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Today in things that are making me want to stab something:
  1. Last November I went to the Doctor and had a physical. Today, I received yet another bill in the mail telling me that my former insurance provider (I've had to switch twice since then) still refuses to pay for all of it. Yes, the American health care system, it is fantastic.

  2. Also last fall, I got into a fight with the University over immunizations and them not letting me register for classes. Eventually I got a blood test that proved that, yeah, I had an MMR already. All good... until today when the registrar sends me an e-mail saying that unless I turn in my immunization record I won't be able to register for spring classes. Do they think that three semesters has killed my immunity to measles?

  3. We are paying the cable company a million dollars a month for fast internet, which has been broken most of the week. I hate calling them because I always end up on hold forever and they don't actually fix anything. Last time I called it actually got worse. Go figure.

  4. One of the classes I really wanted to take is finally being offered again... at the distance ed campus that's over an hours commute away. And the library field study isn't being offered at all. Fail!

Word of advice: don't try to rob the dude who was riding my bus last night. Because he will stab you in the mother-frakking face. He seemed a little deranged, and I don't think he meant with a spork. Times like that I am thankful for my iPod. My mom tells me I should write a book about the bus. The bus basically runs my life now. Sad but true.
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Seriously, why are there so many flowcharts in my reading? LIS people are apparently in love with drawing diagrams of their theoretical models and I DON'T GET IT!

I'm sure this must be some sort of learning style mis-match thing, but it makes me feel very stupid. I just see boxes and arrows that I can't decipher. What's wrong with just writing about what's going on instead of just drawing a bunch of arrows?

ETA: Also, there are too many acronyms and abbreviations to keep straight. Then even the words don't have meaning. Argh.

ETA2: I forgot about xkcd's Guide to Understanding Flow Charts. I wish the ones in my articles were this simple! Yeah, back to work or whatever.
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I pretty much fail at life. In a strange moment of motivation guilt, I thought I should do something active since it's a nice sunny day and I'm trying to be healthier and all. I pulled my bike out from the shed and went on a ride that was very nice until I conveniently forgot that out is downhill and back is uphill. I got a bad leg cramp on the way back, but I survived.

Then I got back to house and discovered I was locked out! I only meant to be gone for half an hour, and didn't think my roommate would be gone by then. I couldn't call anyone because my phone was locked in the house with my keys. Brrnt.

Lucky for me I found one window unlocked in the back of the house and was able to pry it open, jump up onto the windowsill, then move the shelf blocking the window out just far enough to get down. I felt like an idiot doing that, and probably almost knocked the shelf down, but at least I didn't have to sit out on the porch for three hours waiting for someone else to come home.

And now I must eat dinner. My health kick also inspired me to buy the entire produce section at Giant yesterday, and when you're eating mostly vegetables, you really do need to eat MORE!
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Right now I really hate Daylight Savings Time. As if waking up at 5:30 am on Monday morning weren't already bad enough!


Oct. 18th, 2008 11:19 am
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Right now, I really just want to watch more Bones, but unfortunately--or fortunately--I've run out of episodes and am the mercy of Netflix again. (I'm thinking of changing my subscription to get to DVDs at a time instead of one so I won't have to keep waiting, but I'm held back because a) it costs more money and b) I don't have extra time to watch more Bones.) Instead, I should be cleaning my room because it looks like a sty, as usual, and there is a real estate agent coming to look at the house later. I have to leave for a group meeting in an hour. We're working on a lit review right now and I feel way behind because I haven't read all my articles yet, let alone written abstracts. Also, I have a take-home midterm for my information technology class this weekend, not to mention all the usual reading.

I read The Titan's Curse during my Thursday commute, and I want to talk about that. I also want to blather on about my new job and why it is awesome, but I suppose all that will have to wait. Times like this I have to remind myself that I want to be in school because I want to get a full time job in the future. Right now it feels like school is just getting in the way of a good balance between work and having time for a life.

I think I have a cold again.
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Someone just asked me if we have old magazines here. I directed her downstairs to the periodicals section, and she said "No, I mean ones we can like rip stuff out of." *facepalm*

Working with a new person makes me grumpy. Well, grumpier than I already am at 7:30am. There is no real training here, unless you count the software program that teaches how to put LC call numbers in order, so I pretty much have to train her. I feel kind of hovered over, and I don't like it. Also, I'm tired of explaining that copy is Ctrl+C several times a day.

I spent pretty much all day yesterday reading a book, and then it turned out to not have an ending. I mean, it ended, but it felt to me like the author just picked a place to stop rather than writing an actual conclusion. Usually even individual books within a series do have some closure at the end.

Another high school classmate got married this weekend, and a friend from M Row had her bachelorette party. This, as usual, makes me feel old. (Or like everyone I know is getting married young.) I forget sometimes that I'm supposed to be a real adult now.

