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My last (four hour long, ugh) class was tonight, and I've turned in the last of my assignments, so I am officially done with grad school. Assuming I passed, of course. In that case the university will give me a lovely piece of paper, and I will start my illustrious career as an unemployed librarian.
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I've suddenly become busy with having a social life on top of my already busy schedule, so I haven't had any time to post!

I am just 14 days away from my very last MLS class, which is exciting. Meanwhile, instead of actually finishing any work, I've been going on day trips to Delaware, going to game night with friends, or letting myself be persuaded that watching Season 3 of Buffy is a better way to spend an afternoon than writing a paper. And since I'm now dating someone in my college, I've had a fun week of all my friends asking "So what's up with you and..."

At some point over the weekend I lost my school ID, so I currently can't ride the bus to campus, which is annoying, and I can't get in any of the doors at work, which is super annoying and means I can get locked in a hallway. Replacing those things costs 20 bucks though. What a rip-off!

No I'm off to campus to hang out at the performing arts library and hopefully actually write my paper on music classification. I hate to go to campus when I specifically took a day off work to write, but the construction noise at my apartment is too loud to tolerate all day.

And there you have it, my exciting life!
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I took the day off from work today, but actually got up on time and managed to knock out three assignments in less than three hours, with significant breaks for Facebook and Autotune the News. Maybe I'll go do something novel now, like actually go to the gym.

My gift to you: the song stuck in my head. Happy Monday!

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Someone (*cough*[ profile] d4ni*cough*) sent me a message on the other day, which reminded me of its existence and its OMG STATISTICS. I have sunk into an all new spiral of obsessing about what I'm listening to, and I've spent more time than I care to count over the last two days tidying up my metadata in iTunes. Because, you know, it's really important that I correctly separate the massive "Alternative & Punk" genre out into "Anti-Folk" and "Piano Rock" and "New Wave."

None of this is helping me write a term-paper proposal for my classification theory class. Oooh... sudden thought! Maybe I should write about classifying music! I could talk about how it's hard because the categories are all nebulous and overlapping, and compare the genre type tagging versus classification by musical feature, like my fave "extensive vamping" from Pandora. Hmmm.

You know what would be great? If I were as good at organizing my actual life as I am with metadata. Just sayin'.
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My mom told me (again) last night that when I finish grad school, I really ought to write a collection of stories about my experiences with public transit. Over the past year and a half I've had my fair share of transit mishaps and misadventures, that's for sure, although I somehow doubt the outside world's interest in my inability to catch a train on time.

This evening I'm fresh from class and for the first time in recent memory, I've left the classroom still thinking about the course. I'm disappointed because there were avenues of discussion that we weren't able to explore and points that I wasn't able to raise. (Luckily, we have a course blog, so I'll be able to talk about those things later!) This really shouldn't be a novel experience for me--I like school, and pretty much always have. Unfortunately, library school pretty much sucks all the joy out of learning, so right now I am ecstatic about the fact that I am once again engaged by learning. Now I remember why I wanted to go to grad school--this is what it's supposed to be like. It actually makes me reconsider the idea of returning to grad school yet again for a subject masters degree. Not right away, but maybe someday.

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Whew, it's been a busy weekend.

There was an archives happy hour after work on Friday. It's been awhile since I've gone, and I'd forgotten how much fun they are. I visited with some old and new friends and tried some new beers... all in all a good time.

Saturday we had about five inches of snow. Not so odd for January, except for the fact that it was nearly 70 degrees at the beginning of the week. I split and took the train to Virginia, where my aunt and I went to the mall for our now standard weekend entertainment of dinner and a movie. We saw It's Complicated, which I thought was really funny. John Krasinki's character is especially hilarious. He actually reminded me a little bit of my sister's boyfriend. Anyway.

I'm still not really back into the swing of this school thing. I did some reading over the weekend, but perhaps not as much as a should have. Today's avoidance technique of choice was cleaning. The kitchen is a wreck because of a complicated situation involving a wet floor and walls getting knocked in, so I spent a bunch of time cleaning it. Then I cooked dinner and had to clean it all over again.

Good news though... me and the roomies are getting along okay right now. I brought home a recliner with me today, which certainly doesn't hurt. (Also we've been united by the kitchen!fail.) This evening everyone was actually hanging out in the kitchen/living room cooking/eating/watching the Grammys. That doesn't usually happen, so that's kind cool.

