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Patty made me do it. She just kept sending me all these text messages about an AU fic she wanted to read where Derek and Laura have an decorating business and Stiles hires them to redecorate Lydia's house. And then somewhere along the way I wikipedia'd way more than I ever needed to know about CSU and UC admissions and watched a bunch of videos of faux finish techniques and checked out housing styles between Oroville and Redding, CA and then the fic was over 13K words long and none of that information was even used except to justify the character's backstories in my head.

I've only seen like one episode of Designing Women because the entire series aired before I was nine and back then we literally were only allowed to watch things that were either PBS or Saturday morning cartoons, but the title was too punny to pass up.

Anyway. I wrote a thing.

Title: Designing Werewolves
Author: [ profile] alexscat ([personal profile] alexiscartwheel)
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski
Wordcount: 13,197
Rating: Teen
Summary: Stiles doesn’t know the first thing about interior design, which is unfortunate, since Lydia wants him to redecorate her whole house in a week. It’s lucky Scott’s packmates run their own decorating and painting business. Stiles has his doubts about the Hales, but Laura turns out to be pretty cool, and Derek, well, he’s the hottest painter Stiles has ever seen.

Read at AO3
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Earlier today I finished reading Simon Pegg's autobiography Nerd Do Well, the first Kindle book I borrowed from the public library. (Sidebar: I was really impressed by the simplicity of downloading a library Kindle book—just a few clicks and the book appeared%mdash;especially when contrasted to my experience trying to borrow audiobooks last summer.) The book was nothing earth-shattering, but if you're both a) a nerd and b) familiar with Pegg's work (particularly Spaced and Shaun of the Dead) it's a light and amusing read. For me, the best bits were when he analyzes some of his favorite films, including the original Star Wars trilogy and numerous 1970s zombie classics.

What surprised me was that I put the book down really wanting to write something. I think what Pegg captures really well is that urge that nerdy folk have to go out and create things in the tradition of the things they love. His continued love of stories from his childhood and wonder at being able to participate in those (like meeting Spock while filming Star Trek) really shines through. Creating things isn't really something I've done much of late, and I feel like that's leaving a gap in my life. I guess this could be considered a resolution of sorts for the new year: I'd like to spend more time doing creative things, probably mostly writing, but drawing or music count too. It'll help me strengthen those skills that have been sadly neglected for some time, and hopefully give me some fulfillment outside of work, which, given the current state of things, is something I very badly need.


Jun. 24th, 2009 04:53 pm
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Is this some sort of thing now? Every time I try to go to Target I get lost? This time the problem was I tried to go to the post office first. I know the way from home to the post office and from home to Target, but now from the post office to Target. I eventually got there after a scenic tour of Falls Church, but really, it should not be this hard!

I bought a new tape adapter for my iPod since the old one broke and Top 40 radio is driving me bonkers, and it didn't work! The tape deck literally spat it back out at me. I think it may be possessed. Plus now I'm stuck listening to bad radio again until I can get up the motivation to find a Radio Shack and actually go there.

Yesterday I was listening to the radio and came up with an idea for a book. It's too bad that my fiction writing is awful and that I never finish projects. But if it keeps bumping around in my head, who knows. (If Stephenie Meyer can do it, so can I? LOL)
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For those of you where unaware, yesterday was my most favorite math-related holiday: Pi Day. (Are there other math related holidays?) March 14... 3/14... 3.14... get it?! I was introduced to the glories of Pi Day by my high school math department. None of my teachers ever gave special Pi Day assignments, but some did. My brother once had to write a poem about pi. Although I don't in general approve of having your older sister do you homework for you, I decided to help him out since it was a truly stupid assignment. (The poem is also truly stupid :D )

Poem under the cut )

Yesterday is also to date of another amazing imaginary holiday: The Eve of the Ides of March. *cue spooky music* The Eve of the Ides of March is very simple. The Ides of March is March 15 (Today! Happy Ides of March!), so March 14 is your (or Caesar's) last chance to seriously beware. Gotta take those warnings seriously.

But the best holiday of all? March 14 is also my birthday! Unfortunately I had to get up early and go to work, as usual, but to make up for it I took a nice afternoon nap. (I'm old and frail now; I can take naps when I want to!) I got birthday cards from my Dad and my Grandma in Columbus and a package from my Mom in Phoenix. She wrote "Happy Birthday!" all over the priority mail box, just in case I couldn't tell what the package was. I opened it an found a darned pair of socks (mine), a book she already read (I Capture the Castle), and a CD she already burned for herself (Sara Bareilles). The "real" present, two cute new spring shirts, she hid under the other random goodies. Danielle bought me a toy sonic screwdriver, which is kind of awesome and hilarious. :D

A group of us went to the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City in the afternoon. It's not a huge museum, but there were some good things to see. I found a painting of St. Jerome--I apparently have a good eye for him, because I always pick him out immediately in every art museum. The impressionists are my personal favorite painters, and they had a few good paintings. Unfortunately the only Renoir wasn't hanging. :( We had homemade pizza for dinner and Cold Stone ice cream for dessert--calorie ridden, but oh so delicious. In the evening I was really tired, so we came back home and watched Marie Antoinette, which I really enjoy. So all in all, it was a good day.
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