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During the final season of Battlestar Galactica I made a lot of pretty random cracky predictions, most of which did not come true, except for Lee becoming President of the Colonies. Well, [ profile] d4ni texted me enthusiastically about the Audi Quattro and its anachronistic presence in Ashes to Ashes and suggested that we get back into the cracky speculation game. No objections here!

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Hurrah! Of the six icons LJ is letting me use right now, Alex Drake is one of them!
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Drive by thoughts on the premiers of Ashes to Ashes and Doctor Who, then I, unfortunately, have to go actually do some schoolwork before Easter Dinner. It's been a busy couple of days though. Ashes to Ashes was my reward for cleaning all day on Friday, and Doctor Who had to wait yesterday while I worked on projects and finally filed my tax return. Boo.

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Usually about a couple weeks from the end of an academic term (quarter, semester, whatever) I get overwhelmed by and/or stop caring about school and end up reading tons of YA novels and marathoning TV or anime. Now as a general rule I watch too much TV—it is my grad school procrastination tool of choice—but lately I am taking that to a whole new extreme.

[ profile] d4ni kept talking about how great Legend of the Seeker is, and I was kind of "oh, whatever, it's just some syndicated swords and sorcery thing." And then I finally watched some. I thought the first episode was okay but a tad cheesy, and then I watched the second and OMG THIS SHOW IS SO AMAZING. I'm almost completely caught up on seasons 1 and 2 in only a week and a half because I just can't stop. It somehow has the absolutely perfect combo of magic, sword fights, hot people, bamfy women, pretty scenery, CRACK, and actual good vs. evil plottiness. And the fandom is full of frivolity and femslash and more crack.

My icon right there *points up* is Kahlan from LotS. She's a Confessor, which basically means she can kill you with her brain, or alternately her daggers, and she's on a mission to help the eponymous Seeker defeat the big baddie who's terrorizing New Zealand the Midlands.

You should all go watch! Really! Here are 10 good reasons to watch Legend of the Seeker and then I will shut up about it... for now.

This is an exciting week, because everything is new! First there was Chuck and spoiler ) Then there was Bones and Fringe finally returning from hiatus last night. I tried to watch, but the Princess had a friend over and they were talking really loud (in the same room) and watching YouTube videos, so I couldn't completely follow what was going on in Bones, and I just gave up on Fringe. Bones made me laugh though, cause the crime was in the Metro system, you know, the one my mother thinks I should write a book about. I wonder if the mysterious Rock Creek Metro station is like the Tube stations in Neverwhere.

As if that were not enough, there is new Ashes to Ashes tonight and new Doctor Who tomorrow. I've been totally out of the loop Whoniverse wise, but I saw a couple of the recent trailers and the episode synopses from the Radio Times, and now I'm excited for it! And to top it off, I've got two more episodes of Caprica to catch on Hulu and all of Buffy the Vampire Slayer has suddenly become available on Netflix instant play.

I am never going to get any schoolwork done. Ever.
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Ashes to Ashes is back soon, as The Guardian so obligingly reminded me this afternoon. They've got an interview with Philip Glenister and a short video clip.

And now to the important bit: Alex has a new hairstyle again. I was not crazy about her Series 2 hair, so I approve. (Yes, shallow comment is shallow. Whatever.)

This means I can now completely justify re-watching Series 2, as I can't really remember how it ends. Because I need to waste more time watching television, guys! Doctor Who is back soon too, which will totally not help either. How am I supposed to finish school and get a job* when there are fun things on my the big black box of doom?

*I applied for another job today, actually. That's number three. Cross your fingers!
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I've still got 10-ish pages to write for a case study for another class and articles to read and a reading reflection paper to write for another, all due this week. Then I can enter exam hell. But I'm trying not to think about that yet.

I'm allowing myself a short break, then I have to read at least one article before I mentally check out for the night. So now, fun stuff!

I listened to two awesome episodes of the Colin Murray Show during work yesterday. On Monday Doves were on the show. Their song "Kingdom of Rust" is one of my current favorites. On Wednesday, there was an a capella themed mid-week mobile disco featuring lots of school stuff, in particular the "Star Wars" song, which features lyrics about the Star Wars movies sung to the tune of other John Williams scores. Can I just say that more music should include the line "Let the Wookie win"? It's also on YouTube. Both episodes from Colin Murray are still available on iPlayer. If you're into alternative, indie, and generally fun, eclectic music, go listen. Sadly, the show ends this May. :(

Ashes to Ashes is good this season, isn't it? I love it with it's 80s music and crazy clothes and Gene Hunt. I watched the fist episode of Fringe last weekend and was intrigued. I kind of wrote off the series when it came on in the fall, but I was impressed by the fact that it really creeped me out, just like old-school X-Files did. From what I hear, it's coming back in the fall, which is good since Fox will probably be lame and cancel Dollhouse and Sarah Connor. And at least they'll still have Bones, which continues to amuse me this season with Stephen Fry and crazy funerals and Brennan's massive awkwardness. Can't they just pick an intern already, though?

Finally, what's the deal with Dreamwidth? Is everybody running away there now?
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BBC America actually subtitles some of the dialogue in Ashes to Ashes, mostly Gene's. I can't figure it out, cause it's just random lines, not entire scenes, and not even lines that seem particularly hard to understand. I suppose it's the Mancunian accent. Every American knows that all Brits sounds like either Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins or like Her Majesty The Queen.

I'd expect the 1980s British cultural references would be more problematic than Gene Hunt's accent, apparently that's just me...
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6 Ashes to Ashes icons - Episode 1x01
15 Doctor Who icons - Various Series 4, spoilers to 4x13
All textless, because text isn't my friend. Enjoy!


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