Sleeeep now. I've got an early meeting tomorrow and for the first time ever I have an item on the agenda. And my boss won't be there, so it's all on me. Wish me luck!
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  • It was 65 degrees this afternoon! In January! But it's okay, on Friday we're supposed to have snow.

  • I tried to make gnocchi today. My dough was a gooey mess, so I tried throwing more flour on, which didn't help much. After slicing up and trying to shape a few, I cooked them to test whether it was worth continuing. It wasn't. But oh well. At least my tomato sauce (in the crock pot!) turned out well.

  • pic of my failed gnocchi
    Mmm.. weird lumpy dough things.

  • I had my first class of the semester this evening. The class itself was fine. It's a Public Library Seminar, which is cool because I've been out of the public library world (professionally at least) for about four years now, but I'm still interested in that sort of thing as a career. The class is mostly online, but tonight was one of the four in person sessions, and unfortunately it's at a satellite campus. At rush hour. Skip to the end... it took me an hour and fifteen minutes to drive just under fifteen miles there. One of the reasons I do not see myself living in this city permanently.

  • The protagonist in one of the books I'm reading right now has a dog and a cat, both of which are featured prominently, and it's making me sad about not having any pets. :( Maybe next year. (Except I don't want to think about next year. It makes me worry about unemployment.)
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I love it when things work out.

I was flipping through the guide on my cable thinking how it was too bad that Bones doesn't air on Saturday night... then lo and behold, two reruns on one of the local channels. Hurrah! I'm a bit obsessed with this show at the moment. (But it is totally obsession worthy, as this squee-filled post about next week's promo from [ profile] fiery_twilight will attest.)

Theoretically I'm also working on a final exam at the moment. It's a group final, and my group came over her last night for about four hours so we could review all of our drafts. Now I'm working on expanding and revising, and figuring out how to draw organizational charts on my computer. Fuuuun. There is my awesome Saturday night guys! :D

Also, it snowed today. It won't stick around, cause it's still too warm here, but at least now it's seems like winter has started.
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I just read that Joss Whedon is going to direct an episode of Glee. Awesomeness collision! I'm not sure if I've said, but I love Glee. It's my favorite of this season's new shows. It's energetic and over the top, and since it airs on Wednesday, it serves as the perfect mid-week pick-me-up.

And now it's time for me to retreat back under my rock. I think I'm finally ready for my group presentation tomorrow, but I still have make lunch for the rest of the week, and get started on another assignment.

ETA: Changed my layout again. I started using a new browser (OmniWeb, if you Mac people are interested) and was reminded that the current one only worked properly in Firefox. I still need to fiddle some, but I like the new one. It is pretty and pink and Palatino. (Yes, the font was an influence here, even though I could totally change it myself if I wanted.) This is me, wasting time.
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Tonight in class we watched this documentary called Farewell, Etaoin Shrdlu about the last night of hot metal typesetting at the New York Times. (It was in 1978; after that they started using computers.) We've all heard how print newspapers are dying, which I think is a shame, so I thought it was pretty cool learning how the type was produced and put together to print the pages of the paper. Yeah, I'm a big nerd. I know it.

"etaoin shrdlu" is a pre-qwerty character string from the keyboard on a linotype machine. Apparently there is an operational one at a museum in Baltimore that they'll let you play with if they're not busy. I kinda want to go there.

Photo by splorp on Flickr.

In other news, I've been in the new apartment for a week and things are going well. We got internet (and cable) hooked up and it's sooo much faster than the DSL I had before. To celebrate I've been watching lots of 30 Rock and Merlin when I should actually be working on my final paper for History of the Book. I'm sure it'll come together though. These things always do. Now if only this cold/sinus/allergy thing I've got would go away!

Also, new layout! I liked the old one, except the text was too small and too light, and I got tired of trying to fix it. I'm debating changing the color scheme, and maybe the font, but I don't know.
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Summer term started on Monday, so I'm back to school. I'm taking History of the Book, which is awesome so far. The professor told us it's a not a research class, it's a "look at the pretty books and see what they mean class," and that we'd have to try very hard to get a grade lower than A-.

For the next six weeks we're reading about books, playing with books in class, going on field trips to see really old books (next week we're headed to the rare books department at the National Library of Medicine!), and writing about books. Tonight we watched a video teaching us How to Operate a Book (hint: it's easier if the binding is "docile," or if you are wearing an ugly 80s sport coat) before finishing off with a discussion of typography and why comic sans sucks.

