Reading. The last book I finished was rather meh. The idea was promising, but the characters were "OMG QUIRKY" without enough depth to feel real. I'm not sure what I want to start next. Any awesome book suggestions from the f-list?

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First off, we have this gem from last week's Washington Post on how today's college students aren't reading the beat poets, and are therefore idiots. Basically. I think it's just yet another round of "kids these days" BS. Today's young adults aren't less involved in radical politics because they like the Twilight books; there are loads of other societal factors effecting that.
What you see at the next revolution is far more likely to be a well-designed Web site than a radical novel or a poem. Not to be a drag, but that's so uncool. For those of us who care about literature and think it still has a lot to offer, it's time to start chanting, "Hell, no! We won't go!"

Well, yes, literature does have plenty to author. But just cause I don't really care for Kerouac doesn't make me dumb. You have your classics, we have ours. Okay?

In better news, the New York Times reports that book sales are up in Europe thanks to the recession. Books make for inexpensive but high quality entertainment. (Even French translations of Twilight. If you couldn't tell, I don't like being judgey about what people read. Even if Twilight is kinda lulzy.)

And in the Guardian, "Librarians are necessarily heroes and warriors - albeit in disguise." I would so love to work at the British Library, even if they have misplaced some of their books. And can I just say that the Guardian has a much better books section than most U.S. papers? (Actually, many U.S. papers are ditching books all together. Sad.)


This has nothing to do with books, but the SciFi Channel rebrand? EPIC FAIL. SyFy? Seriously? I like io9's assement: "I mean, it's the same name! Just spelled stupidly!" Do they think people won't notice? For current science fiction fans, it's insulting. And for non-fans, well, what exactly has changed? I like some of the alternate options on io9, like "The Why Isn't Battlestar Galactica On Anymore Channel" or "The Look, Just Fuck Off Geeks, We Don't Want Your Kind Round Here Network."
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Congratulations President Obama!

We've been watching Inauguration coverage pretty much all day long. Although I would have enjoyed the excitement of the crowd, I've really enjoyed not having hypothermia, so it's a trade off I can deal with. Plus, we couldn't have had our champagne toast on the Mall. :)

It's been a pretty exciting and emotional day. We're finally rid of Bush and have a new president who is intelligent, eloquent, and inspiring. There are a lot of problem to fix in America, but today it's hard not to feel hopeful about our future.

I'm still watching the parade, on TV and on C-Span's online feed (because C-Span are the only ones not talking over the bands). Yeah, band geek, I know. My college marching band (TBDBITL!) is in the parade, including some of my rookies, so I definitely want to see them. I was in the parade four years ago for Bush's second Inaugural, but this is way cooler.


Jan. 14th, 2009 09:51 pm
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I love Hulu! I think perhaps I've said that before.

My sister and I used to watch quite a bit of Doogie Hoswer, M.D. back in the day. It was one of her favorite shows. I only watched it cause she did, I swear. Oh, Neil Patrick Harris. I really must get around to watching How I Met Your Mother one of these days.
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12 Little Dorrit icons
(From the 2008 BBC series)


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