Google is Marc Chagall-ified today. In my high school drawing class we had to do self portraits in another artists style, and I based mine on this painting.

ETA: LOL. US TV critics say Torchwood is one of the Top 25 shows of 2008. :D
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I realized I've hardly updated at all this week! Oh no! There'll likely be more later, but for now, here's what's been going on this week:

I'm still trying to finish Bleak House. Characters keep popping up in unexpected places, but now I mostly know who they are, which is good. Someone was murdered several chapters ago, and someone (probably) innocent has been arrested for the crime. I have my theory of the killers identity, so we'll see if it's correct. I'm aiming to finish by tomorrow (I'm finally down to under 200 pages) because I've got several books that I want to get to before I have to take them back to the library.

The other night I had a weird dream that I was going to school again, this time in Alberta. I didn't like it there and wanted to go home, but then I (for some reason) had all this trouble getting my stuff packed up, so I had to leave late. For some reason I was dead set on making it all the way to Minneapolis, so I was just going to drive overnight.

I'm mad at the bank for randomly decided not to authorize my online payment on my credit card bill even though I definitely had the money in my checking account. It's completely bogus and they totally owe me $38 for the returned check fee the credit card company is charging me now! Grrrr.

I've been making lots of icons this week (points to shiny new Martha Jones icon) because I enjoy playing with Photoshop. When I figure out how, I'll post some of them. :D
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You know that scene in Home Alone where they’re all running through the airport to get to the gate on time? I think that scene gives a pretty good idea of what my day was like. We got stuck in traffic on the way to the airport because of a car accident on 270. We finally arrived at the airport half an hour after I was supposed to check in for my flight. Luckily (sort of) there was a delay, so I wasn’t actually late.

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Me and the Biblithèque Nationale are experiencing some slight stress in our relationship. See, after I got my library card, I reserved some books. Unlike at CML, the reserve system did not tell me my position on the waiting list. Unfortunate, but whatever. I decided I'd just wait. Last Tuesday, much to my delight, the library website informed me that New Moon, the next Stephanie Meyer book, would be "Available Soon."

And now it's Thursday -- nine days later -- and my book is still, supposedly "Available Soon." Apparently the library and I have vastly different interpretations of the word "soon," and they're driving me totally insane! Don't they get it that it's not fair to tease me like that?
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After three straight days of non-stop group project work (ugh), the LIS 5 a 7 at Thompson House was a welcome relief. Yay for the grad student bar, pitchers of beer, and yummy nachos. Later, I accompanied some friends to a "Grade 7 Minutes in Heaven" themed party. Basically, the idea was to wear outdated clothes (what you would have worn in Grade 7) or just something ridiculously ugly. I wore my matching Adidas track suit, which my sister expressly forbid me to ever wear as a complete set, but I figure this was a special case. We had a really, really awful bottle of wine, so luckily we met some nice francophone guys who took pity on us and shared their beer. They claimed that my French sounded just fine, and laughed when I used one of my stock phrases and offered them each a grapefruit. :D

Saturday and Sunday were somewhat less fun. Saturday I headed in to the computer lab to take screen shots of my database project, but didn't have time to do the write up that's supposed to go with them because for some reason the lab has ridiculously short hours on the weekend. If we're not out on time, the doors get locked, so the only way out is through a fire door that sets off an alarm and summons security. Not good. Sunday was even more of the same. I was back at the library by 11 am to work on my database project again, then work on my other project (making a poster feels so 3rd grade), then a break for Timmy's, then cataloging exam review, then dinner break, then more cataloging studying. Tomorrow I'm due back at the library by 9am to return my closed reserve textbooks, then I've got a full schedule of more studying and project work! (Time to make friends with the Anglo-American Catologuing Rules.) Of course, there's a second midterm for Rico Suave's class on Friday, but I won't have time to start studying for that until Wednesday, once the projects are turned in and the cataloging exam is over.

Thank goodness we have a study break next week. I need it to restore my sanity. And to clean up my room. Cause yikes, it looks like a small tornado hit in here.

In better news: I watched the latest episode of The Office, which was, as usual, amazingly good. I think The Office is my new favorite show. (Sorry, Danielle, I know the people on The Bionic Woman are hawt and all, but The Office is on a whole different plain of awesome.) It's consistently funny, and it's such a welcome break from all my boring studying. Unlike other shows I watch *cough*Grey's Anatomy*cough* it doesn't make me want to go hurt the writers.
The Ohio State took down Kent State on Saturday, and after more losses by top-ranked teams, the Buckeyes are ranked #1 in the first BCS rankings of the year. This football season has been crazy! How come all the other ranked teams keep losing? Why is the rest of the Big 10 completely lackluster? And what was it again that I didn't stay for my fifth year? Anyone?
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