I'm also excited because now I have a completely legitimate reason to go to the Library of Congress. We have to compare a modern edition and a pre-1850 edition of the same book, and I want to use something already on my bookshelf. I found a copy of Evelina on campus, but it has icky library bindings, so it's off to LOC for a better one! I can go sit in the reading room and feel super smart. :)

Speaking of books and feeling smart, I've currently got a book check out from the Widener Library at Harvard. If I went there, they probably wouldn't let me in, but I can still borrow their books through ILL. Muahahaha!
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At work, scanning postcards of Monticello. I'm listening to Colin Murray from last night, and he's been sharing his thoughts on some of the Eurovision contestants. He says Russia's song was "So depressing it makes 'Mad World' sound like 'The Venga Bus.'" Was that the one where they aged the singers face on the video screen? Cause that was freaky.

I took the Metro to work this morning, for the first time in quite awhile. I really do prefer taking Metro to driving, because instead of being tense because of the stupid traffic, I can just sit and read a book. Too bad it takes so long and is so expensive, cause I don't like driving 50+ miles by myself each day. It's wasteful.

Tonight I'm meeting some friends, and some of their friends, for an end of the semester dinner/happy hour. (That's why the car got left at home today.) SAM already had an end of the year party on Saturday, but you really can't celebrate often enough after a semester like this has been. I've now completed three semesters of my MLS... and have three more to go. Part of that is because I transferred, and part is because I'm switching to part time starting now.

Is anybody else planning to watch Glee? I read an article about it this morning in the NYTimes and saw the trailer, and it looks kinda fun. I wasn't in show choir in high school (my HS didn't even have one), but I did do band and drama... they're all the similar types of dorkitude.

I made it!

May. 18th, 2009 06:17 pm
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I can finally crawl out from that rock I've been living under! What have I been up to the last week?

  1. Writing final exams. By the end of the semester, I felt like I was just writing non-stop, and I had so much to do that I pretty much ceased to care about quality, as long as all my assignments and exams got done. And they did. I suspect some were rather crap, but whatever.

  2. Eating all the free food I could find. Up until this Saturday, I hadn't been grocery shopping for two weeks. The end of the semester is a great time for free barbecues, pizza parties, and the like! And at work, we went to a fancy luncheon hosted by the university president's wife.

  3. Watching TV! It's so nice to have free time again. I'm most of the way through How I Met Your Mother season 3, I'm catching up with Fringe and keeping up with Ashes to Ashes. I'm feeling kind of "need more sci-fi" since BSG ended, so I think Stargate gets bumped up to the Netflix queue, because I feel like I should watch the movie first. Or maybe I should go with Babylon 5? Or some Trek?

  4. Apartment hunting. I'm going to go see an apartment and meet a potential roommate on Thursday evening. Hopefully it will go well, because new housing headaches seem to develop all the time.

  5. Reading. The last book I finished was rather meh. The idea was promising, but the characters were "OMG QUIRKY" without enough depth to feel real. I'm not sure what I want to start next. Any awesome book suggestions from the f-list?

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I am finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Today I had my very last class of the semester (yay!), and our final exam was handed out. I was expecting the worst, so I ended up quite pleased. There's only one question, and it's actually interesting. But that best part? Maximum five pages. Those words just about made my day.

Other awesome news: I checked my grade on my special topics project, and thought I failed, which was very WTF, especially since the comments said my paper was well written and made good use of the literature. Turns out she made a typo when she entered the grade, so I didn't fail! Yay!

I spent another night at the City of Fairfax Library. They play music at closing to coerce people to leave, which I thought was a kinda cool strategy. This whole going to the library to work thing seems to be working out all right so far. I'm down to one two-page question on one exam, and two three-page questions for the other. Last Tuesday I wrote more than that in less than ideal conditions, so we'll see what I can do camped out in the library tomorrow.

Also, I am contractually required to point out that Fairfax has the failiest traffic circle I have ever encountered.

What's the point of building a traffic circle at all if half the traffic goes right through the middle? Now they just have two sets of traffic lights instead of one. That's not more efficient, it's just more confusing!
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I'm trying to write my digital preservation exam, and I've got Britney Spears' "If U Seek Amy" stuck in my head. It is not helping!

ETA: Also not helpful is the seemingly endless stream of high school students tromping around up here, none of whom seem to understand that you can't have food or drinks in special collections. Why are you having a party in a library conference room? And didn't anybody tell you that cupcake-cakes are ugly?

