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Today I am celebrating the end of my reading slump, which I supposed should more accurately be called a book slump. I've been reading tons of fic, but until this morning, I hadn't managed to finish a book, despite starting several, since Thanksgiving week. But I pushed through most of Sabriel yesterday, which hopefully will get things back to normal. (It'd better, because now that the count's at sixty-nine books for the year, I'd really like to make it an even number, because I'm really weird about numbers.)

I am also oddly proud of myself for surviving donating blood this morning. This is only the second time I've ever done it, because I am a terrible, terrible blood donor. I meet all the criteria just fine and have been told I have great veins (oooh, sexy, sexy veins, that's totally what everyone's looking for in a romantic partner, yes?) but I am literally in danger of fainting if I start thinking too hard about medical procedures, and being at a blood donation center about to have a needle jabbed in my arm does tend to invoke that response. [personal profile] lunamystic texted me several helpfully distracting "look at the cats being stupid" videos (kittens I miss you!) and then I tried to distract myself with music while one of the nurses frequently reminded me to breathe, and I am proud to report that I didn't faint, despite the fact that all my extremeties were tingly and I was really freaking out by the end. And then I almost fainted in line at Wendy's trying to buy a Junior Bacon Cheeseburger. BUT ONLY ALMOST. VICTORY. Ahahahahaha. Anyway it was horrible, but I did it cause I guess the Red Cross gets low on blood around the holidays, so hopefully that's worth some good karma, right?
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