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I finally saw Star Trek this morning, and it was just as awesome as everyone says! (Plus, cheap tickets for morning movies! Yay!) I've actually never seen any of the Original Series, so now I'm feeling a bit inspired to watch some. (And it's streaming on Netflix!) You know, go back and learn some of the history. I've been watching Fringe for my Sci-Fi fix, but it is not in space. And as [ profile] d4ni likes to point out, everything is better in space!

And as for Fringe, I'm almost halfway through the first season now, and I'm enjoying it. It's like all the creepy monster-of-the-week episodes of The X-Files jammed together, with a pinch of mytharc. One complaint though: it seems like every time Olivia discovers something new, her boss takes her aside and tells her "there's something we haven't told you about The Pattern." So why doesn't he just tell her about The Pattern instead of letting her stumble around in the dark? Just a thought.

I watched the Stargate movie a couple days ago and thought it was underwhelming. They spent a lot of time on majestic vistas with soaring music cues, and not enough on plot or character development. I went ahead and watched the first episode of SG-1 though, and it seems to have better pacing.

BSG is still over. :( But I watched The Scarlet Pimpernel on Netflix. Jamie Bamber and James Callis both get killed in it.

I realize it now sounds like all I do is watch TV, but I swear I do other stuff too! (There was much biking, cleaning, reading, and even some experimental cooking this weekend!) Anyway, I'm flying through season 4 of How I Met Your Mother. How can it stay so consistently awesome?
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So my university almost lost half a billion dollars in state funding for letting students watch porn. For real. I find this both amusing and ridiculous. I also can't believe that the porn version of Pirates of the Caribbean actually has a sequel.

I watched episode 6 and 7 of Dollhouse this week, so I'm finally caught up. Spoilery Things )

Did anyone watch the Cupid premier? I didn't--I was pretending to work on a project--but I'm interested to see how it was, cause I was one of the two people who watched the original Jeremy Piven one in the 90s, and I loved Veronica Mars.

[ profile] fiery_twilight tagged me for a meme the other day, so here goes... it's a little disjointed cause I answered questions at different times of day.Twenty Questions )
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I've read a variety of reactions to the Battlestar Galactica finale, but I wholeheartedly loved it. Sure, there were a few moments that made me go "huh?", but overall it was an amazing finish to one of the best shows on television. I can't believe it's all over now! :(

Warning: lengthy ramblings accompanied by massive spoilers. But I least I break it up with pretty pictures! )

Would that I could write responses to my archives reading as easily as I can write about BSG…
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Cut for spoilers for season 4.5 )
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I feel like I've been so incredibly lazy today. Usually I spend most of my weekend cleaning and doing schoolwork, but I just don't have the motivation. Well, I did do some reading for two of my classes, but I don't feel like I've done enough.

About the only other useful thing I've done is change the security settings in Firefox and installing some handy add-ons. I have to train it now to allow cookies, scripts, and whatever else in the places that I want, which means right now I've got lots of windows popping up asking me what I want to do. I never realized just how many people are out there trying to either track you or throw ads in your face. But now they can't do either! Hah!

And now, some thoughts on last night's Battlestar Galactica, "Someone to Watch Over Me." Why are there only three episodes left? )


Feb. 7th, 2009 04:38 am
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I was so tired that I went to bed at 9:30 last night. That just doesn't happen. Ever.

But so now it's 4:30, and I'm awake again. *facepalm* Perhaps Battlestar Galactica is up on Hulu now...

ETA: There are potentially BSG spoilers in the comments now. Consider yourself warned.

The Oath

Jan. 31st, 2009 08:51 am
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Spoilers for BSG 4x15 )

Non-spoilery: For those who've been in doubt about the quality of BSG this season, or have been losing interest, WATCH. This one was totally frakking awesome, just like old times.
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Battlestar Galactica returned last night, finally, and there were quite a few surprises.

What the frak? )
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  • Last night I set two alarms to ensure that I'd be out of bed and out the door on time. I made it to the Metro, then had to wait half an hour because some train with mechanical problems was blocking the track and was late for work anyway!

  • I've read plenty about those fancy pants ebook readers, but never seen a real person using one, until today, when I saw two. I'm still not sold.

  • Apparently, Lake Superior State University publishes a yearly list of words that should be banished from the English language. Although I agree we were a bit over-mavericked this year, I find this type of linguistic whining irritating. Blah blah they're ruining "the Queen's English" (say some folks in Michigan, lol). CRY MOAR, BBS!!

  • My roommate cleaned up his huge mess in the kitchen, so now it is safe to cook in with out poisoning myself. I'm making pasta with pesto right now. Yum!

  • Only two weeks til Inauguration Day! I still haven't decided whether to brave the cold and the crowds, or just watch on TV from the comfort of my sofa.

