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Once upon a time, I tried to drive home by going through the District. I failed, in the very failiest of fashions. I can now proudly say that I have mastered this route! Unfortunately, I'm not sure it's really any faster than the Beltway at rush hour, but at least I have another choice for those few days when I'm not Metro-ing, which takes even longer.

Unrelated: One of the default moods on LJ is predatory?? Just in case I'm feeling like I need to go out real quick and down a gazelle?
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Usually about a couple weeks from the end of an academic term (quarter, semester, whatever) I get overwhelmed by and/or stop caring about school and end up reading tons of YA novels and marathoning TV or anime. Now as a general rule I watch too much TV—it is my grad school procrastination tool of choice—but lately I am taking that to a whole new extreme.

[ profile] d4ni kept talking about how great Legend of the Seeker is, and I was kind of "oh, whatever, it's just some syndicated swords and sorcery thing." And then I finally watched some. I thought the first episode was okay but a tad cheesy, and then I watched the second and OMG THIS SHOW IS SO AMAZING. I'm almost completely caught up on seasons 1 and 2 in only a week and a half because I just can't stop. It somehow has the absolutely perfect combo of magic, sword fights, hot people, bamfy women, pretty scenery, CRACK, and actual good vs. evil plottiness. And the fandom is full of frivolity and femslash and more crack.

My icon right there *points up* is Kahlan from LotS. She's a Confessor, which basically means she can kill you with her brain, or alternately her daggers, and she's on a mission to help the eponymous Seeker defeat the big baddie who's terrorizing New Zealand the Midlands.

You should all go watch! Really! Here are 10 good reasons to watch Legend of the Seeker and then I will shut up about it... for now.

This is an exciting week, because everything is new! First there was Chuck and spoiler ) Then there was Bones and Fringe finally returning from hiatus last night. I tried to watch, but the Princess had a friend over and they were talking really loud (in the same room) and watching YouTube videos, so I couldn't completely follow what was going on in Bones, and I just gave up on Fringe. Bones made me laugh though, cause the crime was in the Metro system, you know, the one my mother thinks I should write a book about. I wonder if the mysterious Rock Creek Metro station is like the Tube stations in Neverwhere.

As if that were not enough, there is new Ashes to Ashes tonight and new Doctor Who tomorrow. I've been totally out of the loop Whoniverse wise, but I saw a couple of the recent trailers and the episode synopses from the Radio Times, and now I'm excited for it! And to top it off, I've got two more episodes of Caprica to catch on Hulu and all of Buffy the Vampire Slayer has suddenly become available on Netflix instant play.

I am never going to get any schoolwork done. Ever.
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Snowmageddon is coming to D.C. again!

The official "snow emergency" started about an hour ago, not that we've seen any flakes yet. According to NOAA we're supposed to get 20"-28" of snow. The University is closed today--it's my day off anyway--and I fully expect we'll be closed on Monday.

This time around I won't be on my own all weekend. We've got two extras staying here, so there'll be five of us holed up here for the duration. I plan on making cookies... worked for me last time. That means I need ingredients, which means going to the grocery store, and word on the street is the lines right now are over an hour long. Seriously.

This weekend will either be very fun, or drive me completely crazy!
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  • Yesterday I went to the National Book Festival, which was a lot of fun. Last year, you may recall, I spent most of the day waiting in line for Neil Gaiman's signature. This year I skipped the autograph lines and got to see many more authors.

    First I wandered a little, then settled in at the back of a tent to listen to Jeannette Walls, whose book The Glass Castle has been on my "oh I should read that" radar for awhile. I picked up some free stuff (a shopping bag from Target and some posters for my office!) then met my aunt at the Metro station. Next we listened to poet Jane Hirschfield read (I had never heard of her, but she was good) and checked out some cool digital exhibits at the Library of Congress tent.

    Then we met up with [ profile] sagacious_c, at which point it started raining. Luckily, we were able to get a spot inside the tent (barely!) to see Sharon Creech, who is a favorite of mine. If you haven't read Walk Two Moons, what are you waiting for? We ended the afternoon by checking out the bookstore tent and seeing Marilynne Robinson read. There were other authors I would've like to see, including Rick Riordan and Judy Blume, but luckily LOC records all the talks and will be posting the videos online!

  • Once again, the festival coincided with the beginning of Banned Books Week. As usual you can check out the ALA website for details on frequently challenged books, which last year included The Kite Runner and the Gossip Girl series.

  • I had a big time "I'm turning into my mother" moment today. I look a lot like her anyway, but today it struck me at one point that my outfit (jeans, white t-shirt, black cardigan) could have been pulled straight from her closet. My sister and I often tease her for owning few clothes that are not white, black, or beige.

  • I'm still having trouble focusing on school. Instead I've read several novels and watched way more TV than I have time for. I'm sure some things will be sacrificed soon, but for now I'm enjoying premiere season. Glee is by far my favorite new show, and the first episode of Flash Forward seems promising. Bones, How I Met Your Mother, Dollhouse, and Fringe are back I pretty much enjoy them in that order. New Merlin has also started, and though there are so many problems with that show I enjoy it anyway.