Day Off

May. 5th, 2009 02:10 pm
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In honor of the last week of classes this semester, I finally have a day off. Granted, I'm spending the entire day writing a case study about Google Book Search, but still. The whole reason I've been wishing for an extra day off all semester is that I never have time to get anything done.

Writing this paper is all kinds of fun, involving two computers (one for reading, one for writing) and about 1 billion tabs in Firefox. Our presentation was a month ago, but for that I didn't have to cite every statement I made. My partner finished her portion of the paper over two weeks ago, so I'm the lazy slacker writing hers today. Why, yes, it is due tomorrow. Strangely, I am actually not feeling stressed about this. Maybe it's left over positivity from yesterday.
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Seriously, why are there so many flowcharts in my reading? LIS people are apparently in love with drawing diagrams of their theoretical models and I DON'T GET IT!

I'm sure this must be some sort of learning style mis-match thing, but it makes me feel very stupid. I just see boxes and arrows that I can't decipher. What's wrong with just writing about what's going on instead of just drawing a bunch of arrows?

ETA: Also, there are too many acronyms and abbreviations to keep straight. Then even the words don't have meaning. Argh.

ETA2: I forgot about xkcd's Guide to Understanding Flow Charts. I wish the ones in my articles were this simple! Yeah, back to work or whatever.


Feb. 24th, 2009 03:13 pm
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"The Schedule of Classes will be available on the web February 23rd."


This actually matters a lot, beyond my normal obsession with timetables. (My college roommate and I were kind of insane about drawing up potential schedules.) The course selection for fall will determine (in part) whether I'll graduate in December 2009 or June 2010. That's a whole six months! (Which as we all know is plenty of time to relocate halfway across the country.) Of course, registration isn't for a month, so I've got time to think, and of course money is a factor, but I'm still impatient.

In other news, I was walking out of Gelman Library today and say a girl dressed in a polar bear costume walking out of Starbucks.

Yeah, okay, fine... I'll go back to reading about appraisal now.
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Today I went to campus to work on some homework. Basically, it was a ploy to guilt myself into working by driving to a different state and sitting in a library. I still have a presentation on Thursday that I need to finish preparing for, but that'll probably mostly happen on Wednesday, my "day off." I'm making a website as my visual aid, but so far it is a bit craptastic. I've got a few half done pages up so far, only two of which are actually linked to each other. On the positive side, my article is about high school libraries, so I was able to justify spending time yesterday looking for screencaps from The Breakfast Club, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and the Harry Potter movies.

Speaking of Harry Potter, since the SQ forums closed this summer, I haven't been involved with fandom much (other than chat, which is also dying and is usually just me and Stu). So my question for any HP fans out there: what are your favorite HP related places on LJ? Fandom at large seems to favor fanfic featuring the most wildly implausible pairings possible, so where do the canon embracing fans hang out?

As for the Doctor Who fandom news: I'm both sad to see Tennant go and excited about Eleven. I really love Ten and would've enjoyed seeing where Moffat went with him, but it wasn't a huge shock since we've been hearing about the possibility of Tennant leaving for awhile. And since everybody else is doing it, Eleventh Doctor speculation wishlist! My favorite right now is Chiwetel Ejiofor. He was in Serenity, Children of Men, and Love Actually, among other things. Or how about Anthony Head? So what if he already played a villain, he's awesome!

Another super-busy week starts tomorrow. I miss free time.
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I got eskimo snowed today in my "Organization of Information" class. *headdesk* Also, we got all that bs about how people can only differentiate between colors that they have unique words for. Gah!!! I had already pointed out several times that she was wrong about cataloging rules, but I forced myself to hold it in that she was wrong about the linguistics stuff. (Yes, linguistics makes me ranty. Don't these people read Language Log?! That class is so frustrating... which is why I spent most of it today reading the Huffington Post.

Also, I got an e-mail that started with "There are three kinds of people in the world: those who can count, and those who can't." This is always a lame joke, but I think [ profile] zankhamun and [ profile] lib_chick42 will have a special appreciation for it's lameness.

My computer problems at work were fixed, then returned, then were fixed again. Now I can actually use Photoshop. That is to say, I can do my job.

I watched House tonight. Well, kind of, cause I was chopping vegetables in the kitchen to make a Turkish chopped salad for dinner, so for the first half I was mostly just listening to House. Whatever. This is what happens when I miss a few episodes. )

Tomorrow is my day off! Yay! I'll be spending most of it working on projects though. Were did all my time go, guys?
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