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  • Is it just me, or is the currently LJ header extremely busy and annoying?

  • Torchwood is all grown up and being written about in The Atlantic! I was trying to explain Torchwood to a friend who'd never seen it, which is always... interesting.

  • Time has a kinda decent article about fanfic. Nothing earth-shattering to learn if you're in fandom, but you can at least get a chuckle about the sex pollen. Or the reminders of how you met two people at a party and scared off the crowd discussing Snarry and twincest in HP fandom. Good times. Gotta say, though... Time's website is really annoying. Must you break up each article with unrelated links. "See the top 25 films adapted from fantasy books about orphaned wizards!"

  • I'm on Google+ now... it's mostly pretty quiet. Like Facebook, with fewer people, and no Farmville.

  • I failed to mention the other day that I've finally made it to Season 7 of Buffy (and Season 4 of Angel)! Spike and Xander are roommates again! There are evil goings on at Sunnydale High! Weird Anya backstory! Needs more Giles, though.

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I made an amazing discovery today: Comcast lets me watch Torchwood on the internet for free! (Not really for free, cause we're paying them for cable. But, hey, Comcast not sucking!) Mostly not that spoilery spoiler for episode one of Miracle Day )

Torchwood aside, it's been a mostly quiet weekend. I spent the bulk of yesterday cleaning and organizing my room, which was slightly boring, but also way overdue. Eight months after moving in, I finally hung some pictures on the wall! I figure since I just signed a new lease to the end of the year, it's about time. I've gotta admit, cleaning is much easier when I can get some SGA on my laptop at the same time. What did I ever do before Netflix? (Also, oh this show! <3 Rodney and his "I'm stuck here at Area 51, so I'm gonna call John all the time cause I miss him and his silly hair, and fly over to have dinner with him" thing, and John's whole "Ewww, emotions, lemme play with planes then hang up on you. Cause I care" response. Also, Jack O'Neill is full of snark and I may have to watch SG-1 after all.)

Today I helped a friend and her husband move into their new apartment, and later had an impromptu dinner with moving crew. I throw together some mean grilled chicken. :) I still find it much more fun to cook for other people than just myself.

Monday it's back to work and it's going to be ELEVENTY BILLION DEGREES. I've been trying to dress more professionally, but that's really hard when nearly 100 degrees. Why can't it just be spring all the time?
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Whoa. Torchwood... it was actually compelling instead of cracky. What a pleasant surprise! I do have to add my voice to the chorus of "need more Rhys!" that I've seen several places on my flist, but, really, overall it's good stuff.

Apparently I'm currently fresh out of Torchwood icons, so Sarah Jane and her crew can stand in.
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I'm reading this article for class, and whoever scanned it left these giant black spaces around the edges. Back when I worked in a university library, we had to measure the journal pages and program the size into the copier. If we screwed up and left an 1/8th inch of black space the document delivery people sent the request back with angry admonishments written on it. I could totally do this better!

I have another job interview. :) It's for a job... wait for it... SCANNING THINGS! I can honestly say I never thought that particular job experience would ever come in handy again. Sometimes, it is good to be wrong.

The Torchwood radio play "Lost Souls" was on this afternoon, and it had lulz and weird skience. ) You can download it here for the next 7 days.

Shameless self-promotion: I entered some icons at [ profile] dw_icontest this week, and although I can't say which are mine, I encourage you DW fans to vote! :)

I want a purple iPod nano. I'm not actually going to buy one; there's absolutely nothing wrong with my silver one. (Besides not being purple.) And speaking of Apple-y things, I downloaded the newest version of Firefox today, and I swear graphics are slightly duller colored than they are in Safari.

Anyway, about that article I'm reading...
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I have watched this episode way too many times. Seriously, it’s like a disease. I have, at least, stopped freaking out. This was just supposed to be a more sane review, but somehow morphed into a picspam.

I have only one thing to say to you. BYE! )
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There's an episode of Gilmore Girls where Lorelai goes away for the weekend, and Rory plans a night in doing to do her laundry and watch TV. That is my night, minus the all the take out food and Paris, Jess, and Dean barging in. [ profile] d4ni ran off to Columbus for five days, so it's just me, the cats, and, of course, the laundry.

I had no idea that Burn Gorman played Mr. Guppy in Bleak House! I did a little double take when he came on screen. (You know, Guppy acts a lot like Owen does in "Adam", following Esther around like a lost puppy. But unlike Owen, Guppy has awful hair.) Gillian Anderson is Lady Dedlock, but I already knew that. It must've been crazy trying to adapt a story with so many characters and subplots for TV, but so far it's very good.

Today I actually passed another person on the sidewalk on my way to the library! And by "passed" I mean that she was texting and almost ran right into me. But hey, somebody else walking somewhere! :D
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