  • I kind of want to see the new remake of Fame. DON'T JUDGE ME!

    Sadly it probably doesn't have this:

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Because living in the suburbs in Virginia is cool! (I live in Vienna, though, not Arlington.) The video is pretty funny, but I think the "We could take the Green Line" bit is definitely the best part.

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A friend and former roommate of mine from college is in town for a law internship. I haven't seen her since graduation since she's been in South Bend and I've been... everywhere. We met up today and went to the National Zoo, where I finally got to see the famous pandas. ("Look at me! I'm a cute panda! I'm taking a nap!") Lots of the animals were napping, cause, hey, sunny afternoon, but we did see some that were more active, including two orangutans trying to bite each other and a cheetah digging into a meaty bone.

After the zoo we had a late lunch, and opted to sit outside, since it was pretty much perfect weather for it. Then we wandered around Kalorama and checked out some of the nice houses we'll never be able to afford to live in. (I'm going to be a librarian, after all, and she wants to work for the federal government.) It was great being able to catch up, and we both got to explore the city a little bit. Since she'll be here through July we're hoping to find some other fun weekend stuff to do.

I'm pretty wiped now. All the walking made my legs pretty tired, but hopefully I can get in at least a short bike ride tomorrow. Then I think maybe it's a reading day. And in four more days I'm head to Kansas City for a long weekend! :D
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This afternoon I went to the Sixth & I Synagogue for an event about race in America with Ken Burns. He showed a compilation of clips dealing with race from a variety of his films, and answered questions afterward. He seemed very knowledgeable about American history and gave some really insightful and eloquent answers. It was definitely a worthwhile event, and very timely, of course.

After that we decided to go for dinner. The whole area was pretty packed with people, some coming from the Mall, others heading out to parties and balls. It was a really exciting atmosphere, very different from your usual Sunday night. It also meant that most restaurants had long waits for tables, so we decided to try a hotel restaurant instead. That turned out to be a great choice. Not only did we sit down immediately, but a hotel lobby in the District is the perfect place to people watch this weekend. There was a party for "Declare Yourself" at the hotel, so we saw lots of people decked out for that.

Oh, and I saw Stevie Wonder! He walked by, literally just a couple feet from our table. Sadly, I didn't have my camera out, because I wasn't exactly expecting Stevie Wonder to pop up while I was eating my fries. But how cool is that?

I'm glad that I went out today, so now I feel like I got to experience a little bit of the Inauguration festivities. I'd really enjoy seeing the parade in person, but not so much that I want to leave my house at 5am and stand out in the cold all day to do so. But we're trying to plan a special American menu for Inauguration Day. It will involve apple pie. Naturally. :)
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I came home tonight and turned on the local news, which I normally don't do, but I guess I should take advantage of the TV while I still can, eh?* Apparently there is absolute nothing happening in D.C. right now besides Inaugural Preparations. I heard all about Inaugural bridge closings, Inaugural Metro schedules, Inaugural port-a-potties, Inaugural weather, Inaugural balls, Inaugural traffic advisories... The anchor also read out comments from poster to the station's online forum, one of whom insisted that they should get over Barack Obama, who is a lying liar what lies, so what if he's black, and report some news. To the other extreme, someone said he'd be as devoted to getting downtown on Tuesday as the Governator was to killing Sarah Connor.


Also, they had a doctor on giving out great advice, like wear warm clothes cause it's supposed to be frakkin' cold. People with chronic illnesses were advised to stay home. As I shall, local TV doctor guy. As I shall.**

This morning I was listening to one of the local hip-hop stations, which is not my usual musical genre of choice, but they actual play music in the morning instead of making me listen to obnoxious morning show hosts. They had a commercial advertising the "illest party of the year" hosted next Tuesday by Barack Obama at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Joe Biden will DJ. Contact Governor Blagojevich for tickets, because he will sell you anything you want.

It's pretty crazy (in a good way) how excited people are about the Inauguration. It's actually cool. That's just amazing. It's not just the politically inclined who're excited, it's everybody. It really is a big party. :D

*I applied for a digital converter box voucher, but there's a waiting list cause the government ran out of money for the program. So it looks no TV for awhile after February 17. I'm certainly too cheap to just go out and buy the thing just so I don't miss out on more local news.

**My TV will still work then. And local news let us know about their all day coverage.
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Sadly, I could never be as awesome as she is. So anyway, today I got dressed up in some real person clothes (nice trousers and not tennis shoes!) and went to work with my aunt for the day. They needed somebody to do lots of data entry, so I spent the day looking up addresses and putting them in Excel. Très exciting, I know, but hey, it's work. And if I ever need the address for the EPA or the Department of the Interior, I'm set!

For the record, I type significantly slower than 100 words per minutes, but I do a mean Google search. (Thank you, Chuck Tony! Only he would probably call the search "quick and dirty.") Also, for the record, most US government websites are ridiculously opaque.

We took the Metro into the city, and now that I have my fancy pants Smartrip card (see how clever it is? two words that share a "t"!) I feel like I'm in the cool kids club. I can just scan my little pass while all the tourists fumble with their farecards. Yeah, it's the little things in life. :)
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