  • And speaking of TV, Bones and Battlestar Galactica come back next week! Sadly, I don't have cable, so I'll have to wait an extra day for BSG. :( I've been meaning to rewatch the first half of S4, which I think I can manage at one episode per day if I start tomorrow.

  • Still listening to the CD101 Top 2009. Still awesome.

The Truth!

Jun. 2nd, 2008 01:26 pm
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Everyone's speculating about the super sekrit identity of that spoilery character in "Silence in the Library." Here're my awesome theories:

Spoilers through Doctor Who 4X08 and I guess Battlestar Galactica 3X20 (but only a teensy bit). )
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Moonlight )

Battlestar Galactica )
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So I meant to post reactions to each new episode of Battlestar Galactica, but never got around to it. I think that before I have a chance to really digest what went on Doctor Who comes on, and I get distracted. Instead, I’m going to do some highlights and some “what the frak” moments.

Battlestar Galactica Season 4 Spoilers )
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BSG tonight! To celebrate, a silly limerick! :D

Season 3 Spoilers Re: The Final Five )

* * *

Miley Cyrus seriously needs to get the heck out of my head. That song will not leave me alone! (Forget "All Along the Watchtower"; you want people to go crazy, play some Miley Cyrus.

* * *

This morning at work the printer jammed five times and had two more imaginary paper jams, all in an hour. I think that the printer, like the Cylons, has evolved. And it HATES me. Also, I saw a guy in a Gogol Bordello t-shirt, which was cool. I recently started listening to some of their music. It's fun stuff!

* * *

I finished two books yesterday: Promises to Keep by Charles de Lint and The Willoughbys by Lois Lowry. Both were short--less than 200 pages each, and the latter is a children's book--but that's still a lot more reading than I get done on the average day. They're both good, by the way.

* * *

Another story of daft moves by American publishers: One of my friends in Montreal recommended the book Starter for Ten by David Nicholls, which she said is her favorite book ever. (Definitely sounds worth a chance, eh?) Unfortunately, when I looked for it in the library here, they only had the movie version. Several weeks later I finally discovered that the book was initially published in the US by a different title, A Question of Attraction. For the paperback edition (after the movie release) they switched back to the original title, which I think was a better title in the first place.

Armed with this knowledge, I've finally located a copy, and I started reading this morning (in between printer jams). We'll see if it lives up to Sarah's hype.

* * *

And welcome to my new friends from from [ profile] goin_my_way! Only one more day 'til the Doctor and Donna hit the screens! :D
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Unless I come up with a new and amazing theory tomorrow morning, this is probably the last of my Battlestar Galactica predictions, all chucked together in one handy dandy post. As usual, some are serious, some not so much.

Everybody lives and they make up with the Cylons and they all go to Earth together and drink daquiris and have lots of mixed-species babiez. Then Earth asplodes from all the HAPPY. )
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1) On Saturday we went on a big trip to Missouri to go to the antique mall. I made one very important silly but amusing purchase: a 1953 Girl Scout Handbook. It includes many useful bits of information, including an organizational diagram, tips on the proper positioning of a reading lamp, and the procedures for ice rescue ("If the victim is helpless, go to him... When close to the hole, lie down and crawl.")

2) There was an oboist playing in church this week! I was invited to go to the 20s and 30s brunch afterwards, and I decided to be social for once and go. There was plenty of good food and conversation, so I was glad I went. Who knew I could actually have a fun time with three strangers and a priest? :D But the people at St. Michael's all seem really nice (people keep noticing I'm new and introducing themselves), so I guess it shouldn't be a huge surprise.

3) Yesterday my boss presented me with a stack of overdue notices and a stack of envelopes and asked me "Can you...?" and then did some jazz hands in their general direction. Um, what? In better work news, I got my first paycheck!

4) I finally filed my income taxes. I filled out all the forms way back at the beginning of February in a last minute rush before I moved, but then never bothered to mail them. But hey, two weeks before the deadline isn't bad! Maybe this year the IRS will finally figure out that my name isn't Alexander. (A girl can dream.)

5) [ profile] d4ni are re-watching some of our favorite Battlestar Galactica episodes from seasons 1-3. Re-watching season 1 is interesting, and not just because all the characters look like babies! Everything was a lot more mysterious back then. Sure, "anyone" could be the final cylon, but it's easy to reasonably rule some people out. In season 1, we didn't even know how many cylons there were, so they really could be anyone. Also, Billy wasn't dead yet (Billy > Tory), Lee actually smiles every so often, and Roslin (and everyone else) didn't hate Baltar's guts yet.

6) Seasons 4!!! Battlestar Galactica on Friday and Doctor Who on Saturday! Best TV week ever? Quite possibly. (And is "Seasons 4" not the most awkward plural ever?)
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My naaaame is Leeee Adamaaaa!!! )
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