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As if the Twilight phenomenon hadn't brought about enough lulz already, there is an amazing article about "real" vampires in today's Washington Post.


The writer, Monica Hesse, seemed to have a lot of fun writing the story. (Just as I had lots of fun reading it.) Here's her problem with vampires being normal people, just with a strange "energy deficiency":
It's all so borrring, so very borrring. Deep down, deep way down, we don't really want vampires to be just like us, because we are pretty lame.

While we're on the subject of vampires and lameness... I need your opinion, flist. True Blood: lame or not? As cracktastically awesome as Moonlight? Or just sadly lacking in Jason Dohring being hot and Sophia Myles being a BAMF?
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Yes, I've finally finished reading Breaking Dawn, only six weeks after the rest of the world. But, hey, it's not like I'm involved in that fandom (it's crazy!), so whatevs. Breaking Dawn was a lot of things--lulzy, melodramatic, cracktastic, silly, eye-roll inducing--but it was one thing above all: waaaay too long! I honestly enjoyed the third part of the book, as ridiculous as it sometimes--er, often--was, but first I had to slog over 350 pages to get there. Not good.

Read on as I dazzle you with spoilers. )

And hooray for a reason to use my Josef icon! How sad that Moonlight was cancelled. Sure, it wasn't quite actually good... but it always had something unexpected. Plus, Mick and Beth were both kick-ass and made an awesome vampire/human couple, and Josef was really hot and snarky. Good times. There should be a Twilight/Moonlight crossover book/movie/tv special. I don't care, but I would read/watch it because I have no shame. Nor, apparently, taste.
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Moonlight )

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There are several official media outlets that post videos on YouTube. Often, they're short clips of shows. Someone at CBS, however, actually gets YouTube, as evidenced by the videos for the show Moonlight. There are the usual clips from the show, but along with those there are recaps, added scenes, and even Mick/Beth music videos. (Yes, they've actually posted officially sanctioned shippy music videos. I love it!) And in keeping with the random spirit of YouTube, my personal favorite:

Oh, Jason Dohring. <3
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Some time earlier this year, I watched the first episode of Doctor Who, but I never really got into a it. I caught parts of a few episodes on one of the French cable stations this fall, and it seemed interesting enough, even in a language I don't understand, to warrant another go. This fall I watched the pilot of Moonlight and confirmed that Jason Dohring is still hot, but I wasn't completely sold on the series. Then I read an article a couple weeks ago that reported that Moonlight was one of the few new shows this season to gain viewers during October and November. That had to mean that the show got better over time, so I decided to give it a second chance as well.
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I turned in two more annoying projects this week and successfully negotiated a higher mark on the evil InMagic project of DOOM! It's amazing that I got the projects done at all, because I was much more interested in reading novels. I devoted the majority of Sunday and Tuesday reading, so I have another pair of recommendations.

The first is Phoenix and Ashes by Mercedes Lackey. It's part of the Elemental Mages series and based on that old fairy tale standard, Cinderella. I happen to like fairy tale retellings, but for the skeptics, there's plenty that's unique about Phoenix and Ashes. Instead of the traditional fantasy kingdom, the setting is England during World War I. Eleanor, the heroine, is forced into servitude and literally imprisoned by her stepmother, an Elemental Master of Earth. The "prince" is Reggie Fenyx, the local lord and an Elemental Master of Air, who returns from the front shell-shocked and blocked off from all magic.

The main focus of the book is on Eleanor and the development of her skills as a Fire Master. As she learns to control her element, Eleanor is able to stretch the bounds of her imprisonment. In the middle of the book, I even forgot the Cinderella element, because the characters were interesting enough to hold my interest on their own.

My second recommendation is New Moon by Stephenie Meyer, the same book I've been impatiently waiting for. The sequel to Twilight didn't disappoint. Edward, Bella's vampire boyfriend, thinks that he can protect her from danger by leaving town. After a few awful months, Bella, danger magnet extraordinaire, decides to cope by being as reckless as possible and starts landing herself in the ER on a weekly basis. There's the normal high school drama, but with a vengeful vampire, a pack of young werewolves, and a frantic trip to Italy. New Moon is over 500 pages long, but I tore through it in one day. It's just a fun read.


Oct. 27th, 2007 12:15 pm
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Well, this is my reading week after all! I’m sure I’m meant to be reading about something excruciatingly boring for my “Information and Society” class, not reading novels, but oh well. I’m just preparing for Reader’s Advisory! With that in mind, here are some recommendations of two great books I read this week:

In the final weeks of August, right before my move, I did a lot of shopping therapy to ease my nerves. On one of my frequent outings, I picked up a copy of The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger, which I had been wanting to re-read, for a mere five dollars! The Time Traveler’s Wife is essentially a love story, but a highly unusual one. Henry, the time traveler, and Clare experience the milestones of their relationship in a different order, so reading the novel is a bit like piecing together the puzzle that is their lives. I really love this book; it’s clever, it’s engrossing, and it makes me cry.

My second recommendations is another extraordinary romance, Twilight by Stephanie Meyer. I started this one Thursday night after I got home from Ottawa, and I only intended to read a chapter or two before I fell asleep. Around 5:30 am I finally forced myself to put the book down because I could hardly keep my eyes open. Twilight has high school angst, romance, suspense… and vampires. There are two sequels, which I’m now quite eager to read.

On Friday I went to the Grande Bibliothèque, which is a giant library run by Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Quebec. Now that I have some bills with my Quebec address, I was able to get a library card. There was a pretty decent sized English collection, but there are even more French books. If my French reading skills ever progress beyond reading street signs, I’ll have plenty to read. In the meantime, now that I’ve got a library card I definitely don’t have to worry about running out of reading material in English anytime soon either.


Oct. 3rd, 2007 07:45 pm
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So I just finished watching another new show called Moonlight because, yes, "Jason Dohring is hot" really is a legitimate reason to watch a show. What? It is! [profile] d4ni and I came to this conclusion through a careful analysis of the CBS website for the show. Our main research question: "Does Jason Dohring look hot in the promotional photos?" The answer: a resounding yes. So, nevermind the dubious nature of a vampire show on CBS, this show had to be worth checking out.... right?

Now if only I could get my hands on last night's House.
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