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So did you all notice that we're already more than a month into 2011? I'm not entirely sure how that happened. Valentine's Day is coming up soon, and a friend and I have decided to celebrate by inviting some other single friends over to eat pizza and watch action movies. Because nothing says Valentine's Day like exploding cars! :)

I've been watching A LOT of Buffy and Angel lately. I'm midway through seasons 5 and 2. I've really started to like Spike. In season 2, I didn't really get it why he was so popular, but I get it now. Mostly he's amazingly snarky, which is a great contrast from the frequent broodiness of the Buffyverse. Spike being forced to live with Giles and Xander last season was awesome, as are this season's Spike flashbacks. (Floppy hair! Hee.) Anya and Cordelia have also both become surprisingly fun, though I don't really get the point of Tara. She's... boring.

Unrelated, but how weird is it that it keeps snowing in the south? Actually, I feel like it just keeps snowing everywhere that isn't here. We did have one small storm, but that's it. Of course, that was enough to knock out the power at my house for two days—and we were some of the lucky ones that didn't have to wait four days. We did have heat, thanks to the next door neighbor's generator, and a nice outdoor refrigerator. Still, it was annoying.

I'm reading another terrible YA novel. If I manage to actually finish it (I think it is more horrible than The Eternal Ones) you can expect a review of Tiger's Curse to follow.

snowed in

Dec. 19th, 2009 10:53 pm
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Instead of stocking up on milk last night, like the rest of this city did, I ventured out to meet my aunt to see An Education at the E Street Cinema. If it's showing somewhere near you, I highly recommend it. Carey Mulligan stars (Sally Sparrow to Doctor Who fans) as Jenny, a 1960s school girl who falls for a charming older man. She's fantastic in the role, and completely deserves all the awards and nominations. The supporting cast, including Olivia Williams, Emma Thompson, Alfred Molina, and Dominic Cooper, were very strong as well. I'd really like to read the memoir the film was based on, but unfortunately it hasn't been published in the US.

I'm glad I went out last night because today the snow predictions actually came true. Over the last 24 hours we've had almost two feet of snow. That's almost unheard of in this region, and it was enough to shut down most of the city, including almost the entire public transit system. I had intended to some have friends over for a holiday party tonight, but that fell through, so I've had the apartment to myself all day. (One of my roommates is in India for a month, the other left for Rockville as soon as she got up this morning, before the roads became nearly impassable. She asked me for snow driving tips, and I sent her out with a dustpan and broom since she had no ice scraper.) It's been a bit lonely, but I've kept myself pretty busy. I'm all stocked up on baking supplies (I braved the long lines at Giant last night for eggs and cream of tartar... wouldn't want to be caught without if the store was closed today) so I mixed two cookie batters. I baked one variety (and hardly burnt any of them) but the other has to refrigerate overnight first.

Tomorrow I'm doing more baking... hopefully with an assistant. An old friend (from elementary school) is up from Williamsburg and wants to help, but she couldn't get out of the city today. Metro had better be running again tomorrow, cause it'd be fun to see her again.
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The University of Maryland has already decided to close the university tomorrow, which means canceling commencement and the last day of exams, because it's supposed to snow. No, it's not snowing yet. But it might. Later.

I know it's cliche in DC to deride the natives and their inherent inability to deal with wintry precipitation, but honestly! :P

And now back to my regularly scheduled apartment cleaning. Blergh.
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It's 70 degrees in Kansas City today! The sun seems to have vanished temporarily, but it was very bright this morning. To celebrate the spring-like weather I broke out a short sleeved shirt and drove with the windows down (which led to a piece of paper on the back seat getting whipped out the window by the strong winds :D ). It's too bad Murray's not here with me, because this is the perfect weather to take him out for a walk. Unfortunately, tomorrow it's supposed to drop down back down to 30 degrees, and it's supposed to snow. The lovely weekend will be officially over; winter, however, will not.

Yesterday, [profile] d4ni and I went to the first week's installment in the Kansas City Chinese Film Festival. The film this week was Malu Tianshi (Street Angel), which was made in 1937. I don't know a lot about old films or Chinese films, so it was pretty different than a lot of movies that I've seen before. One synopsis we read on Friday night compared the film to Italian neorealism, and there were some definite similarities. The film is set in the Shanghai slums in 1935 and focuses on the hardships of life there. Though generally bleak, the film also has many comic moments, which makes for an interesting mix. It was something new, and it was free! After the movie, we continued with the Asian them and had Japanese for lunch. I had teriyaki chicken, which was delicious, and even tried a piece of sushi. Usually I don't like the vinegar on the rice, but it wasn't as strong at this restaurant, so maybe when we go again I'll try some more of their sushi.

This morning I went to a nearby Episcopal Church, St. Michael and All Angels, and I was really please with the experience. The service was very traditional (much more so than either of the Catholic churches I went to the past two Sundays). There was great organ music, which I love, and a nice choir, and the sermon was relevant and interesting. The woman I sat next to, who's only several years older than me, was incredibly welcoming. She recognized that I was new to the church and introduced herself, and afterwards she gave me a tour of the church and introduced me to some parishioners and priests. We even went up in the choir loft, where I got to see the organ pipes up close and got a great view of the whole church. It was a pleasant surprise for me to have someone go out of her way to make me feel comfortable and welcome on my first visit there.

Unfortunately, my absentee ballot still hasn't come yet. The Franklin County Board of Elections is too slow, so now I won't get to vote. Ballots have to be received by 7:30 pm on Tuesday, so I needed it by Saturday in order to fill it out and send it in on time. I'm kinda ticked that I don't get to vote, especially since Ohio is, as I mentioned before, kind of a big deal. :(


Dec. 3rd, 2007 06:07 pm
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It was still snowing softly when I walked home from the library this evening. The snow is really beautiful once the sun goes down because light from the street lamps reflect off the snow and make it sparkle. Ideally, I'd love for all the snow to stay untouched. It makes the city look so clean. Of course, realistically, people have to get around, so icky brown slush is inevitable.

In Columbus the amount of snow we had today would have brought the city to a near complete stand still. (I think there's somewhere in the vicinity of 8-10 inches on the ground.) Jym Ganahl would be simply ecstatic as he reported on the Snow Emergency level. My favorite is Level 3, the level at which you get arrested for driving. I've always wondered how the cops manage to catch you for that. Are the Level 3 Snow Emergency Police chases that I've been missing out on all my life?

Seriously though, I hate driving in the snow. I remember one snowy afternoon last year it took me an hour to drive the three miles home from campus. I probably could have walked it faster--if there were sidewalks. One of the nice things about Montreal is that there, of course, are sidewalks and quite a lot of people using them. It really is possible to get around in the snow without a car, and you don't have to deal with the traffic.

I still think it would be a great idea to get a toboggan and sled down the hill to class. I should've picked one up at Canadian Tire yesterday! Missed opportunity.
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Ever since I decided that I needed to adjust myself to temperatures in degrees Celsius, I have been living in a mystery climate. I wake up in the morning, and it's 15º. Sounds cold. Maybe it's a nice, sunny day, and it gets up to 28º in the afternoon. Still sounds cold. If I dressed for my perception of the weather, I'd be wearing sweaters and winter coats every day because no matter what, it always sounds cold!

Montreal isn't that far North, people!

I do know that 0º is freezing, and I know that anything over 30º is pretty hot. In between, it's all kind of a mystery. So try as I may, I still find myself having to switch back to degrees Fahrenheit. Every time I do it, I feel like I'm cheating... then again, I don't want to wear a parka when I should be wearing a t-shirt.

I wonder how cold it'll be tomorrow?
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